A simple and lightweight music player for Qt4.

It’s honestly very simplified iTunes. I reject iTunes. It does too much automatically. But Musique has the only function, is "listening to the music". You have almost nothing to do for the rest.

Musique (by the developer of MiniTube)

Musique Official website: Musique, music player for Mac, Windows and Linux

For Musique, what I love is the UI. It’s simple and lightweight. Compiling for 2 minutes. It’s still masked but works perfectly on my Gentoo amd64. Simply tiling Albums or Artists is nice. A little bit annoying is, it fetches the pictures only from Last.fm, not from the local directory. It’s a Playlist player like Amarok. Not click’n’play style.

Musique isn’t my first music player for the moment. My player is Quod Libet definitively or C* Music Player on Konsole. But to switch the mood, I love to use sometimes this stylish player.