It puts Mission: Impossible 1 & 2 to shame!

Sci-Fi based well thought-out script. The special agents make use of the cyber gadgets but, the most featured combat technique is Kung Fu. This is pure Hong Kong style Sci-Fi from the genius Wilson Yip.


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  • 導演:葉偉信
  • 編劇
  • 動作設計:楊德毅
  • 監製
  • 攝影:陳志英/徐問
  • 配樂:韋啟良
  • 領銜主演
    黎明 … Mac
    陳小春 … Bird
    杜德偉 … 蘇圖
    鄭雪兒 … Michelle
  • 客串:舒淇 … June
  • 主演
    龍剛 … 金元正
    李燦森 … Sam
    尹子維 … 阿龍
  • 出品:電影人製作嘉禾電影
  • 日期:2000年11月24日
  • 片長:89分
  • 日本版
    Happinet Pictures 2003年04月24日 DVD
  • English title: Skyline Cruisers

A masterpiece around the year 2000

A story of the team consisting of four bounty hunters. They show the tricky movements with the cyber gadgets. But ,the most featured combat technique is Kung Fu. The heroes make use of their physical ability on fighting. They do not depend on the weapons. This is pure Hong Kong style that I love.

The drama 50% and the action 50%. These are flawlessly equivalent. The story has certain secrets. You should pay attention to the ex-members of the team who appears in the prologue.

Wilson Yip

葉偉信《小白龍情海翻波》2004 - 内地海報
葉偉信《小白龍情海翻波》2004 – 内地海報

Wilson Yip is my favourite director since The White Dragon. I saw previously SPL: Sha Po Lang, Dragon Tiger Gate, Flash Point, Ip Man and Ip Man 2. Honestly, Wilson Yip is a superman. Every film that he makes is the brilliant masterpiece.

I didn’t know his past works and I found his Sci-Fi films. I selected first 2002 starred by my favourite Nicholas Tse.

Then, it was not as powerful as I expected. It seems that Sci-Fi was not the style of the director. So, I had been negative against this film before seeing it. In fact, this is a masterpiece. I was completely wrong. Yes, this film puts "Mission: Impossible 1 & 2" to shame!

Signal wand Chainsticks

There is an unique homage to Bruce Lee performed by Jordan Chan. He makes use of two signal wands. He connects and transforms them into a Chainsticks. The best idea ever!


By the way, Chainsticks is often confused with Nunchaku in west. Chainsticks is the combination of two short staffs. The three staffs version is Three-section staff. So, Chainsticks must be called as "Two-section staff". This is the literal translation. Nunchaku is a Japanese weapon of Karate.

Well thought-out script

Michelle Saram

Substantial hero of this story is Jordan Chan. He and Leon Lai, they are the center of the agent team. But, they have a delicate relationship. A dark story exists on their past. There is an unexpected development of the story.

Alex To was impressive. He appears on the screen not so long, but he is the key of this story. You can discover what will be happening in this film, by yourself.

I think that Michelle Saram was on the position of the heroine. There are new generation actors. However, they are almost the guests. Only she was given some remarkable actions. She was challenging to the dangerous stunts. She has the professionalism.

Shu Qi is almost the special appearance. She plays a woman similar to "Kiki" on Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen. Her role is less important than her necklace which hides the secret past.

Comparing with "2002"


The following year, Wilson Yip made "2002". It can be a reinterpretation of Mr. Vampire. I saw this film before "Skyline Cruisers". And I found a big difference between these films.

It’s supporting actors. The average skill of the actors in "Skyline Cruisers" is much higher than its in "2002". The all characters are alive till the minors. The actors give a strong presence to the characters.

On the other hand, "2002" depends on only Nicholas Tse. Even though Nicholas is extraordinary, it’s impossible to make a good film without the good supporting actors.

Danielle Graham was beautiful, but honestly her acting was awful.

The best friend of Nicholas, Stephen Fung was marvellous in My Schoolmate, the Barbarian and The Avenging Fist. He is a skilful actor as everybody knows. Nevertheless, he was oddly awkward in this film. I don’t know why. Something was not going well.

"2002" has several fresh ideas and the edgy gimmicks. However, it’s so regrettable that the energy of the youth didn’t radiate from this film. Maybe, the story was too aesthetic and sentimental for a guy.

Kazu Spara in 25 May 2017
Kazu Spara