This film makes me fully happy.

A masterpiece of the pure Hong Kong style Romantic Comedy. The director was a planner of Chungking Express. Kaneshiro Takeshi is participating in this film and his song is used. The theme and insert song by Faye Wong in addition.

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  • 導演:羅文
  • 編劇:張祖兒
  • 動作設計:劉崇峰
  • 監製:霍耀良
  • 攝影:劉鴻泉
  • 配樂:韋啟良
  • 歌曲
  • 領銜主演
    鍾麗緹 … 小美
    鄭伊健 … 阿志
    金城武 … Kenji
    麥家琪 … 琪琪
  • 主演
    苑瓊丹 … Miss 苑
    陳國新 … 差人
    安德尊 … 有錢人
  • 特別主演:鄭則仕 … 校長
  • 特別客串
    劉兆銘 … 劉伯(劉德華)
    查傳誼 … 阿志母的情人
  • 出品:希望工程電影
  • 日期:1994年11月10日
  • 片長:92分
  • 日本版
    Maxam 2000年06月25日 DVD
  • English title: Mermaid Got Married

Happiness throughout the story

Ekin Cheng was 27 years old. He shows the wonderful comedy and romance with the ideal actress for Mermaid. Christy Chung was 24 years old. They are the protagonists of the story. Chi is a temporary teacher of the university. He falls in love with Mermaid who disguises herself as his student. The legend of Mermaid ends up into the tragedy. However, this is not the true ending of this film. You have next.

Mak Ka-ki was 19 years old. She plays a bossy student, but cute at the same time. She is enough featured. Her partner is our hero, Kaneshiro Takeshi. He was 21 years old. He was making almost the guest appearance like China Dragon. I expected that he would become a love rival of Ekin Cheng, but it’s actually not. He plays a student who doesn’t make any significant actions.

Kingdom Yuen

Kingdom Yuen is weird more than usual.
Kingdom Yuen totally puts Ekin Cheng off.

You find her name in a film. That’s to say, it’s a pure Hong Kong style comedy, it makes you happy. It’s evident that Christy Chung is fascinating. Everybody will pay a compliment to her. So, I dare to push Kingdom Yuen as a hidden heroine. She is definitely weird. Her appearance creates the comedy aspect of this film. She is very important.

Kingdom Yuen is popular from the TV series in Hong Kong and more widely known from Stephen Chow‘s comedies in where she is often an ugly manager of the brothel. I strongly remember, she was hardly beaten and bleeding from head in 武狀元蘇乞兒. What a joke! She is generally treated as an unwanted woman in a fiction despite her good looks.

Chan Kwok-san appears as a police officer and tries to capture Mermaid with a university teacher played by Kingdom Yuen. He is very active this time. We surely know his face from the famous films such as 最後勝利, 鐵甲無敵瑪利亞, 霸王花, 賭神 and 逃學威龍. He is always playing a minor role in a film that I pick.

Special guests

There are two special guests. Cha Chuen-yee appears as a lover of Chi’s mother at the beginning. I didn’t know his face, but I know and admire his film Off Track. I think that he is known for a director or a producer. The full name of Lau Siu-ming‘s role is Lau Tak-wah. In fact, he sometimes played the enemy of Andy Lau, for example in Casino Tycoon.

Normal Law and Chungking Express


The director Norman Law debuted as an art director in 1966. He was also in The Hero of Swallow in 1996 as an art director. He does a little bit of everything. He was working as a planner in Wong Kar-wai‘s Chungking Express in 1994 and Fallen Angels in 1995. So, Norman Law probably got to know Faye Wong and Kaneshiro Takeshi through Chungking Express.

Songs of Faye Wong

Two songs of Faye Wong are used such as 天使 for the theme song and 天空 for an insert song. Both songs are originally from the famous album 天空 in 1994, and are included in the Greatest hits album 菲賣品 in 1997. I naturally have both albums. The former in the first issue Taiwanese version CD format released in 1994 and the latter in Japanese version CD format.

Kaneshiro Takeshi


失約 meaning "Broken Promise" is the first song of Kaneshiro Takeshi’s same name album released in 1994. This song composed by himself is used as an insert song. In fact, I didn’t know that. Just before the climax, my familiar melody came out of the blue. The song faded out momentaly, but it made me so happy.

When I hear my favourite song in a film, I feel some crossover between Music and Cinema. I love it and that’s a way of "More to enjoy" Chinese film.

I have his four albums such as 失約, 標準情人, 偷偷的醉 and 多苦都願意. My most favourite is 失約, it’s comprehensively the masterpiece. It includes three songs composed by Kaneshiro Takeshi himself such as 失約 in Cantonese, 戀心 in Japanese, 妄想 in Cantonese and its Japanese version "Love Me Once Again".

Supporting role

First of all, we must take his crazy hard schedule in account. In 1994, he participated another 3 films such as 報告班長3, 沉默的姑娘 and Chungking Express. Besides, he released 3 albums such as 溫柔超人, 失約 and 標準情人.

That’s why, he could go no further than a supporting role. His position in this film is similar to Jackie Chan in Hand of Death. Every his actions are made for promoting the protagonist. He has the less activities among four main characters. Some DVD covers are featuring only him, but do not take it serious.

Kazu Spara in 25 May 2017
Kazu Spara