Astonishing stunts, Kung Fu and Ninja moves with High-tech gadgets.

This is a masterpiece! One of the best 80s Actions-Comedies. You should know Lin Hsiao-lou. She isn’t only cute, but also a master of Chinese martial arts. I have only a damaged ex-rental VHS. I want the remastered DVD. In fact, Blu-ray format is strongly required for this achieved work.

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  • 導演・編劇:趙中興
  • 動作設計:趙中興/趙家班
  • 監製:許麗華
  • 攝影:莊胤建/袁偉國
  • 配樂:席裕龍
  • 領銜主演
    林小樓 … 林小樓
    袁祥仁 … 林小樓之父
    狄威 … 狄威
  • 主演
    陳山 … Du 老爺
    林光榮 … 傻子於林特撮工房
    林偕文 … 巨人於林特撮工房
  • 出品:豐年影業/羅維
  • 日期:1986年
  • 片長:90分
  • 日本版
    少女戦士 ’88
    大映 1988年04月22日 VHS
  • English title: A Heroic Fight

Lin Hsiao-lou, the cutest martial arts master.

There are a lot of unique actions and gadgets. The absolute heroine is Lin Hsiao-lou. She is a 19 years old girl, has the exactly the same name in the story. She lives as the principal member of her family who forms a movie SFX company. We see "How to make a movie SFX" through their acts.

The family reveals the trick, for example, how to shoot the fire from a palm. This film is made by Chiu Chung-hing who was a member of 袁家班 (Stunt team of Yuen Woo-ping). You know well about Yuen Woo-ping. Chiu Chung-hing organized his own stunt team called 趙家班.

Lin Hsiao-lou and his family fight against Taiwanese Mafia. She uses Kung-Fu and makes use of a variety of SFX gadget as her weapon against the gun. That’s unique.

Dick Wei plays the villain. I would have liked to see him as a hero… He always kicks hard. He hides a knife into right shoe. His fight against Lin Hsiao-lou is so thrilling. I was really nervous when Dick Wei’s kick skims over Lin Hsiao-Lou’s cute face!

Brilliant talents and looks of Lin Hsiao-lou

林小樓 《勇闖江湖》 Capture 01
林小樓 《勇闖江湖》 Capture 02

It’s important that the heroine is not only strong but also is cute enough. In this case, we favor the heroine more and hate the villain more. It’s clear logic, nothing to say, but I see sometimes a film which forgets it. Not many actresses have the title made by her name. 林小樓 has her own titles and they are highly evaluated by all principal Asian countries. Lin Hsiao-lou is my best martial arts actress. She is a kind of miracle, a girl has strength and beauty together… This is comics. 林小樓 jumped out of comics!

Preview and homages

林小樓 《勇闖江湖》 Capture 04
林小樓 《勇闖江湖》 Capture 03

Early stage of the film, we see the preview of 新桃太郎 (The Child of Peach). This title is also starring by 林小樓 and action scenes made by 袁家班. This title was released in 1987, one year after of 勇闖江湖. I suppose that they were shooting 2 titles almost at the same time. I know 新桃太郎 (same title in Japan, re-titled as 捉鬼雜牌軍 in Hong Kong) but I can’t watch it. Because even its secondhand VHS got the price over US $82 (€75)…

We see also the parody of A Better Tomorrow at the middle of story. And 林小樓 with a machinegun inside guitar. The most shocking thing is a boy who attacks against the fake "Mark". His shout has really an intention to kill!

Besides, we hear the instrumental of the theme song of Six God Combination Godmars at the sequence where 林小樓 runs with roller-skates. That’s exciting. Godmars was my favorite TV animation when I was an elementary school student.

林小樓’s titles are premier priced in Japan

林小樓 is popular in Japan. And there is still many fans. But her films are not released on DVD at all. Many of Japanese media companies are still technically and psychologically primitive, we have only 靈幻童子 (Kung Fu Wonder Child) in DVD-Box of 幽幻道士 but the price is over US $164 (€150). And almost VHS are already lost. So her VHS got premier price. I try to watch her film in English. Japanese media exists near me, but it’s far from my wallet!