Sheer madness.

The crazy slapstick, then the touching love story of clumsy guys. This is a comedy featuring Hao Shao-wen who is a popular child actor in 90s Taiwan. Practically, the leading actor is Ng Man-Tat. I say that he is not only a supporting actor of Stephen Chow or Andy.

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  • 導演:朱延平
  • 編劇:郭箏
  • 監製:羅條慧
  • 攝影:陳榮樹
  • 配樂:傅立
  • 主題曲:金城武〈臭屁王〉
  • 領銜主演
    郝劭文 … 小生
    金城武 … 阿武
    吳孟達 … 達叔
  • 主演
    朱茵 … Fui
    劉洵 … 烏龍寺高僧
    陳好 … 阿Jun
    顧寶明 … 烏龍寺僧
    黃一山 … 阿武同學
    張立威 … 阿武同學
  • 出品:延平影業/王晶創作室
  • 日期:1995年04月01日
  • 片長:88分
  • 日本版
    Pony Canyon 2003年02月19日 DVD
  • English title: Trouble Maker

The Chu Yen-ping brand

Chu Yen-ping

Chu Yen-ping, his name is the brand. Obviously, he is the top Action and Comedy director. However, he denies it.

According to Wikipedia, he thinks that a good comedy is depending on the actors and the script. The director is just an addition.

That’s because he is a great director. His brilliant working results come from his personality. A respectable person. The actors are able to have a freedom for their expressions. It results the originality to the film.


郝劭文 - 朱延平《臭屁王》1995Hao Shao-wen – Cite: 中國娛樂網

It’s well-known that Chu Yen-ping and Wong Jing are the friends and the working collaborators each other. This film was published from Wong Jing’s Workshop in Hong Kong.

So, this film can be a spin-off of Fight Back to School, but this film is much more powerful than the former. At least, it’s far better than Fight Back to School Ⅲ.

The inheritance

There is a certain inheritance of the characters from Fight Back to School Ⅱ. Ng Man-tat as the school caretaker. Athena Chu as the heroine and Gabriel Wong as a degenerate schoolmate. Kaneshiro Takeshi can be at the position of Stephen Chow.

The hero of this film is Tat, the school caretaker. I love such idea. I love a story in which a sub-character becomes the hero. We can imagine that this is a secret past of "Tat". In truth, this gentleman is hiding an absurd, but dramatic story behind his stupid smiles.

Uncle Tat with Xiao Sheng

吳孟達Cite: 吳孟達 – 3G魔旗

Ng Man-tat plays a school caretaker named Tat as usual. Everybody calls him "Uncle Tat". Tat has been stalked by a runaway child "Xiao Sheng" by Hao Shao-wen. He is only 5 years old in this film!

Tat loves a blind girl who sells the flower on the street for living. He goes buying a flower to meet her every morning. He camouflages himself as a bigwig. He never confess his love.

The young delinquents are making the disorders in his school. Tat decided to learn "Kung Fu" for resolving the problem. It’s not rational? Don’t think, feel.

This operation would bring him the enough money. Everything is for the surgery fee to his beloved blind girl. My favorite Athena Chu plays the blind girl. She is also a regular of the director.

Tat is desperately clumsy, but straightforward. I think that this role is very suited to Ng Man-tat.

King of nasty fart


I prefer Kaneshiro Takeshi being in a comedy of Chu Yen-ping. He is a stylish handsome actor, but you can discover his another face. He is, in fact a great comedian until crazy.

He plays an eccentric schoolboy who believes himself as the reincarnation of Bruce Lee. He is the ruler of school. He does several insane movements with his friends.

Gabriel Wong is well-known from Fight Back to School. Chang Li-wei is a regular of Chu Yen-ping films.

The theme song

Kaneshir Takeshi is also singing the theme song. He wrote the lyrics by himself. The song title is "King of nasty fart", the same title with the film.

He had been the most popular idol in Taiwan and Japan as you know. So, this song is naturally not found in his albums because it’s a mess. It’s quite not a song of the celebrity. I love this song.

The composer is a popular Japanese musician, Kuwata Keisuke. He compose certain original songs for Kaneshiro Takeshi. Jackey Cheung is covering his songs, for example 每天愛你多一些 (I love you more everyday).

Chen Hao, 16 years old

陳好Chen Hao – Cite: 娛樂頻道 – 國際線上

Chen Hao is just 16 years old in a cute Taiwanese school uniform. You can’t believe it, Chen Hao as a schoolgirl. A dream of the guys realised in this film. This film has the definitive value.

This is her very early work. She is the idol of the schoolboys. She doesn’t have so many scenes. So, she is a sort of special appearance. The story between her and Kaneshiro Takeshi is the subplot, but has a dramatic ending.

An alias of Chen Hao is 万人迷, it means "Everybody likes her". It’s true that she has the strong fascination. She is mainly working in TV series.

Certain TV series were broadcasted in Japan, for example Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils. And her music album was released.

While US have a cable channel for Chinese TV series, it’s difficult to see her from other countries, in particular from Europe.

Anyway, I think that a film of Chu Yen-ping is the best for seeing the actress. A woman in his film is always fascinating. In my opinion, Athena Chu shows her best perfornmance and charm in his film.

Extreme price

Chu Yen-ping "Butterfly Sword" 2002

Chu Yen-ping is the most crazy, my absolute favourite director. I love especially Flying Dagger which made me a big fan of Sharla Cheung. Young Policemen in Love, The Feeling of Love and Kung Fu Dunk are my favourite.

Notably, I think that The Treasure Hunter is also a masterpiece despite its box office result. I love the all his films that I saw. There are only better ones.

In Japan, we have the difficulty to see his films. For example, a secondhand DVD of Butterfly Sword is terribly expensive. I have only VHS edition.

Taiwanese actors are especially appealing in Japan. There are the fanatic women of Jimmy Lin. Nevertheless, this DVD was not provided enough because of the weakness of the publisher.

The series of Kung Fu Kids were released only in VHS and these were almost lost. Some copies are sold with the awful price. There is always the demand to the masterpieces of Chu Yen-ping.

Japanese swindle

朱延平《臭屁王》1995 - 日版DVD

Japanese DVD distributor faked this film as a Bullet Ballet starred by Kanishiro Takeshi. They falsified a cover on which Kaneshiro Takeshi is taking a handgun. I never saw such scene in this film.

Moreover, they are adding a contradicting slogan. "Take the future in your fists". Why? They want to fake it as a Bullet Ballet, not a Kung Fu film. Why "fists"?

So, they dropped a bomb. There are many innocent girls who love Kaneshiro Takeshi. A girl expecting his heroic romance would buy this DVD.

Instead, she will see Hao Shao-wen taking a shit in a room.

What were they thinking?

The cover design is ambiguous. There are neither Hao Shao-wen nor Ng Man-tat. The original title is lacking. We can never specify the film. This is their same old way. This sort of swindle is casual in my country.