Invitation to Hong Kong cinema.

A classic also popular in Anglosphere due to the appearance of Maggie Q and Daniel Wu. Anya is my very favourite. The protagonists are American and the original language is English. It can appeal to Hollywood only fans and show what Hong Kong style action is.


Amazon 维基百科 百度百科 香港影庫 HKMDB
  • 導演:程小東
  • 編劇/監製:王晶
  • 動作設計:程小東/劉志豪
  • 攝影:蔡崇輝
  • 配樂:陳光榮/陳嘉業
  • 領銜主演
    Maggie Q … Charlene Ching
    安雅 … Katherine
    吳彥祖 … Jack Chen
  • 主演
    李菲 as 李幸芷 … Jing
    鄭佩佩 … Faye
    黃佩霞 … Madame M
    連凱 … 龍一
  • 特別客串
    盧淑儀 … Comrade of Jing
  • 發行:寰亞電影
  • 出品:晶藝電影事業
  • 日期:2002年11月14日
  • 片長:92分
  • 日本版
    Taki Corporation 2005年04月08日 DVD
  • English title: Naked Weapon

The power of Wire Fu

Apparently aiming at Anglosphere market, the three protagonists are American. The original language is English. The film features two sexy actresses, Maggie Q and Anya. They play the assassin. The boyfriend of the heroine is a handsome guy, thus Daniel Wu. The impression that this is very Hollywood.

程小東Ching Siu-tung – Cite: JungleKey.cn

The definitive element that distinguishes this film from the ordinary Hollywood movies, is obviously Kung Fu. The fighting scene is acrobatic and speedy. I admire Maggie Q and Anya for their courage. This film was tough for these actresses who are far from the fighting. There would not be the compromise from the staff. The heroine, Maggie Q has much more the fighting part than the drama part. There is not so many male actors who can replace her role.

The director and the action director is Ching Siu-tung who you know well. He made high-quality martial arts scenes without any martial arts actors. So, the director fully makes use of Wire Fu. It’s like magic. We can look the true Kung Fu throughout the film. The final battle, Maggie Q against Andrew Lien is especially exciting.

The enemy

The enemy is Yakuza played by Andrew Lien. I remember, Chin Ho played a traumatic Yakuza in The Last Blood. Taiwanese actors accept playing the role of Japanese, I really appreciate it. And it’s a shame that Japan lacks the international actors since 90s.

Anya and the heroines

安雅Anya – Cite: 安雅变身性感天使 – 新浪網

I absolutely prefer Anya. I chose this film for her. She is in fact the second heroine, finally settled into the support role of Maggie Q. Personally, if Anya was the principal heroine, the film could have been more exciting. The problem is that the basic scheme of the story is dark and it includes certain cruel scenes.

Anya is always in distress. She was captured by the enemy and became the goal to finish the story. The director prepared the less fighting scenes for her. There are not enough sexy scenes neither. The third heroine, Jewel Lee is much more featured for Kung Fu.

The principal heroine is Maggie Q. She is a tough actress. She made the fantastic fighting scenes, challenged without fear of injuries. Not every actress can do it. Just forget about the notorious The King of Fighters.

Anyway, the story is much better than non-brain Japanese fighting manga, entirely enjoyable for anybody who loves Kung Fu and the strong and sexy women. If you are a fan of Maggie Q, this film can be a masterpiece. There are some comical scenes with Danuel Wu.

Anya films that I have in DVD

Her starring films are not enough released in Japan. I saw just these five films that are available in DVD from Japan.

Year Title Comment
2000 BadBoy 特攻 Her cinema debut title. Short appearance as a DJ because she was DJ in real.
2000 勝者為王 A bad film. She plays a sad Japanese wife, a minor role.
2001 2002 She is an enemy. A monster of the flame.
2001 知法犯法 She appears as the betrothed of Daniel Wu. A minor role.
2002 殭屍大時代 The heroine, but she doesn’t appear on the screen enough.

Wong Jing film quality is guaranteed

海報《絕色武器》Cite: 絕色武器軍官如何劇照 – 網易娛樂

Wong Jing wrote the script and produced this film. I think that he had wanted to make a standard Hollywood film for once. The story is a sort of cliched American comic. The plot is simple and classic, but lively. A perfect storyline for activating the heroine.

It proves that the true cineast can make a good film without the eccentricity. I love Wong Jing works. His film quality is always guaranteed.

10 years after, Wong Jing wrote and produced a variant of this film, Naked Soldier in 2012. Starring Jennifer Tse who is the little sister of Nicholas Tse. The film has the originality with the unique development of the plot, and the strong colour of Hong Kong into the cyber atmosphere.

Wong Jing and Hollywood

Actually, Wong Jing is familiar with Hollywood scene. He made a parody of "Sex and the City" such as Sex and the Beauties in 2004.

Intentional stupidity for making it more Hollywoodian

There are two stupid scenes perhaps added intentionally for making the film more Hollywoodian. The mother of Maggi Q, Cheng Pei-pei was assaulted by the assassin and stabbed with a knife. Daniel Wu gives a piggyback to the woman in critical condition, and rushes to the hospital together with Maggie Q.

However, Daniel Wu stops just in front of the hospital. Then, Maggie Q delightfully have a chat with him while her mother is going to die. Finally, Daniel Wu gives his business card to Maggie Q. They don’t care a heavy wounded old woman because they are young, living for today! It’s very Hollywood.

《赤裸特工》Maggie Q 和吳彥祖
Charlene with Jack on the beach while her best friend had been tortured!

As the prologue of the final battle, Maggie Q and Anya were trapped by the enemy. Maggie Q received the dart of aphrodisiac on her back. I don’t know why the enemy did such thing. Anya saved the life of Maggie Q, but was fallen into the hands of evil. Then, the enemy tells Maggie Q to come to free her best friend tomorrow.

Maggie Q was dominated by libido. So, she tries to make love with Daniel Wu. He refused to take advantage from this unfair occasion. Nevertheless, they finally made love. Maggie Q spend the night in making love on the beach while her best friend had been tortured! It’s very Hollywood again.

Kazu Spara in 25 May 2017
Kazu Spara