One Inch Closer

Lone Wolf.

Nicholas Tse is maverick. Aggressive Rock doesn’t exist except him in Cantonese. His sound seemed to achieve a goal in this album along with 釋放 in Mandarin. Then, he took a break in his music activity. At the same time, Cantopop reached a turning point.

謝霆鋒《One Inch Closer》2005

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  • Awards
  • Release
    Original: 05 Jully, 2005 英皇娛樂
    Reissue: 06 Nobember, 2013 英皇娛樂


The title translation is by me. It’s not official at all.

No. Title Translation My impression
01 Wolf My absolute favourite. Pure Hard Rock.
02 塞車 Traffic Jam Beautiful Ballad. 25 most welcomed Chinese songs 2005 award.
03 糾纏 Entanglement California style Pop punk.
04 怕黑 Fear of the dark Cosmic Downtempo. A sort of sluggish sound.
05 蘇三想說 Sousam wants to say My top favourite song of this album. Mellow mood Electronica.
06 多得你少 I have more than you Emotional. A moving Ballad. I admire his expression.
07 Hawk Frank Folk rock.
08 蔓延 Rampancy A chic Ballad. The melody is feeling like icy and beautiful.
09 不幸的人 Unfortunate person My very favourite. Piano introduction is already impressive. Sensitive Ballad with beautiful melody.
10 同門 Fellow pupil Waltz like nursery rhyme.
11 狼(國語) Wolf (Mandarin) Mandarin sonorous is strong too!

The exceptional


In Hong Kong, "Rock " in term of aggressive and speeding doesn’t exist except Nicholas Tse. He is the exceptional.

He is not only a singer, but also a composer, lyricist and producer. The album reflects his depth of emotion and philosophy. Each album has each colour.

For example, VIVA is mostly Hard Rock with Big beat. 玉蝴蝶 is Gothic, but his message is not always about the aesthetic love because he is not a Pop singer.

In 2005, he released two original albums. Another is 釋放 in Mandarin. The title means "Release". Every songs in both albums represent Nicholas Tse himself. The positive universe and the relaxed atmosphere embody his inside. No flabs, the sound is solid and strong. His music style was matured and concretely established in these albums.


He doesn’t overproduce the album. He had been releasing basically two albums in a year, Cantonese and Mandarin. It’s already enough, but this is still healthy release cycle in Hong Kong music scene.

As an exception, he released two Cantonese albums and one Mandarin album in 2000. He had been the most intensely making the live performance from 2000 to 2002.

Break down

The year 2005 was a turning point of Cantopop. The mass production was refused since there. Nicholas Tse took a break in his music activity. Jacky Cheung and Sammi Cheng were temporarily unable to sing due to the illness.

Definite difference

謝霆鋒《One Inch Closer》2005 - Package
Nicholas Tse "One Inch Closer" 2005 – Package

Cantopop was the mass production like J-pop or K-pop. Generally, the singers had been producing three or four albums in a year from about 1990 to 2005. In my measure, one good album can be made from five albums. So, the regularly released compilation such as 精選 (Greatest hits) is rather their genuine album.

It would be a marketing direction of the production. The artist could not have enough choice. Numerous composers, lyricists and arrangers are participating, but the songs have the obvious similarity because of the lack of time to improve a song. As the specific of Cantopop, their albums reluctantly include plural cover songs to fill up the volume.

Nicholas Tse is different from them. His album is the work. It’s not made for the consumption of certain term as a product. His sounds never be expired.

Distinguished in 2005

Bullet for My Valentine - The Poison (2005)
BFMV "The Poison" 2005

In the year 2005. My favourite Indica was released their 2nd album Tuuliset tienoot from Finland. Trivium was released their 2nd album Ascendancy from US. These are true masterpieces.

The most strong impact in this year, was the debut of Bullet for my Valentine from UK. They released The Poison which caused the top sensation in the whole world.

Meanwhile, Paramore was debuted with All We Know is Falling in US. Hayley Williams soon became the icon. In the two years following, my favourite Ariel Bloomer appeared and became a new icon of Punkish girl after Brody Dalle.

In Sweden, Children of Bodom was released Are You Dead Yet? and the band was actually dead in that time. In Asia, Jay Chou was released a remarkable album 11月的蕭邦 from Taiwan. In comparing with them, Nicholas Tse still holds his strong originality because he is rare genuine Rock musician in Asia.

Song data

No. Title Composer Lyricist Arranger
01 Eric Kwok 李峻一 Eric Kwok
02 塞車 周國賢 黃偉文 周國賢
03 糾纏 周國賢 周國賢 周國賢
04 怕黑 張佳添@宇宙大爆炸 林夕 王雙駿
05 蘇三想說 俞亮 周耀輝 王雙駿
06 多得你少 謝霆鋒 林夕 Eric Kwok
07 謝霆鋒 甄健強 John Laudon / Joseph Ip
08 蔓延 Nordine Naoum / Jean Luc De Watchere / Mario Barravecchia 周耀輝 候光武
09 不幸的人 Eric Kwok 黃偉文 Eric Kwok
10 同門 謝霆鋒 / 孫偉明 林夕 王雙駿
11 狼(國語) Eric Kwok 林夕 Eric Kwok