Something weird.

However, Chin Ho plays a stylish villain. This film is nevertheless worth seeing. Actually, this is not an adaptation of the 70s Japanese manga "Wild 7". Michelle Yeoh is not the protagonist. Andy Hui disappears on the way. Several detestable scenes at the beginning. The questions against the attitude of the director.


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  • 導演:程小東
  • 編劇
  • 動作設計
  • 監製:楊國輝/禤嘉珍
  • 攝影:潘恆生/敖志君
  • 配樂
  • 主題曲:張學友祝福
  • 領銜主演
    楊紫瓊 … 方盈
    李寧 … 葉飛
  • 主演
    許志安 … 超人
    鄭則仕 … 乾媽
    郭晉安 … 鋼條
    熊欣欣 … 和尚
    劉德 … 馬龍
    徐濠縈 … 豆靚
    關山 … 主任
    黃錦江 … 嚴同
    秦豪 … 秦豪
    徐錦江 … 教練
    鄭祖 … 秦豪手下
  • 出品:中華娛樂電影製作
  • 日期:1994年04月01日
  • 片長:90分
  • 日本版
    ファントム・セブン 香港機動警察
    Warner Home Video 2005年10月07日 DVD
  • English title: Wonder Seven

Chin Ho and Michelle Yeoh

Chin Ho as a stylish villain named straightly "Chin Ho"!

The most impacting actor is surely Chin Ho who is always playing the villain. He is very stylish like an aristocracy in this film. He loves Michelle Yeoh, but his love never reaches. Then, he plays piano all alone in a dark room. He also plays drums just before the final battle.

The most dramatic part of this film is actually their love story. Rarely, he is not quite insane. He shows his generosity at last. He is my favourite actor since The Prince of Temple Street of my hero Andy Lau.

Michelle Yeoh

Before all, Michelle Yeoh is not the protagonist. Her character is weaker than the protagonist until she needs his help for fighting. Her position is settled into almost the princess. This film was totally different from my expectation. Instead, she appears in various costumes. Each styling of her hair and costume is brilliant.

She mostly makes use of guns and doesn’t show her marvellous Kung Fu enough. The worst, her character says "Gun is stronger than Kung Fu". It’s weird. It’s never be her word. For example, she shows that Kung Fu is stronger than gun in Yes, Madam!. Chin Siu-tong, what were he thinking?

Elvis Tsui and Hung Yan-yan

Elvis Tsui is funny as usual. We see some jokes for his bald head. Hung Yan-yan doesn’t show his Kung Fu at all. He is one of the action directors of this film, so it’s rather a guest appearance for an actor.

Special appearance

徐濠縈 - Ketchup徐濠縈 "Ketchup Magazine" Cite: 微博國際

Hilary Tsui married Eason Chan in 2006. She is in two music videos of Andy, 謝謝你的愛 and 一生一次. Wikipedia says that she is also in the music video of 非走不可 of Nicholas Tse, but there are no any actors except Nicholas.

Andy Hui is a very popular singer of Cantopop as you know well. His appearance could strongly appeal to the young audience. But, he dies on the way, despite his character name "Superman".

The theme song is not by him neither. 祝福 of Jacky Cheung is a masterpiece, but is not quite suited to the subject of this film. It’s weird.

Li Ning, the gymnast

I didn’t know the actor who played the protagonist. In fact, he was Li Ning who is the prestigious gymnast of Mainland China. He won three gold, two silver and one bronze medals on Gymnastics at the 1984 Summer Olympics. He established his own sportswear company. So, this film could be made for mainly Mainland audience.

Wild 7

"Wild 7" Hong Kong edition

This film can be an adaptation of the 70s Japanese manga "Wild 7" which is imported to Hong Kong. However, the characters and the story don’t have relation to the original. Just seven heroes riding on motorcycle appear and the name of the protagonist coincides.

Perhaps, they took advantage of popularity of Wild 7, but had to avoid the copyright issue. English title of this film is "Wonder Seven", it’s a cheap parody. Furthermore, we hear an imitation of the theme music of Superman on their production logo. This film seems enough weird, despite the first-class staff and casts.

The film was exciting after all. However, there are certain fatal indiscretions. I have an impression that the director, Chin Siu-tong is sadistic. I often see the cruel scenes against the woman and the weak existence in his directed film.

Lack of respect for life


This film lacks the respect for life. I hate the beginning. The seven heroes fight in the farm. They kick away the innocent pigs, chickens and geese by the motorcycle. We don’t find the injury of animal from the screen, but behind the scenes? I never accept such brutality. Then, they throw the eggs and the fruits against a friend for joking with stupid smiles. Degenerated. An egg is a life, I hate playing with it.

Inflation of the risk of actors

And I don’t agree with the way demonstrating the thrill from "Height stunts". It doesn’t require any acting skills. More height for more thrill. It’s stupidly inflating. For example, we can see an extreme height stunts, 700m from ground in China Strike Force. Nevertheless, it did not gather as much attention as the risk.

In fact, Michelle Yeoh injured for a lifetime on her back because of a jump stunt in Ah Kam, action directed by Chin Siu-tong. The stunt is an important element for an action film, but Hong Kong cinema is not depend on the easy thrill. Don’t need the eccentricity.