It’s like a breaking ball.

This film seems focusing on the female mental disorder though it’s a Romantic Comedy. It’s rather for a gourmet searching for the rare dishes. I’m worry about if "Fighting for Love" were your initial Sammi’s comedy, she would have implanted as a hysterical woman in your head.

Amazon 维基百科 百度百科 香港影庫 HKMDB
  • 導演:馬偉豪
  • 編劇
  • 監製:張承勷
  • 攝影:張文寶
  • 配樂:羅堅
  • 歌曲
  • 領銜主演
    鄭秀文 … 霍少棠
    梁朝偉 … 蔣通菜
  • 主演
    周麗琪 … Mindy
    夏萍 … 七姑
    李楓 … 蔣通菜媽媽
    茜利妹 … 蔣通菜妹妹
  • 出品:電影動力/小馬歌製作室/清新空氣組合
  • 日期:2001年06月09日
  • 片長:102分
  • 日本版
    King Records 2003年02月05日 DVD
  • English title: Fighting for Love

Sammi Cheng

鄭秀文《Shocking Pink》2001
鄭秀文《Shocking Pink》2001

First of all, Sammi Cheng is my favourite singer and actress. I have her 12 albums in CD format, all of them are not released in my country. In fact, any of her albums are not available in Japan except the import CD and Digital Music. Even Twins stuff is not available neither. To be her fan requires a Japanese to more passion and patience than a Chinese.

Shocking Pink

The songs used in this film are in her 23th album Shocking Pink. It’s one of the essential albums in Cantopop history, mostly famous from 終身美麗 which is the theme song of Love on a Diet.

"Love on a Diet" was eventually nominated in 21st Hong Kong Film Awards and the theme song won "Best Original Film Song". I never think that an awarded film is always better than the others. However, I agree with the public opinion this time.

Sammi looks tired

"Fighting for Love" begins with the close-up of Sammi’s fingers and lips. We can clearly recognize that her skins are surprisingly tired. She was still 29 years old at that time, nevertheless I honestly thought that was a woman over 50 years old. I was shocked from the beginning.

It’s not a makeup blunder, it must be caused by her heavy working schedule. She released three albums in this year such as 完整 in Mandarin, "Shocking Pink" and 溫柔 in Cantonese. I have all of them. Besides, many concerts. She starred further in three films such as 鍾無艷, "Fighting for Love" and "Love on a Diet". It’s impossible in a word.

A woman is not such dependent


A year later from "Needing You…", two Romantic Comedies starred by Sammi were quasi simultaneously released. In fact, "Love on a Diet" was in Cinema only 12 days later of this film.

"Fighting for Love" is an obvious variant of Needing You…. Tony Leung made me enjoy so much. Niki Chow was funny, she is eye candy. The actors are surely excellent. However, the story is somewhat shallow. The most problem is the staging. There are much more disputes than the smiles. It’s rather "Struggling" than Fighting.

Veg (Tony) betrayed his fiance Mindy (Niki Chow) and makes a promise of marriage with Deborah (Sammi). Then, Mindy tried to get him back and Veg betrays Deborah this time. At last, Veg betrayed Mindy once again and marry Deborah.

My conclusion. A woman is never such dependent. It’s curious that this story completely ignores the "Promise", it’s like an opposite of "Needing You…".

Referring to Johnnie To films is inevitable. The same leading actress in the same genre of film. Tony instead of Andy Lau, they are a sort of rival since Five Tiger Generals of TVB as we know. In fact, Tony & Miriam Yeung is producing good results as well as Andy & Sammi.

It’s an intended parody or not?

There is the key item surely inspired from the amulet of "Needing You…". The difference is, it’s a bracelet found by chance on the street. Veg and Deborah unconsciously stole a lost property worth 70,000 HKD about 9,000 USD. This is a symbol of their love.


周麗琪@東方日報Cite: 周麗淇性感突破 – 東方日報

The divergence between the actor’s public image and the role. It seems not to effectively work for this film because of the character creation. I see that the filmmakers tried to add some raw feelings into the story, but they forget that the reality is also in the positive aspects of life.

Too sorry for Niki Chow!

The protagonists in this film mostly have a short temper. I can’t stand the scene where Deborah monstrously insults everybody. She looks like a woman in menopause.

Deborah is generally bossy and grim, but too passive and naive for love. I don’t know how many people expected to see such Sammi. Everybody knows that she is rather independent and sportive in real.

Nevertheless, Deborah is not worse than Mindy who doesn’t have any positive aspects. Mindy is the perfect enemy and just a loser. I feel deeply sorry for Niki Chow. It’s like a negative campaigning against her!

On the other hand, Veg is too indecisive. Deborah and Mindy were eventually used by his convenience. Where is their pride?

Japanese version

馬偉豪《同居蜜友》2001 - 日版海報

There are no any relations between this film and South Park. It’s stupid to say, but Japanese fake title of "Fighting for Love" is actually Fighting Love. No one knows what it means, but something vehement.

It’s true that Japanese publishers hate the preposition. They also ignore the plural. For example, God of Gamblers turns into the cryptic words "God Gambler" in Japan because of their sheer hate against the preposition and the plural.

Japanese words are much closer to Chinese than English. Why they don’t use the Chinese characters? It’s because Japanese publishers know neither Chinese nor English nor Japanese. So, who are they?

Picture & sound quality of the DVD

Japanese version DVD is not the remastered version as usual. Japanese publishers never make such efforts. They don’t care what they sell, it makes some money, that’s all. So, the picture & sound quality is not great. This used DVD is fortunately not expensive. It’s relatively rare, but you still have a chance to pick a good one from the market.

Sammi starring films

I saw 5 her films released in Japan and 2 films are ready. I don’t know yet 百分百感覺 that is the first collaboration between Sammi and Joe Ma. The import stuff is the sole solution to see this film from Japan, so it must be expensive.

Date Title Album Remarks
29 May 1992 飛虎精英之人間有情 新長征路上的搖滾 The masterpiece. Sammi is very sexy in Rock costume with the long black hair. I like her 90s style the most. The theme song is by Cui Jian.
23 Jun 2000 孤男寡女 Ladies First The best romantic comedy ever.
21 Jun 2001 瘦身男女 Shocking Pink Another masterpiece. Starring Andy & Sammi directed by Johnnie To, their film became a classic.
15 Jan 2004 魔幻廚房 La La La Jerry Yan was honestly awkward, but a good film after all. The main interest is rather the reunion of Andy & Sammi.
14 Oct 2004 龍鳳鬥 Coffee or Tea Not watched yet. The theme song is originally prepared for Andy. Reference: 鄭秀文唱的 "如果你有事" 有收錄到任何一張專輯裡嗎?.
24 Dec 2008 大搜查之女 望 Hope Not watched yet. The sole Sammi starring film released in Blu-ray format in Japan, but in 2014. 6 years behind the initial release. It’s impossible.
04 Jul 2013 盲探 Love is Love I can’t stand certain grotesque scenes. The film is perfect, but the story is too dark to me.