The last screen appearance of the master Lau Kar-leung.

153 min was short. I had been involved deep into the story from the beginning to the end. I felt it as about 90 or 100 min. The shooting by Herman Yau!


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Rest in peace, the master Lau Kar-leung.

Apparently, this is the last screen appearance of the master 劉家良. We also see the credit of 劉家榮 as the action director. So, this is a sort of memorial film of 劉家班. And 劉家良 with 甄子丹, it’s a precious collaboration.

A cinematize of the novel《七劍下天山》


I’m totally satisfied though I don’t know the original novel. The legend of the heroes of 反清復明,《七劍下天山》is a novel of 梁羽生 who is the author of《白髮魔女傳》. There is some relations between these two novels. The first hero of《七劍下天山》is「楚昭南」. Thus, this cinematize seems well adapted to the original.

There are so many stars. You may wonder which actors are the most featured. These are 甄子丹, 孫紅雷, 張靜初 and 金素妍. They are in the center of the story. 黎明 and 楊采妮 are active at the beginning, but the director finally settled them to the support role.

So, the story of「楚昭南」and「劉郁芳」are densely described. The long haired 甄子丹 is the true realization of a figure of 武俠. The relationship between「楚昭南」and「綠珠」is strong. This film is for their story in fact.

TVB edition TV series.

TV series《七劍下天山》was made in 2006 by TVB. The leading actor is 趙文卓. This series can be more popular than the film in Mainland. And it’s ironic that 甄子丹 and 趙文卓 conflicted 10 years after… I respect both great martial arts actors.

The fascinating 金素妍.


金素妍, she is just fabulous.「綠珠」was the most impressive personage to me. She is the depth of this story. Her existence added the sensitivity to the story. She sometimes reminded me of the young 王祖賢 by the hair and makeup style though they don’t resemble each other in general.

金素妍 is a famous Korean TV series actress. She won KBS Drama Awards from the series Iris in 2009. I think that I already saw her on TV of my friends because I don’t own my TV. Korean TV series are already standardized in Japan.

And my goddess 張靜初.

According to 百度百科 filmography, this is the 3rd film of Goddess 張靜初 when she was 25 years old. 張靜初 is the literal heroine of this film. The frequency of her appearance on the screen is almost the same as 甄子丹. As I’m a big fan of her, I had been so happy while seeing this film.

戚冠軍 is going to kill 張靜初!

Since 洪拳小子 (1975), 戚冠軍 is the invincible hero for me. He was not on the screen for a long time, but he restarted his acting from 醉馬騮 (2003). His role is also important. He assaults on 張靜初… And it’s not long, but we can see his legitimate Chinese martial arts!

孫紅雷 as 風火連城

A strong actor, 孫紅雷. I saw him initially in 毒戰 (2013) in which he made a new style police hero. In 七劍, he is the strongest villain. Sadistic and perfectly paranoiac.「風火連城」is an unforgettable personage.

He keeps hiding his blade forever.


黎明 as「楊雲驄」. He hides the secret in his life. He is rather a philosopher than a warrior. He is calm and gentle. And mystically he doesn’t use his blade.

I thought that he was the key of the story. However! His story wasn’t enough featured. His fight against「風火連城」is discontinued. It could have been his long-awaited blade battle…

楊采妮 as「武元英」. She is also one of Seven swords. Thus, she fights! However, it’s regrettable that the drama between「楊雲驄」and「武元英」wasn’t enough described. They fight a few. Their love didn’t get the clear answer.

Who is 周群達?

周群達 is the actor who played「穆郎」. He was popular among Japanese girls in early 00s. He is famous as an actor of a Taiwanese film on the subject of the homosexuality《十七歲的天空》(2004).

About Japanese edition DVD.

There are many wrong translations in Japanese subtitles. The misunderstandings of the subject and the wrong direction of the conversations. What a shame.

I have two Japanese editon DVD. One is a simple edition and the other is the special edition including a bonus disc. The bonus disc includes the making and the interviews.

Kazu Spara in 25 May 2017
Kazu Spara