Lost and Found.

In the closing credit, while listening to the theme song 愛後餘生, I got a deep satisfaction such as when I saw a true good film. A classic of Eric Tsang along with "Final Victory" at the same time, an early masterpiece of Nicholas Tse.


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  • 導演/編劇:葉錦鴻
  • 動作設計:元彬
  • 監製
  • 攝影:鮑德熹
  • 配樂:劉祖德/趙增熹
  • 歌曲
  • 領銜主演
    曾志偉 … 下山豹
    謝霆鋒 … 煙仔
  • 主演
    舒淇 … 阿南
    陳慧琳 … 女警察
    吳君如 … 三妹姐
    黃秋生 … 吹水基
    馮德倫 … 下山豹(七十年代)
    李燦森 … 九紋龍(七十年代)
    金燕玲 … 煙仔母
    谷祖琳 … Dee Dee
    尹揚明 … 華哥
    陳佩華 … 歌廳歌女(七十年代)
  • 友情演出
    尹子維 … 大濟
    谷德昭 … 白毛虎(七十年代)
    董瑋 … 鬼見仇(七十年代)
    張達明 … 十二少(七十年代)
    陳惠敏 … 九紋龍
    何華超 … 喪狗華(七十年代)
  • 出品人:鍾再思/陳自強
  • 出品公司:電影人製作寰亞電影
  • 日期:1999年11月05日
  • 片長:101分
  • 日本版
    ArtPort 2001年11月22日 DVD
  • Portuguese title: Metade Fumaça

A day doesn’t fade like smoke

《半支煙》下山豹與煙仔Cite: Mtime 時光網

This is a genuine masterpiece along with Final Victory by Eric Tsang. His starring films have a strong colour of Hong Kong and feature the impressive songs.

The main story is about a guy who caught by Alzheimer’s disease. Another story is about a 古惑仔 who doesn’t know the face of his father. Both are pursuing their ambiguous memories.

The film is always in happy and comical atomosphere despite the theme is quite serious. And the einding shows hope. That’s why I love this film. This film never made me tired from the sadness. I could rather shed tears for the happiness.

Toward to the 21st century

The theme of this film is clear. The lost memories never comes back, but people can make the new good memories. 下山豹 and 煙仔, they could not retain their memories, but they gained the reliance each other. They can accumulate the beautiful moment day by day.

Thus, the good old days never comes back to Hong Kong, but people are walking again toward to the good future. This film is positively indicating the actuality and the 21st century of Hong Kong.

We don’t need a heavy luggage for running to the future. This philosophy is also seen in 太極張三豐. This is a fundamental thought came from our daily life.

Half smoked


On the climax of the story, we hear the song 沒有煙抽的日子. The lyrics are about June Fourth Incident by 王丹. The genius 張雨生 made it a song. In this film, the singer is a composer 劉祖德. The song is arranged by bluesy guitars, made it slow tempo. It’s very mellow.

The song says "There isn’t a day like pumping smoke". This is meaningful. In this film, the director is illustrating a day as a cigarette, the time could fade like smoke, but the memories remain.

So, Portuguese title of this film is "Half smoked". 下山豹, he is always staying in half a day where he met with the fatal woman.

Brazilian soundtrack

The soundtrack is remarkably special among Hong Kong films. It’s Brazilian. We hear an uptempo danceable music behind the heartrending or tense scenes. It’s an eccentric attempt which gives a fresh feeling.

This sort of soundtrack didn’t exist ever in Hong Kong cinema as I know. It shown more artistic possibilities in forthcoming films.

Rest of life after love

謝霆鋒《Most Wanted》1999
謝霆鋒《Most Wanted》1999

My heroic rock musician and actor, Nicholas Tse was just 19 years old in this film. The scene of Temple Street where he laughs and cries with his mother over the memories of his father, is unforgettable.

We always confirm his brilliant acting talent. In the closing credit, we reconfirm his distinguished music talent by the theme song.

The theme song is 愛後餘生. The title roughly means "Rest of life after love" which could mention to the life of 下山豹.

This is one of the popular songs in his early time. It’s included in Most Wanted as a new recording song for the first time. It’s often selected in 精選 (Greatest Hits) such as or 20, Best Selection by Nicholas Tse.

In 1999, he released two albums such as Believe in Cantonese and 謝謝你的愛 1999 in Mandarin. I listened to his song in "Believe" for the first time. A memorial CD that I discovered in Nantong. I don’t have "謝謝你的愛 1999" yet, I always need it with a sane price.

Sandra Ng and Kelly Chen


The role of Sandra Ng is obviously influenced from 古惑仔情義篇之洪興十三妹 in 1998. She is a dreadful queen, but has the charming and generous side. Nicholas Tse debuted to cinema in 新古惑仔之少年激鬥篇. 古惑仔 is their common subject.

Kelly Chen starred in Lavender of the director in the following year. Her appearance is maybe a sort of preview. "Lavender" seems popular in English speakers, it’s available on Amazon Prime. I have Japanese edition DVD with the outer box, but don’t see it yet.

New generation


In June of the same year, Nicholas Tse starred in Gen-X Cops with Stephen Fung, Sam Lee, Terence Yin and Eric Tsang. So, all of them are reunited in this film.

Sam Lee plays young Chan Wai-man, this is the smart adaptation. Both actors are sharp and slim like a blade. They are co-starring in A True Mob Story.

Shu Qi and Stephen Fung

On the other hand, Stephen Fung plays young Eric Tsang. This is impacting. It reminds me that Ekin Cheng played young Sammo Hung in The Avenging Fist in which Stephen Fung starring too.

Shu Qi is starring in Love Is Not a Game, But a Joke which the first film of the director. She married Stephen Fung in September 2016. It’s interesting that they are in a same film. Their another co-starring film is 玻璃樽.

In the following year, Shu Qi, Sam Lee and Terence Yin are together in Skyline Cruisers. Terence Yin always plays a villain, but he is my very favourite actor. We must have a film starring by him as an absolute hero.