As long as love makes life.

This film of the year 1996 is probably looking over the transfer of sovereignty. The director believes in the people would never lose hope. The despair is still raging. However, there is always the people standing strong.

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Kelly Chen


This is the representative film starred by Kelly Chen in the 90s. She is in mini skirt throughout the film. Fantastic.

The film released in October 1996. It all the more made me speculating about Transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong. However, this is a pretty positive story.

The subject is to find again the lost hope into people. The story is mentioning also to the regionalism.

The title means "The edge of the world" as Ted says in the film. It geographically indicates St Kilda. This phrase surely has another meaning in the context of the story. Aerial shooting of the last scene is solemn.

Home country

The protagonist "Lam" can be the personification of Hong Kong. Her longevity was approaching the end. She longed for Scotland, a part of United Kingdom, and reached the place called "The edge of the world".

Then, she realized that her life doesn’t finished yet. She remembered her birthplace. She found her lost hope into Worm. Finally, she gave birth to his child in Hong Kong.

In my opinion, it suggests that Hong Kongers can find hope into themselves and hold their own life with love for their country. One era ends, but the hope never loses as long as love makes life.

Wind, Flower, Snow

陳慧琳《Best of Kelly Chen》1998
陳慧琳《Best of Kelly Chen》1998

Kelly Chen sings the theme song 風花雪 which is the famous single from the same name album. I have "Best of Kelly Chen" including 風花雪 in Japanese language.

This compilation was exclusively released in Japan and had premium pricing. Later, re-issued in Hong Kong like 20, Best Selections by Nicholas Tse. So, it’s always available today.

Mark Lui is the main composer of Kelly Chen. He composed also the sound tracks of this film. In the following year, he formed a duo "Dry" with Stephen Fung.

Kaneshiro Takeshi


I love the scene where Worm and Lam are together in a car for waiting the rose flowering. Worm can’t stand the tension and tries to visit the rose garden alone for temporarily escaping from a car, but Lam warns him that he already did it before 15 minutes.

Worm is extremely clumsy! I strongly sympathize with him. Kaneshiro Takeshi is always magnificent. Two years later, he and Kelly Chen reunited in Anna Magdalena.

The metaphor of Hong Konger

At the beginning, he acts like a comic-relief. But, he has the tenderness behind his ignorant smile. The all his assistants are handicapped.

First, Lam had defined that Worm is a lonely guy. It was not true. He simply loves people, but he is very shy. He is not skilful to express himself. Only thing he can do is doing his best for someone. Lam knows his true heart and discovers her hope into him. Worm is probably the metaphor of Hong Konger.

I think that Worm is a quite natural role for Kaneshiro Takeshi. We can feel his big heart through the screen. It’s not the acting. It surely comes from his own personality. Listening to his song, I’m always convinced it.

Where to find Penglai

Kaneshiro Takeshi and Kelly Chen sing together 何處覓蓬萊.The song title means "Where to find Penglai". This is the song of Samuel Hui in 1978. A meaningful song in this film. Penglai is in your heart.

Kaneshiro Takeshi released his 6th album 多苦都願意 in the same year. The album title means "How hard it is, still I do". I didn’t have this album yet, I just purchased it from Amazon. A used CD with a nice price.

Michael Wong


Actually, Michael Wong is not a Celt. His father is Chinese and her mother is Caucasian American mixed with French and Dutch.

Ted was swayed by the caprice of Lam. Consequently, he was just used. Nevertheless, he was always taking care of Lam.

First of all, Lam seduced Ted. Then, she received his address and visited St Kilda to meet him. However, she refused everything.

I can’t understand at all for what she took the 12 hours flight to Scotland while she is dying by Leukemia.

She noticed her attachment to the birthplace and Worm in front of the edge of the world. However, if Worm did not come to show his earnest to her, the consequence was totally different.

So, Lam is always entrusting her fate to someone throughout the story. That’s the point that I don’t agree. But, this is my favourite film thanks to the generosity of Ted after all.

Josie Ho

何超儀《自戀狂》何超儀 – Cite: 自戀狂 – Apple Daily Deluxe

Josie Ho, I’m always impressed from her beauty. She and Michael Wong are sometimes together in a film. When I saw House of Fury, I was really surprised. She was a Ninja. Furthermore, Michael Wong was the villain with bald head!

Josie Ho is popular also as a singer. It’s interesting that her song 有事 is composed by Sheryl Crow.

I saw her in Purple Storm for the first time. I think that I could see this difficult film until the end thanks to her appearance. Anyway, I like Daniel Wu and I love Kung Fu Jungle directed by Teddy Chan.

She is also participating in Anna Magdalena. So, Kelly Chen, Kaneshiro Takeshi and Josie Ho are reunited in this film.

Special appearances

《天涯海角》左口蟲・齊琳・朱仔Cite: 回報伯樂李志毅 – 太陽報

This film has a serious subject, but the director never be pedantic. There are certain comical scenes and moving events. This film never made me tired.

Jordan Chan, anyone knows him. He is also great as an actor. He plays a guy who is in a difficult situation. He is mentally and economically cornered, he is totally confusing.

He was rather funny because I know his Action or Noir films. In the following year, he starred in Downtown Torpedoes with co-starring of Kaneshiro Takeshi . This film is a masterpiece too.

One of the presenter of this film is Eric Tsang. I think that he realized the gust appearance of the popular TV stars such as Moses Chan and Maria Cordero.

Japanese DVD


This Japanese edition is good because this film was released in cinema. The subtitles include certain fatal mistakes, for example the word Leukemia was translated first to "Lukemia" properly, but second to "Cancer".

Lukemia is a sort of Cancer, but the translator once specified the illness, he must continue using this word. Apparently, he mechanically translated the words regardless of the context. It’s very Japanese.

Anyway, the subtitles are often headless like an "Online Translator", but mostly coherent. The screen is properly adjusted to 16:9 and it seems no cut scenes.

In Japan, most of Hong Kong films that I have were released only in DVD. In this case, the product quality is as same as the pirate version. The minor distributors and publishers are completely rotten.

This DVD is still available with reasonable price on Amazon. Attention, Japanese DVD has only Japanese subtitles, never be with English subtitles.