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It’s always close. The definite masterpiece of the year 2000. Six per eleven songs composed by Nicholas Tse. My permanent favourite album along with 最後 in 2009. This album was released also...

Music category share in a typical music store in Japan

Category share in a typical music store in Japan

First of all, I’m always sorry for my bad English. I just wish that that my passion will drive you more to the diverse music. I’m living in Tokyo. I regularly visit a music store about ...



Lost and Found. In the closing credit, while listening to the theme song 愛後餘生, I got a deep satisfaction such as when I saw a true good film. A classic of Eric Tsang along with "Final Vict...

謝霆鋒《One Inch Closer》2005

One Inch Closer

Lone Wolf. Nicholas Tse is maverick. Aggressive Rock doesn’t exist except him in Cantonese. His sound seemed to achieve a goal in this album along with 釋放 in Mandarin. Then, he took a break...



The pride of Nicholas and Stephen created a die-hard Kung Fu film. Nicholas Tse and Stephen Fung were particular about the traditional Kung Fu among the new generation actors of the 21st century. A...



Memorable initial collaboration film of 謝霆鋒 and 張栢芝. Slightly, but the first kiss scene of 謝霆鋒 and 張栢芝. This is the most impressive and surprising moment of the film. Featuring the prot...

謝霆鋒《20 - Best Selection by Nicholas Tse》2000

20 – Best Selection by Nicholas Tse

Genuine message from Nicholas in Japanese. This is important. His first album in Japan. A compilation consists of the songs selected by Nicholas Tse himself from the previous albums before VIVA, wh...