Cognitive flexibility.

This film requires to fill in the blank between the lines by your imagination like reading a novel. Assigned director is a Documentary cameraman, it’s already a wrong selection. However, this film turns into a masterpiece with a little effort of the audience. The marvellous casts and the theme song, certain Must-See elements are surely there.


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  • 導演/編劇:孫健君
  • 動作設計:張鵬/Robert Francis Brown
  • 監製:孫健君/滕文驥
  • 攝影:邵丹
  • 配樂:阿鯤
  • 歌曲
  • 領銜主演
    劉德華 … 肖錦漢
    林志玲 … 麗莎
    張靜初 … 林雨嫣
    佟大為 … 山本
  • 主演
    斯琴高娃 … 老佛爺
    石天琦 … 黑衣魔女首領
    愛新覺羅啟星 … 啞女格格
    張光北 … 孔廳長
    劉羽琦 … 林雨嫣
  • 出品
  • 日期:2013年06月12日(香港)
  • 片長:122分
  • 題名
    Paramount Japan 2015年04月28日 DVD
  • English title: Switch


劉德華和林志玲《天機·富春山居圖》劉德華和林志玲 Cite: 綜合電影圖片大全

I think that this film is Must-See despite the public opinion. People may understand it 10 years later. I agree that this is not a conventional entertainment film. However, I understood well the storyline and got no any stresses. I simply know the way to enjoy it.

This is the first entertainment film of the director, Jay Sun. I researched about his career before seeing this film. I discovered that he had been a cameraman of Documentary. This is a very important fact because this film is formed as "Record" of the adventure. It’s also comparable to the digest of the TV series or the replay of the video game.

This film requires a little imagination between a scnene and a scene. If you are passive to the film, you would be late. The action of the protagonists doesn’t explain the story details. You must actively fill in the blank between the lines like reading a novel. It’s simple, a question of the cognitive flexibility.

The kernel of this film is to be stylish. I feel that’s much more stylish than a Jean-Luc Godard film. Simply, I’m already bored to Eurepean fashion film since long ago. Asian style is very welcome because I’m an Asian. It’s fresh before all.

The final battle

Generally, a Chinese warrior against a Japanese warrior forms a scheme of Chinese martial arts against Japanese Katana. But, the director has chosen Fencing to the duel.

I think that because Chinese martial arts and Japanese Katana is not equivalent. Thinking simply, Chinese martial arts includes much wider weapon techniques. So, both of them fight with Fencing is equal.

Reasons to Must-See

Andy Lau as a secret agent with full of futuristic gadgets. Lin Chi-ling in the seducing fashions. Several scenes are like her promo. Whether you like or dislike this film, you can’t miss them.

《天機·富春山居圖》林志玲林志玲 – Cite: 搜狗壁紙

Zhang Jing-Chu and Tong Da-wei

Zhang Jing-chu. She is my fetish. This film includes her fighting scenes! It’s rare and worth. Tong Da-wei, he is also my favourtie actor. He is the villain. This role is not quite suited to him because we know well that he is a super nice guy. But, I’m happy to see him as a Japanese with Katana! I also like him in Treasure Inn.

張靜初《天機·富春山居圖》張靜初霹靂神手 – Cite: 《富春山居图》鳳凰網

The theme songs

Magic Power with Shin, this is anyhow an exciting collaboration.

And the locations and the ser-decorations. Burj Al Arab is extremely snob. Nevertheless, it’s true that it’s a sort of wonderland. The set-decoration of Japanese area is also artistic. So, there are enough reasons to not skip this film.

Two possibilities

时尚先生 2012年9月号时尚先生 2012年9月号 – Cite:廣西電視網

It’s important to know before criticising this film. If the director deliberately adapted "Documentary " style. Or, he only knows this style. I don’t know the truth. I just believe that he tried to make a new style entertainment film. Looking a positive part is more important than digging a negative part.

Almost staffs are from Mainland China. So, it’s almost a pure Mainland film. There are the scenes featuring Japanese cultures. These are extravagant, but can be the homages to the certain old Japanese film. I think that the director knows well Japan.

Which lacks

In fact, the problem of this film is the script. It’s fatally weak. It’s true that the story is outdated. The storyline is uncluttered. However, we need more "Live feeling".

This film is lacking the characterization of the protagonists. This is naturally not a real story. No one knows their background. It’s impossible to bring the empathy into the characters.

So, If this film had a manual which explains the background of the story and the characters, it could have been easy to understand. Thus, this film needed the original novel or comic.

The director stated in the interview that he has well depicted the emotions of the characters. He is a little grandiose.

Form Wikipedia

First, Andy had been choked by the other works and didn’t have enough time to participate in this film. Then, Han San-ping was assigned as the director.

Andy supposed that he doesn’t have enough skill to complete this film in time. So, Jay Sun replaced him. When the film was released, the first day proceeds were 5,000万元, about €7,033,150 (US$7,863,750).

However, the reception was bad. Every reviewers done 2 or 3 scores on 10. They said: Chaotic story line, Ruined story logic, Story is outdated.