The meaning of living.

It’s a serious human drama, a story of life. We regard the meaning of “living” via the love between a mother and her child. But it’s not a documentary. The mother and her child are ghost. It’s so scary if a silk connected with…


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  • 導演/編劇:蘇照彬
  • 動作設計:董瑋
  • 監製:葉如芬
  • 攝影:黃岳泰
  • 配樂:金培達
  • 領銜主演
    張震 … 葉起東
    江口洋介 … 橋本良晴
    林嘉欣 … 杜家緯
  • 主演
    徐熙媛 … 蘇原
    陳柏霖 … 胡守仁
    張鈞甯 … 董和美
    馬之秦 … 起東母
  • 出品:中環娛樂
  • 日期:2006年09月29日(台灣)
  • 片長:108分
  • 日本版
    SPO 2009年07月24日 DVD
  • English title: Silk

Polished scenario with the best casts and music scores.

I don’t like a film which seems containing the elements of horror. However this film attracted me in a secondhand DVD shop. The casts are very interesting and it’s a Taiwanese film on which I’m hooked lately. The price of the DVD was about US$4 (€3.8). I purchased it at soon.

I don’t try to get the informations about a film before I watch it. I don’t read the guidance on the back cover neither. I buy a DVD by my inspiration. So I didn’t know anything on the film. After all, it’s worth paying for a brand-new DVD.

蘇照彬 is a director who is nominated on 金馬獎 and 香港電影金像獎 many times. The casts of the film are well chosen. It’s gorgeous. Each principal actor is famous, has his starring titles. The scores by the greatest composer 金培達 augment the thrill.

The strong presence of 張震 with 江口洋介

《一代宗師》張震張震 Cite: 一代宗師 掀劉雲樵八極拳風潮 – 中時電子報

張震, he is still young but is already a grand actor. I saw him in《臥虎藏龍》and《一代宗師》. In these films, he left me the most strong impression and I memorized his name as a remarkable actor. He has the sharp eyes as a blade.

江口洋介, I think that he is the best Japanese actor since 90s. He performs a frantic scientist 橋本 who hates the living and loves the dead. It’s like a song of Misfits. 橋本 is surely losing his sanity but I can’t declare that he is a true evil. And he speaks brief lines in Chinese in the film. I think that his pronunciation is good enough.

張鈞甯, a blue blood actress

Especially I’d been keeping my eyes on 張鈞甯. Her charm is prominent even among the beautiful Taiwanese actresses. She comes of a prestigious family of Taiwan. We have some articles on her descent.

Ref: 真正的名門望族!張鈞甯顯赫家世揭秘 – 中時電子報

Shock from the ghost of 徐熙媛

徐熙媛 in 康熙来了
徐熙媛 in 康熙来了

Perhaps the most shocking scene in the film is the death of 蘇原. 徐熙媛 is known as an actress of the beauty. She had been active as an pure idol in her twenties.

Then, in this film, we see her figure having the mouth agape and the eyes blank. I got a strong shock from this ghastly scene and also felt her professionalism.

Sometimes the acting is a hard work, what if you were a beautiful lady.

徐熙媛 is one of the most popular Taiwanese actresses in Japan. In Taiwan, there is a TV talk show 康熙来了. A Japanese company picked up several scenes from there and edited a 徐熙媛 exclusive DVD. I naturally have this DVD.

陳柏霖 is a special actor also in Japan

This story advances more seriously toward the end. But I burst out laughing in spite of myself when 陳柏霖 was killed. He got killed by a ghost which appeared from a hot Chinese noodle!

I’m not sure but the director intentionally made this scene for him. This is the sole comical scene in the film. Because 陳柏霖 is a popular as an idol.

Also in Japan, we had an official content "Chen Bolin Mobile" for the mobile phones. That’s a special case for an actor who comes from the other countries to Japan. We can estimate how 陳柏霖 is popular.

The natural Japanese dialogue

In this film, we have many Japanese dialogues. I was impressed that the personage speaks 70% in Chinese and 30% in Japanese. As I’m a Japanese speaker, I specially note that 張震 speaks Japanese often like native. Besides, 徐熙媛 and 陳柏霖 natively speak Japanese.

I well understand why they became popular in Japan. A Japanese dialogue in a film (sometimes a film made by Japanese) is generally strange. However I can hear the natural Japanese in a Taiwanese film. We have some shared pop-cultures for example, the franchised restaurant, convenience store, comic or video game. Taiwan is really near me.