Putting the cart before the horse.

The story was at last for the comic relieves. Michelle Yeoh and Cynthia Rothrock appear almost at the fighting scenes only. This is the founder of famous martial arts heroine franchises and was starred all principal "D&B Films" actors. However, it proves a courtesy to the seniors doesn’t making a film better.


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The twisted plot, it should feature much more the heroines!

The director Corey Yuen crams too many elements into one film. Mang Hoi, John Shum and Tsui Hark, they show the marvellous slapstick comedies. But their story could be another film. This film should feature much more the heroines.

As I know, in In the Blood, I saw the same twist of the plot. In this film, the hero is Andy Lau. Then Corey Yuen takes a role of his best friend. Naturally almost all audiences aim at Andy. However the axis of the story shifts from the hero to his friend. Finally Corey Yuen and Wu Ma ends up the story. "In the Blood" is a good film, but the name of Andy was rather used for calling in the audience.

It’s perhaps same for "Yes, Madam!". We can be excited with the true martial arts of Michelle Yeoh, Cynthia Rothrock and Dick Wei. But what the director wanted to show, was the comedy of 3 guys. Otherwise, Corey Yuen possibly respects courtesy and takes precedence over the honour of the producer. The producer of this film is Sammo Hung, and the producer of "In the Blood" is Wu Ma. The big men.

Almost all stars of D&B Films

Cynthia Rothrock, 27 years old at that time. She is a real figure of Dead or Alive. In common-sense terms, a beautiful westerner lady performing superhuman Kung Fu, is possible only in a video game. But sometimes the real is more amazing than the virtual. Cynthia Rothrock is terribly strong and beautiful. I love also Magic Crystal so much.

Michelle Yeoh is very young, she is 23 years old at that time. When I see young Michelle Yeoh in a film, I’m always asking: Why is an idol singer such strong!? It’s impossible to guess on the spot that she is in fact the master of Kung Fu. Because she is too cute. In Japan, the only talent of the idol is smile… So Michelle Yeoh is a kind of miracle.

Dick Wei is my favourite actor. He performs the strongest villain in the film. He is often a villain even in a Taiwanese film… I prefer him as a hero like City Warriors, it’s a masterpiece by the great Kung Fu master Wang Lung-Wei. But, Dick Wei has always the maximum performance. He is the genius of kicking. I am glad that he enough appears in the film, I appreciate the director.

Eddie Maher was remarkable. He fights hard and looks cool, but was put always miserable. He had been always punched and kicked. I hope that there is a film in which he takes a role of the hero… And Chung Fat, his eyebrows and moustache were exaggerated! He has always something guileless even when he takes a role of the bad guy. And Mai Kei, when I saw him, he is always a pervert. Why is it his fixed role?

Besides, Tsui Hark as a special appearance. He is also a great actor! The film has the hardcore fight scenes and many comedies. Almost all personages are comical. We see yet David Chiang. He appears as an old man who can’t hear enough. He completely breaks his legendary character, he is the true actor, so crazy! We see Wu Ma. He takes a role of a silly police officer as usual of his 80s. It’s so funny. Also Chin Ka-Lok was there as one of the bad guys.

The king of kings, In the Line of Duty 4

《皇家師姐Ⅳ 直擊證人》美國版DVD
袁和平《皇家師姐Ⅳ 直擊證人》1989

"Yes, Madam!" is the founder of the famous martial arts heroine franchises. We have several successors. I watched only In the Line of Duty 4, it’s unforthunately not comparable with the founder. This masterpiece "In the Line of Duty 4" is too strong, that’s the king of kings. My very favourite Cynthia Khan with "SPL" Donnie Yen, they make the extreme fight and stunt scenes.

Japanese DVD

"Yes, Madam!" is one of the films which I’ve been a long time waiting. Finally I found a Japanese DVD in Bookoff Plus, Yokohama Isezaki mall with a reasonable price. It was enough expensive for a secondhand DVD. It have cost €19 (US$20). But on Amazon Japan, the secondhand DVD costs about €42 (US$45). So I had been almost giving up to watch it with Japanese subtitles.

Kazu Spara in 25 May 2017
Kazu Spara