Sharla Cheung with a cybernetic arm.

She will revenge on mafia by her cybernetic arm which is a legacy of her father. A "Must-See" by her beauty and actions though the film has certain weakness. A film made by a member of Jackie Chan Stunt Team.

李健生《暴風眼》1994 - 日版VHS

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  • 導演/監製:李健生
  • 編劇:秋婷
  • 動作設計:賴勝光
  • 攝影:高子逸
  • 配樂:麥振鴻
  • 領銜主演
    張敏 … 葉風
    任達華 … 江 Sir
    袁詠儀 … 高杰
  • 主演
    周樹基 … 保鏢
    李健生 … 由田哲
    黃志強 … 龍羽
  • 出品:龍影製作
  • 日期:1994年06月03日
  • 片長:98分
  • 日本版
    Albatros Film 1996年04月23日 VHS
  • English title: Crystal Fortune Run

The queen Sharla Cheung

This is my favourite film though it has certain weakness. After all, Sharla Cheung is definitely beautiful. She was 26 years old. She is the top of this film. That’s why this is a "Must-See". Her character name is "Yip Fung" which roughly means "A leaf on the wind".

She is a revenger. She was born without her right arm. Her father, a specialist of Cybernetics gave her a cybernetic arm. She is destroying the enemies by her superhuman power for the revenge of her father who was murdered.


Yip is stylish. It’s like a realization of a fighting game character. Her beauty and actions in this film satisfies me. Now, I need more similar films in which my queen plays a strong heroine. Rather, I need her in every film I see!


By the way, I like the scene where Yip eats a Chinese noodle. She is occasionally so sexy at an unexpected scene. Anita Yuen is very mirthful. She was 23 years old. This is a good film also for enjoying her charm.

《暴風眼》江 Sir(任達華)

Simon Yam as a police inspector "Kong Sir". At the ending, he suddenly rises the v-sign and shouts "Yeah!". Ah, the voice is dubbed. I didn’t know that he was such jolly personage. I have an impression that this film has a similar atmosphere with Black Cat and Black Cat 2. These are starred by Simon Yam.

She must revenge by her cybernetic arm.


The story fatally lacks the catharsis. Yip couldn’t revenge by her cybernetic arm. They didn’t want her to the murderer. However, the ending is too easy. She must revenge by her arm which is a legacy of her father. Then, she will have a redemption. I don’t think that the director didn’t know Fist of Fury.

The basic storyline is interesting, but the fighting scenes don’t feature the cybernetic arm enough. To be frank, the director isn’t skilful and the actions lack the creativity. This is the principal actors who made this film better. If the director was, for example Wong Jing, this film could have been a masterpiece.

Who is the top?

The director must draw the life of Yip deeper, and keeps her in the center of the story. Make clear who is the top of this story. Besides, the enemies are too weak. They don’t spur hatred.

Dreary locations and dark lighting.

It seems that the director spent almost budget to the early stage. The set decorations are fantastic, but the open-air locations are dreary. Plus, certain action scenes are too dark. It’s almost invisible on my hoarse used VHS.


Ross Hagen - The Glove (1979)
Ross Hagen "The Glove" 1979

The executive producer, Fanny Chan produced Drunken Master Ⅲ in the same year of this film. I know the writer, Chau Ting. He is the writer of the masterpieces No More Love, No More Death.

The director, Chris Lee is a member of Jackie Chan Stunt Team. He is known as an action director and an actor. I didn’t know his name, but I already know him through Police Story, for example.

The action director, Lai Sing-kwong. I don’t know his other works. I think that he has a talent for the car stunts. The motorcycle and car actions were thrilling despite the fighting scenes weren’t especially exciting.

A slight reference

The idea of the cybernetic arm is already seen in The Glove, a masterpiece in 1979 US. Just one futuristic gadget in this film. It’s "Glove". It’s maybe not enough as a Sci-Fi film today. However, we feel its power. Glove is imprinted in our brains along with the fear. Besides, the story includes a political message.