Everything is brilliant.

26 years old Cecilia Cheung’s Wuxia Comedy since "The White Dragon". This film was made in 2006, she married Nicholas Tse in this year. She is visibly shining in happiness. That’s why, this is "Must-See".

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  • 導演/編劇:王晶
  • 動作設計:江道海
  • 監製
  • 攝影:馮遠文
  • 配樂:溫浩傑
  • 領銜主演
    張栢芝 … 上官靈鳳 (Phoenix)
    古巨基 … 古龍 (Dragon)
    元秋 … 歐陽素秋 (Mum)
    元華 … 上官達華 (Dad)
    錢嘉儀 … 紅霞 (Rouge)
    森美 … 金擁 (Kiddie Kim)
  • 主演
    王晶 … 一團 (Itchiban)
    馬樹超 … 白眉 (White Eyebrows)
    石蘭 … 林寶堅妮 (Bo Jeannie)
    許紹雄 … 林肯 (Lincoln Lam)
    彭敬慈 … 獨孤星馳 (Starman)
    江欣燕 … Salina
    林雪 … 威哥 (Brother Wai)
    黃一飛 … 空空大師 (Principal of the Academy)
    苑瓊丹 … 接線生 (Operator)
  • 出品
  • 日期:2006年02月10日
  • 片長:90分
  • 日本版
    Geneon Entertainment 2008年07月04日 DVD
  • English title: My Kung Fu Sweetheart

Basic knowledge of Wuxia lets you enjoy more this masterpiece!

Wong Jing is the No.1 director!

To enjoy more this film, you could take the little knowledge on a philosophy Wuxia. In fact, Wuxia is a Mandarin phonetic. This word is pronounced as "Mou Hap" in Cantonese.

I suppose that majority of the audience is young without the knowlege on 邵氏兄弟. To comprehend well about 武俠, reading a famous novel is a good idea. However, it’s quite heavy work, a 武俠 novel has generally massive volume. And it’s not a style of the cinema enthusiast. Instead, I recommend watching some of 張徹’s masterpieces.

武林 and 江湖

武林 is an imaginary universe of martial arts heroes, often same as 江湖. The difference between 武林 and 江湖 is not clear to me. It’s said that the concept of such universe started since the epoch of 史記 (Records of the Grand Historian). The notion of 武林 may be described like Marvel Universe or KOF in pop culture.

The three grand writers


In this film, we have several parodies depending on basic knowledge of 武俠 creations. First, we need to know that we have three legendary writers: 古龍, 金庸 and 梁羽生.

Then, innumerable films based on their novels exist on the cinema or the TV series. For example:

In the story, two personages appear: 古龍 and 金擁. 金擁 is a parody of spelling. 金擁 and 金庸 have the same pronunciation. 古龍 and 金擁, they are the best friend each other. Now you understand why.

The big bird

You had better to know the origin of the big bird, 神鵰. This is obviously a prody of《楊過與小龍女》. If you’ve already seen this film, you’ll enjoy much more the comedies.

Otherwise, it can be a parody of《九一神鵰俠侶》of 華仔. I have a Japanese edition DVD of the prequel and also the sequel, both of them. I don’t watch them yet because these are the big titles of my hero 華仔. I leave them for a special night!

Golden bell armor


"Itchiban" played by Wong Jing himself takes a stance of Hung Ga Kuen and executes a legendary martial arts technique Jin Zhong Zhao. This technique is believed as a perfect protection. It’s disabling any attacks, even repelling the bullets.

The visual effect of Jin Zhong Zhao is obviously inspired from Wilson Yip‘s Dragon Tiger Gate that is an adaptation on the popular comic. Turbo Shek creates the armor formed a golden bell by his ultrahigh speed chainsticks.

Jin Zhong Zhao is also famous from a fact in history, Boxer Rebellion. Certain films are featuring this tragedy caused by the forced superstition. For example, Chang Cheh‘s The Spiritual Boxer.

By the way, Ichiban is a Japanese word, meaning "number one". We write "一番" in Japanese. I don’t know why Wong Jing used a Japanese word, but I’m sure that this film is Ichiban!

Wong Jing’s absolute talent is to filming a beautiful actress!


Wong Jing makes a beautiful actress more beautiful. I love the scene where Phoenix discuss with God Bird about a TV program. Cecilia Cheung acts like a fashion model against the foul wind. She is mythic. She is not only stylish, but also expressive.

For the moment, I have watched 4 films starring Cecilia Cheung. King of Comedy, Running on Karma, Legendary Amazons and The White Dragon. Each is the masterpiece, but I love especially "The White Dragon", I became a big fan of her since this film.

At the same time, Wong Jing is genius of finding a fresh & pretty actress. You can find Qian Jia-yi.

Influence from mega hits of Stephen Chow

Yuen Wah and Yuen Chau couple is directly brought from Kung Fu, you should watch it before. And 黃一飛 is famous as a man of Shaolin Soccer. Ah, we also see Cecilia Cheung in this film as a special appearance. We can see that the concept of 野蠻秘笈 was perhaps inspired from Stephen Chow’s mega-hit titles.

However 野蠻秘笈 is much better than 少林足球 and 功夫 to me. It suits my taste. I love a story filled up with innocent smiles. I don’t want a serious sadness into a fiction because we have actually a war any time in somewhere. I don’t care even though 野蠻秘笈 has a convenient story because it’s a comedy! To be argumentative, you can find the matters through the internet or TV news. It’s easier than discovering a good entertainment film.