蔡卓妍《As a Sa》2010

As a Sa

Treasure. My definite favourite album. Every song is supreme. Her first Mandarin album, the third album in total, including Mandarin version of 二缺一.

Grazie il mio eroe, Bud Spencer

Grazie, il mio eroe. Thanks to you, I got my friends in the world. Chi trova un amico, trova un tesoro, it’s true. There is no borders, no colours, we know that we share the same feeling through your works. You told us what is good and what is bad. The respectable brother and my hero forever. I designed the post thumbnail of Bud Spencer illustration collage as a tribute.



Already a good Sci-Fi Action-Comedy, the sexy actresses are indispensable, but the porno is not quite requisite. Sexy women warriors beat up the enemies, it can be a precursor of the fighting games such as Dead or Alive. Sci-Fi based erotic action-comedy with Kung Fu. Mixture of the masculine elements. We can easily find an erotic Sci-Fi film after Barbarella. However, the one including Kung Fu is… Continue



The most beautiful gift ever. Strongly touched my heart. I can’t say anything. Only the tears of happiness. I am grateful for your gift. I’ve been supposing a musical. I didn’t predict such dream of the beautiful human relationship. The memorable last film of Teamwork Motion Pictures and the brilliant prologue of Focus Films.



The art pointed to the mutual understanding through the comedy or the bullet ballet. This is a progressive style of the art film. Pang brothers bring a new sensation. Visually stunning, the artistic cinematography and the transparent atmosphere. We discover still unseen Ekin Cheng and 阿Sa in the film.


It’s always close. The definite masterpiece of the year 2000. Six per eleven songs composed...
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Grazie il mio eroe, Bud Spencer
Grazie, il mio eroe. Thanks to you, I got my friends in the world. Chi trova un amico, trova un t...


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