Full of various entertaining elements. It’s complex for the filmmaker, then so exciting for us!

The perfect masterpiece of Action-Comedy! This is one of my best films. I love the films of 朱延平. He always makes me happy. The unbridled cop Gimmick and Garlic. For them, the crime investigation is secondary to solving the problem of love. Are they really able to escort a daughter of Superintendent General…

朱延平《新紮師兄追女仔》1995 VCD
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  • 導演:朱延平
  • 動作設計:張藝騰
  • 攝影:陳榮樹
  • 監製:王晶
  • 配樂:傅立
  • 領銜主演
    吳奇隆 … 蒜頭 (Garlic) 007
    楊采妮 … 江美麗
    金城武 … 綽頭 (Gimmick) 008
    葉全真 … 葉子
  • 主演
    黃一飛 … 署長
    陳裕正 … 黑社會大佬
    張立威 … 学生
  • 出品:延平影業/王晶創作室
  • 日期:1995年11月01日
  • 片長:81分
  • 日本版
    Pony Canyon 2001年02月21日 DVD
  • English title: Young Policemen In Love

Flippant and Dropout

Chu Yen-Ping

Kaneshiro Takeshi and Nicky Wu, both of them have the equivalent scenes. This film can satisfy both fans. Evenly assigning scenes to the two top stars is a sensitive operation. It highly requires the skill of the director. Chu Yen-ping can make it.

This film is consisted of various entertainment elements. Comedy, Parody and Action. The audience can fully enjoy this film, but it’s a hard work for the filmmaker.

I had been thinking that the speciality of Chu Yen-ping is rather the comedy than the action. However, I was wrong. The powerful gun actions and Kung Fu fights are serious. The car stunts are speedy and thrilling. I declare that Chu Yen-ping is an excellent action maker. The action director is 張藝騰. I appreciate their great collaboration.

朱延平《逃學戰警》1995 日版DVD

The greatest parodies


Dual handgun fire in the slow motion effect, the pigeons flying behind… We can see the perfect homage of John Woo. And lighting a cigar by a money, at the opening of A Better Tomorrow. And, according to the Japanese DVD annex, the girl from Beijing named 美麗(楊采妮)is the homage personage of Her fatal ways. This is a popular franchise, but unfortunately I don’t know it.

Japanese edition DVD

I have two same DVD packages of this title. I paid about 1,500 yen (US$12/€11.5) for each one. One is a secondhand DVD. Another, I bought it because it’s a brand-new disc sold as a secondhand DVD. It’s unsealed. It’s completely fresh product. So, I just keep the brand-new one without opening it for my collection.

This is not only for the women!


The film obviously makes the girls happy. But, also the guys can be satisfied from the cute actresse appearances. Elsie Yeh and Charlie Yeung. Charlie Yeung was also popular as a singer. She released 9 albums so far.

Nicky Wu as Garlic

Yes, we can see true Kung Fu. Nicky Wu shows his great physical capacity to Kung Fu. He also tries the dangerous stunts. He dropped from the highway, and dangled by a rope in mid air, at last he fell down to the ground. Nicky Wu isn’t just an idol actor, he is a true professional!

Kaneshiro Takeshi as Gimmick

Kaneshiro Takeshi is a well-known handsome actor. However, in this film, he is unwelcome guy for the woman! 綽頭 means Gimmick. He is tricky, but extremely hasty. He always makes a wrong situation by his stupid tricky idea.

Yet, he has no money. His best friend Garlic, feeds him! I like the comic acting of Kaneshiro Takeshi so much. He is really good for the comedy.

I love the scene in which Gimmick was swindled by a white girl in a bar. The girl is seducing him. Then, he gets the conviction with looking at his Rolex! His Rolex is a rental from Garlic. He thought that the girl considered him as a rich man thanks to Rolex! We say "No, he is just a handsome guy!" The great acting.

The other side, we see Chang Li-wei, the regular actor of Chu Yen-ping. The actors are marvellous. 延平影業 and 王晶創作室 always produces the best comedies in the world. I appreciate their activities and wish that they keep giving us the happiness.

Regard for Stephen Chow related works


As the original title shows, 逃學戰警 can be a variant of Fight Back to School. Other my favourite films, 臭屁王 and 校園敢死隊 also can be the variants. We see several homages of Stephen Chow titles. 綽頭 and 蒜頭, I suppose that their nicknames are the parody of Curry and Pepper.

金城武 takes the part of 周星馳. 吳奇隆 takes the part of Jacky Cheung. 綽頭 is much more crazy than 辣椒. 蒜頭 is much more brave than 咖喱. 咖喱辣椒 is one of the masterpieces, but 逃學戰警 is still better than 咖喱辣椒.

綽頭 is the personage which evokes the roles of 周星馳 in Tricky Brains and From Beijing with Love. The code-name of 綽頭 is 008 and the code-name of 蒜頭 is 007. It’s a simple coincidence but 周星馳 made Forbidden City Cop in 1996.

Kazu Spara in 25 May 2017
Kazu Spara