Beyond the self. A champion of the illegal public road racing is a king of the sandcastle. When his fantasy was broken by a motorcycle crash, Joe finally recognized what he must catch up. It’s himself. Only a man who overtakes himself can be a winner. No crown, no escapism. There is only a moment of truth.

Arch Linux with KDE Plasma 5.9

I don’t like systemctl. I like Arch Linux thanks to its simplicity. However, Sytemd breaks the beauty. It complicates OS. Booting time is extremely fast, but the maintenance time is extended. I don’t like typing such a long sentence for every little step.



Something weird. However, Chin Ho plays a stylish villain. This film is nevertheless worth seeing. Actually, this is not an adaptation of the 70s Japanese manga "Wild 7". Michelle Yeoh is not the protagonist. Andy Hui disappears on the way. Several detestable scenes at the beginning. The questions against the attitude of the director.



Invitation to Hong Kong cinema. A classic also popular in Anglosphere due to the appearance of Maggie Q and Daniel Wu. Anya is my very favourite. The protagonists are American and the original language is English. It can appeal to Hollywood only fans and show what Hong Kong style action is.



Lost and Found. In the closing credit, while listening to the theme song 愛後餘生, I got a deep satisfaction such as when I saw a true good film. A classic of Eric Tsang along with "Final Victory" at the same time, an early masterpiece of Nicholas Tse.


It’s always close. The definite masterpiece of the year 2000. Six per eleven songs composed...
Category share in a typical music store in Japan
First of all, I’m always sorry for my bad English. I just wish that that my passion will dr...
One Inch Closer
Lone Wolf. Nicholas Tse is maverick. Aggressive Rock doesn’t exist except him in Cantonese....


L'onorevole con l'amante sotto il letto
L’onorevole con l’amante sotto il letto
Honorable comedies. Unforgettable Sgarbozzi brother and sister by Teo Teocoli. Gathering of the b...
Piedone a Hong Kong
Un sogno diventato realtà. Bud Spencer in Asia. He collaborates with Hong Kong stunt experts. One...
Grazie il mio eroe, Bud Spencer
Grazie, il mio eroe. Thanks to you, I got my friends in the world. Chi trova un amico, trova un t...


Arch Linux with KDE Plasma 5.9
Arch Linux with Plasma 5.9
I don’t like systemctl. I like Arch Linux thanks to its simplicity. However, Sytemd breaks ...
Qt5 and Openbox
Openbox is day by day turning into a relic. KDE 5 applications lose the theme and the icons in Op...
PSD thumbnails on PCManFM
Adobe CS2 is available for free today. We can take advantage of Photoshop CS2 through Wine which ...