Fascinating girls from Mainland, Taiwan and Japan.

This is rather a good college life comedy in Sci-Fi atmosphere than a porn though Gore aspect by the space aliens slightly gives a bad taste. I came across this sensual DVD cover in a local shop, then the cashier was a cute young girl. This is the memorable film that I won by overcoming the hardship.

Amazon 维基百科 百度百科 香港影庫 HKMDB
  • 導演/監製:錢文錡
  • 編劇:陳尚存
  • 動作設計:李達超
  • 攝影:羅斯
  • 配樂:張文輝
  • 領銜主演
    吳晴晴 … 未來
    俞昊翔 … 朗仔
    吉沢明步 … 千千
    加藤鷹 … Xucker 1
  • 主演
    梁焯滿 … 大哥成
    郭漢柱 … 蛋散
    張建聲 … 廢柴
    徐昌浩 … 星爺
    林宜芝 … 珍珍
    芝芝(夏敏芝)… 西西
    米亞 … 米亞
    晨曦 … Xucker 2
  • 友情演出
    羅家英 … 禿鷹
    喬寶寶 … 教授
  • 出品:名威影業
  • 日期:2011年10月06日
  • 片長:82分
  • 日本版
    Take Shobo 2012年11月02日 DVD
  • English title: The 33D Invader

Already a good comedy without the porn

The film is enjoyable even if it drops the porn. It includes the parody and the metafiction, sometimes the characters are mentioning to the plot. This is not quite a serious film, it’s always in a joking mood. I suppose that the film crew really enjoyed the shooting.

The director Man Kei-chin is also known as an assistant-director under Wong Jing‘s Workshop in several Andrew Lau films such as 香港奇案之強姦, 戀愛的天空 and 廟街故事. Obviously, he knows how to make an entertainment.

When a peach is ripe

錢文錡《蜜桃成熟時1997》Releasing this sort of film in Hong Kong 1997 is somewhat challenging.

The word 蜜桃成熟時 in the original Cantonese title means "When a peach is ripe". For the time being, there are four films having this article.

The originator is the German film Griechische Feigen in 1977. It was remaked in Hong Kong 1993 under the title 蜜桃成熟時 directed by Cheung Shiu-lun. Loletta Lee starred in the film and created a sensation. A Japanese publisher further released her nude photo book.

Man Kei-chin made three variants in 1997, 1999 and 2004. According to Baidu Baike, this film is the modified version of 蜜桃成熟時3之蜜桃仙子 in 1999.

Wikipedia is explaining that "The 33D Invader" was planned as a 3D film. So, the director invented the play on word "33D" from 3D and 33 inch bust (of the leading actress, perhaps). 33 inches equal to 83.82 cm. Anyway, the cup size is the most important. However, the film was finally released as a regular film. Only the title left.

I don’t know the all variants yet. I found the first Loletta Lee starring title in DVD and VHS on Amazon. Not surprisingly, the DVD gets the price over 50 USD. Japanese always put too much worth in the sexual stuff. It’s too expensive to me. I had to pick an ex-rental VHS that was 1/10 price of the DVD.

Chau Sing-sing

The film is featuring the college life comedy as well as the porn. Three "Hentai" boys are unforgettable. They are doing the parody of Avatar in the early story. The most remarkable character is Chau Sing-sing alias "Sing Je". Yes, he is exactly the imitation of Stephen Chow. I don’t know who got this idea, could be the director or the actor, but it’s genius. This film is rather made for him.

Sing Je is the nickname of Stephen Chow

This guy is the mess. Such as Stephen Chow in the 90s comedy, he often exaggerates emotions. He closes his eyes tight and shouts something stupid. He is simulating Stephen Chow’s silver hair, but is actually too fat. This awkwardness rather made me more laugh!

He is a typical nerd. He loves Amy Yip‘s 玉蒲團之偷情寶鑑 (Sex & Zen) which is a modern adaptation film of the Chinese 17th century erotic novel The Carnal Prayer Mat. A Chinese guy certainly blushes for that. I own only the DVD of the sequel 玉蒲團二之玉女心經 which is famous in Japan due to the starring of Shu Qi.

Special appearances

Unfortunately, we can’t see the comedy between the fake Stephen Chow and Law Kar-ying. The director should have done it. Gill Mohindepaul Singh is mainly working for the TV series. A Hong Kong model Monna Lam is making rather a guest appearance. She is together with the pornstars, but she plays no any sexual scenes. She became the girlfriend of Chau Sing-sing at last, it’s great for him!

Sexual aspect

Yoshizawa Akiho "Gloss Swordsman 2 – Female ninja sexual brainwashing" 2011

The erotic expression in this film is not understandably direct, but is on the brink of the regular film. It’s much harder than "Robotrix" in the same Level-3 Sci-Fi genre. Each actress has each porn scene, except Monna Lam who is fortunately the less interesting girl to me.

Ha Man-chi is the most beautiful among the actresses. She is actually the third heroine, has several weird porn scenes. She and Mia are Taiwanese. Mia could be a pseudonym, an unknown actress. Chen Xi is an actress apparently from Mainland China, but I could not find any details about her. There is a lesbien scene by Mia and Chen Xi.

Yoshizawa Akiho in Hong Kong

The most known actress in this film is obviously Yoshizawa Akiho from Japan. She is widely popular from the TV show in Japan today. She is revolutionary, I like her.

She plays the second heroine. She looks cute much more in this film than in a Japanese porn video. We really need the professional for shooting her. She has naturally the most bold porn scenes. Her appearance is a great incentive to see the film.

In the same year, Yoshizawa Akiho was starring two films named "Gloss Swordsman – Female ninja, the aphrodisiac assault" and "Gloss Swordsman 2 – Female ninja, the sexual brainwashing". I don’t get what these titles want to say. Apparently, she is playing the swordsman and will be assaulted by the female ninja who may be her rival. These films were based on the novel and released in cinema. DVD and Digital Movie are available from Amazon Japan.

Katō Taka is a Japanese former porn actor. He was known from his finger dexterity, alias "Gold finger". His characteristic is recognized especially in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. That’s why he radiates the gold thunder from his fingers to the body of Yoshizawa Akiho. It’s a sort of caricature.

Following the huge expansion of the Japanese porn market in the 90s, he acquired the popularity despite AV (Specific genre name for the Japanese porn video) is an underground culture, he finally became a regular show-business person. This is an infrequent success in Asia.

Wu Qing-qing and the DVD cover

錢文錡《蜜桃成熟時33D》2011 - 日版DVD

Wu Qing-qing from Mainland China plays the protagonist. She makes love with his boyfriend at the climax of the story. I purchased this DVD as soon as I saw her on the cover. However, I could not find this girl in the film. Wu Qing-qing was enough cute, but totally different in fact. The DVD cover, thus the poster is too photoshopped.

I really don’t understand why Japanese publisher stripped the bikini from Wu Qing-qing’s bust on the DVD cover. Stop ordering the graphic designer to the unnecessary tasks and lower the price of the DVD, please.

Incomprehensible Japanese title

The film title is modified as usual in Japan. It’s renamed as "Sex Parasyte 2046". This is a primitive parody inspired from the popular manga "Parasyte" and Wong Kar-wai’s film "2046" boosted by Japanese media due to the appearance of Kimura Takuya.

What the stupid alternative title. The story of "The 33D Invader" has no any influence from Parasyte. This publisher merely thought that Parasyte is more catchy than Invader. That’s all. It’s more bitchy than catchy. However, the protagonist of this story actually came from 2046 future, that’s true. A Japanese publisher saw the film before they sell? It’s a miracle. Thanks for the porn aspect.

Kazu Spara in 25 May 2017
Kazu Spara