It’s always close.

The definite masterpiece of the year 2000. Six per eleven songs composed by Nicholas Tse. My permanent favourite album along with 最後 in 2009. This album was released also in Japan. Several special packages with bonus stuff were available in Hong Kong and Taiwan.


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  • VCD
    1. 一擊即中
    2. 一了百了
  • Awards
  • Release
    Original: 09 May, 2000 英皇娛樂
    Japanese: 20 July, 2001 滾石唱片
    Reissue: 14 April, 2007 英皇娛樂


This popular album has several versions. The special package is basically contains a photo booklet, VCD and guitar pick printed Nicholas Tse‘s symbol on top. There are two superior versions include a "Cell phone strap" or a wristband in addition. These particular bonus remind the year 2000. A few special packages still available on the market are used and more and more expensive today. Nicholas Tse fans never sell their own items, his all CD packages naturally become rare.

At last, I obtained a used special package in a good price under 10 USD. It’s a used Taiwanese version without additional bonus. However, this package is in a great condition. The plastic CD platform is hardly cracked, that’s all. For the rest, it’s almost brand-new. I suppose that this was a shop displayed item. It’s a regular CD size case, but hides the gimmicks. It’s rich, at the same time easy to rack up. This is the smartest design ever as I know!

謝霆鋒《零距離》2000 - Package
謝霆鋒《零距離》2000 – Package

In fact, I already own this album in the reissue and Japanese version. However, these are the regular package. This CD cover is stylish, the special package is worth owning. I also wanted the VCD which contains the music video of 一擊即中 and 一了百了. Actually, these videos are officially available on YouTube in slightly better quality, maximum 640×480. The dimension of the video in VCD is 352×240, it’s nowadays incredibly low.

This album was also released in Japan from Rock Records in July 2001. Nevertheless, I recommend you to buy the reissue version. It doesn’t have any bonus stuff, the package is nothing special, but the songs seem digitally remastered. The sound quality is better than the original.

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In September 2000, his 2nd Mandarin album 了解 was released. This is "Must-Have". The most famous song can be 因為愛所以愛. This song composed by himself is in Mandarin lyrics, but popular also in Hong Kong. 定律 is the Mandarin version of 不是定理 which is Time and Tide theme song. I prefer this Mandarin version. Nicholas Tse sings more strong and the arrangement is more deep.

In November 2000, his famous 7th Cantonese album VIVA was released. Nicholas Tse done three studio albums in 2000 after all. He had been regularly created one Cantonese and one Mandarin album in a year. The year 2000 is exceptional. We can listen to the great medley of 一了百了, 無聲仿有聲, 一擊即中 in VIVA Live 謝霆鋒演唱會.

Around the year 2000, He composed some songs for the other big singers. For example, Faye Wong‘s 迷魂記, Joey Yung’s 告解 and his ex-wife Cecilia Cheung‘s 一人同遊. Some songs are self-covered by Nicholas Tse in the album 毋忘我.

Nicholas Tse always rocks!

Obviously by jealous, some ordinary men considered Nicholas Tse as a Pop idol. It’s absolutely not. You must think about if it’s really possible to be an icon only by looking good in Greater China. He is actually a true Rock musician at the same time a great composer.


Checked songs are composed by Nicholas Tse. English title translation by me, it’s naturally unofficial. Several titles are taken from Chinese idiom that impossible to translate directly.

No. Title Translation In Greatest hits
01 一擊即中 One shot, one hit
02 一了百了 Once the main problem is solved, all troubles are solved
03 蒸發 Evaporation
04 罪人 Sinner
  • 20 – Best Selection
  • Senses
05 伴我同行 Accompanying with me
  • Senses
06 不是定理 Not the theorem
  • 毋忘我
  • 20 – Best Selection
07 一廂情願 Unrequited love
08 欺騙觀眾 Deceive the audience
  • Senses
09 別說狠 Don’t say something cruel
10 對牛彈琴 Cast pearls before swine
11 別來無恙 Well as always
  • 毋忘我
  • 20 – Best Selection
  • Senses