Good old days style.

The drama is often comical, sometimes serious and finally emotional. With rapid and tough physical actions, that’s a true Kung Fu. A classic story but it’s rather fresh thanks to the new generation stars. This is my very recommended.

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  • 導演:葉永健
  • 編劇
  • 動作設計:袁祥仁袁信義
  • 監製:楊盼盼
  • 攝影:關志勤
  • 配樂:劉群德/梁永泰
  • 歌曲
  • 領銜主演
    洪金寶 … 黃秉義
    吳建豪 … 龍建一
    應采兒 … 沈青
    加護亜依 … 沈瑩
  • 主演
    洪天明 … 阿良
    林子聰 … 田秋刀
    樊少皇 … 黃繼祖
    梁小龍 … 黃秉基
  • 客串
    释行宇 … 阿財
    谷峰 … 二叔公
    李海生 … 圍村太公
    姜皓文 … 主持人
  • 出品:輝煌娛樂製作/名威影業
  • 日期:2009年06月12日
  • 片長:92分
  • 日本版
    Broadway 2009年08月07日 DVD
  • English title: Kung Fu Chefs

The tradition of China through the cooking and Kung Fu.


I love this film. A god subject and the best selection of the actors. Sammo Hung is always great and there are certain well-known Kung Fu actors.

That’s because this film was produced by Sharon Yeung who is an expert of the traditional Chinese martial arts, a beauty and strong actress in the 70-80s.

Vanness Wu, Louis Fan alias "Ricky", Lam Tze Chung who is famous as a regular actor of Stephen Chow, plus the legend Leung Siu-lung, they continue working in a film of Ken Yip since Kung Fu Fighter in 2007.

The fighting series of Sammo Hung

We can look several impressive fightings of Sammo Hung. Sammo Hung vs Leung Siu-lung. Sammo Hung vs Louis Fan!

Louis Fan is the son of Fan Mei-sheng. And the action directors of this film are Yuen Cheung-yan and Yuen Shun-yee.

You know well, the true Kung Fu of the golden age. These fights are interesting especially for the long term Hong Kong cinema fans.

And Vanness Wu is not a simple idol singer at all. He has the spirit of the martial artist and is a maniac of Kung Fu as we see it in Kung Fu fighter.

This film has a surface of a humorous cooking film, but it’s in fact a hardcore and "Must-See" Kung Fu film.

The special appearances

Notably, it’s very good that Xing Yu alias "Vajra" participates in this film as a special appearance. He is also my favourite Wuxia actor. And another legend Lee Hoi-sang appears. For Ku Feng, this is his rare screen appearance after 00s.

Louis Fan

樊少皇《功夫廚神》樊少皇 – Cite: 網易娛樂 有態度的娛樂門戶

Louis Fan is especially impressive as a martial artist and an actor. He is my favourite actor. He married with the stunning beauty JJ Jia in 2016. He is a true winner of life!

I think that they got to know each other through Leung Siu-lung from Gallants, produced by Gordon Lam of Focus Films.

Tencent network evaluated that he is widely respected from his gentle personality and the hardcore performance.

An anecdote from Sina network. At the "Future X-Cops", there was a scene shot into the water below the ice shell. He firmly refused the substitute and had been acting for three hours like Leviathan. He was admired by the all stuffs.

Supporting characters

The beautiful wife of Jordan Chan, Cherrie Ying, she is also a motivation to see this film. However, she doesn’t have any remarkable actions.

She and Lam Tze Chung were often working with Focus films. So, I know them rather the related actors of Andy. Andy is really everywhere, he is truly the emperor of cinema.

The son of Summo Hung, Timmy Hung as a supporting character as usual. And Philip Keung appears as the presenter of a TV cooking show. He is the noise throughout the show! I like him very much.

Vanness Wu and Kago Ai

吳建豪《龍頭刀》吳建豪《龍頭刀》2009 – Cite: 銀河網路電台

Kago Ai from Japan as the heroine. This is obviously her best work ever. She wasn’t bad at all though she isn’t working as an actress in Japan. I think that Vanness Wu well led her.

Vanness Wu with Kago Ai, they are a couple in this story. Honestly, they look like an elder brother and a little sister. But their comedy and drama made me so happy.

The director seems preferring a classic 60-70s comedy. Kago Ai acts like a 70s actress. Her expressions and gestures are enough exaggerated. So that made a good result.

Generally, a Japanese TV star can’t forget the style of the variety show. The director removed this bad habit and brought a new charm to her. In result, she was refreshed and adapted herself well into the universe of China.

Dragon head knife

The opening song by Vanness Wu is named as "Dragon head knife" which is the legendary kitchen knife in the story. This closing song is also by him. These songs are released as a single in 2009.

Kung Fu with the cooking

I feel that there were not enough concrete scenes which suggest Kung Fu affecting the cooking. Kung Fu and the cooking are almost individually described. That’s the weakness of this film. However, both elements are highly accomplished. This film will surely give you a satisfaction.

As a cooking film, this is something too deep and it seems too professional. I know nothing about cooking. So, I call that’s mythic.

Comparing with other Kung Fu with the cooking films


I know other two titles on the subject of the cooking such as famous God of Cookery in 1996 and Magic Kitchen in 2004. Then, my best is this film, Kung Fu Chefs.

I think that Magic Kitchen starred by Jerry Yan of F4, is neatly made as a romantic comedy. This film is more widely popular than Kung Fu chefs due to the gigantic stars such as Andy and Sammi.

Nevertheless, I feel more power from Kung Fu Chefs. A film which is imperfect for the commerce is often more exciting than a perfect commercial film. It’s like a rock band.

In my opinion, the protagonist of Magic Kitchen should have been Andy and Sammi, even if this couple was too repeated, but it means that’s approved by the world.

Japanese edition DVD


Japanese editon DVD is a Mandarin dubbed version. We have no choice for the voices though this is a DVD. This is Japanese quality. We can’t hear the original Cantonese voices.

The protagonists of the story are Sammo Hung and Vanness Wu. Nevertheless, Japanese distributor insists Kago Ai. Because she was very popular as an idol for Otaku in early 00s Japan.

If you seriously think about the sales of this DVD in Japan, Sammo Hung and Vanness Wu must be in the center of the cover. It’s clear.

Summo Hung for the long term Kung Fu fans. Vanness Wu for the women. And Cherrie Ying would be better for attracting the guys.

Anyway, an Otaku dones’t have the interest in the cinema at all. Thus, Japanese DVD cover and the posters are nothing contributing to the sales.