Mashup of 70s Noir and Yakuza film.

The hero uses 日本刀 upon 中國劍術, it’s an avant-garde idea. The duel, 任達華 against 鹿村泰祥, is supreme. We see that 高飛 is not only a martial-arts specialist but also a good director. This film is also important as the cinema debut title of 李若彤. 王祖賢 and 李若彤 together, beautiful and precious collaboration of the actress.


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  • 導演/監製:高飛
  • 編劇:高飛/譚嬣
  • 動作設計:鹿村泰祥/豹華
  • 攝影:馬金祥
  • 配樂:黃志雄
  • 領銜主演
    任達華 … Yamada Shingo
    王祖賢 … Jane
    高飛 … Chan Pang
    鹿村泰祥 … 吉川
  • 主演
    陳鳳芝 … 石川恵子
    石田憲一 … 石川建
    李若彤 … Carman
    劉兆銘 … Pa
  • 出品:威震影業
  • 日期:1990年05月17日
  • 片長:92分
  • 日本版
    Taki Corporation 1993年08月27日 VHS
  • English title: Killer's Romance

Mashup of 黑幫電影 and 任侠映画

Figuratively this is a mashup 黑幫電影 with 任侠映画. A hardcore violence directed by the famous martial arts actor 高飛. It seems that the film was produced by a co-production of Hong Kong and United Kingdom. The filming location is London, the atmosphere is different from usual. Besides, the story unfolds on the internal trouble of a yakuza organization. The hero is a Japanese performed by 任達華. It’s further unique situation on 香港電影.

A classical dramatize like 70s Mafia films. The atmosphere is heavy, but not too much tragic. We can enjoy it as a thrilling action film with the gorgeous casts. The leading actor is 任達華. The heroine is 王祖賢. And the appearance of 李若彤. The director 高飛 appears as the villain, a personage incredibly cruel.

This is also important as the cinema debut title of 李若彤.

浪漫殺手自由人 - Jane and Carmem 1
浪漫殺手自由人 - Jane and Carmem 2

This is the cinema debut title of my favourite actress 李若彤. In this film, she is very young yet. It seems that she was around 20 years old. We aren’t able to know exactly her age because she doesn’t announce her birth year. The official Japanese VHS is Cantonese version, Japanese subtitled. At least on this version, the name of 李若彤 doesn’t appear on the credit title.

李若彤 takes a role of the best friend of Jane(王祖賢), named directly "Carmen" which is her English name. Carmen, a girl with glasses sacrificed herself for Jane. Chan binds Carmen with a tight rope to a chair, then kicks her again and again… my goodness. We are watching a scene where a master of Kung Fu kicks an innocent idol! However, 李若彤 has enough scenes for a newcomer actress. We can see 王祖賢 together with 李若彤. It’s surely one of the most beautiful collaborations of the actress. It’s precious.

The hero uses 日本刀 upon 中國劍術

At the climax, we find the outstanding martial arts sequences on the duel. The hero against the villain. The idea that a hero uses 日本刀苗刀)upon 中國劍術 (Chinese blade technique), is avant-garde. The villain makes use of 剣道. The duel is nimble and has the verisimilitude. It’s so impressive. And if you have the knowledge about the guns, this film may be more exciting. I’m quite ignorant about the guns, but I think that you can see several unique sort of guns.

The title falsification to the films starring 王祖賢 in Japan

Some of my Japanese version VHS of Joey Wong film
Some of my Japanese version VHS of Joey Wong film

In Japan, the original title of a film is generally altered to the incomprehensible letters by a Japanese film distributor. I hate it! When I found a film, I need search the original title to understand what it is, on the Internet. At the epoch of non Internet, I had to buy a VHS without conviction of what it is. An Italian film had been imported as an American movie.

I don’t know why Japanese film sellers don’t use Chinese letters. They use the English title translated in Japanese Katakana. And, even though we have the English title, they invent another title. I think, they can’t understand Chinese word over two characters, nor English word over three characters.

Also 浪漫殺手自由人 got strange altered title in common with other import films. The translation of the Japanese title is: Joey Wong – Legend of the scarlet love. It’s poetic, but has no direct relation with the film. The Japanese VHS seller "Taki" is the maniac of word "Legend". I don’t know why they were damned by such sickness…

Here is the list of Taki VHS for 王祖賢 titles. I don’t have《阿嬰》yet. Each film has no relation each other. But Taki swindles us just like as they are the series, by making use of the damn word "Legend". And each Japanese fake title is shamefully absurd.

Original Japanese falsified title In Japanese
飛越陰陽界 Legend of the spirit world ジョイ・ウォンの霊界伝説
靈狐 Legend of the female ghost ジョイ・ウォンの幽女伝説
天地玄門 Legend of the spacetime ジョイ・ウォンの時空伝説
浪漫殺手自由人 Legend of the scarlet love ジョイ・ウォンの紅い愛の伝説
千人斬 Legend of the enchantress ジョイ・ウォンの妖女伝説
畫皮之陰陽法王 Legend of the demon world ジョイ・ウォンの魔界伝説
阿嬰* Legend of the holy woman ジョイ・ウォンの聖女伝説
Kazu Spara in 25 May 2017
Kazu Spara