謝霆鋒《One Inch Closer》2005

One Inch Closer

Lone Wolf. Nicholas Tse is maverick. Aggressive Rock doesn’t exist except him in Cantonese. His sound seemed to achieve a goal in this album along with 釋放 in Mandarin. Then, he took a break in his music activity. At the same time, Cantopop reached a turning point.



As long as love makes life. This film of the year 1996 is probably looking over the transfer of sovereignty. The director believes in the people would never lose hope. The despair is still raging. However, there is always the people standing strong.



Superlative action. I appreciate this masterpiece which shows me the best Kaneshiro Takeshi, Yuen Biao and Valerie Chow. I always love the comedy of Yuen Wah. The self-parody of each character including the villain by Yuen Tak is happy. Surely, the best film of the year 1997.



Profondo Rosso in Taoism. This is basically a conventional haunted house story, but covered by the famous Italian film parodies. Certain ideas are directly borrowed from Profondo Rosso. The hybrid of Oriental and Occidental.



Sex and the Beauties. Talking about the sex life at New Year festival. This is challenging. I don’t know how many families saw this film. However, there are almost no sexual contents. Instead, absurd jokes and surprisingly romantic love stories.


It’s always close. The definite masterpiece of the year 2000. Six per eleven songs composed...
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One Inch Closer
Lone Wolf. Nicholas Tse is maverick. Aggressive Rock doesn’t exist except him in Cantonese....


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