Sex and the Beauties.

Talking about the sex life at New Year festival. This is challenging. I don’t know how many families saw this film. However, there are almost no sexual contents. Instead, absurd jokes and surprisingly romantic love stories.

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  • 導演/編劇/監製:王晶
  • 攝影:馮遠文
  • 配樂:溫浩傑
  • 領銜主演一
    劉嘉玲 … Selina(汪楚翘)
    張栢芝 … Yuki Cheung
    朱茵 … Philadelphia(關德嫻)
    蒙嘉慧 … 倪險
  • 領銜主演二
    陸毅 … 大膽
    許志安 … 許勁
  • 特別演出
    陳冠希 … Stone
    梁家輝 … 任初九
  • 主演
    張文慈 … Mark 姐
    許紹雄 … 石大班
    王天林 … 鏡叔
    姜皓文 … 喪榮
    李健仁 … 阿蟲
  • 友情客串
    鍾鎮濤 … Ken Cheung(Yuki之父)
    鄭佩佩 … Monna(Selina之母)
    鄧健泓 … 酒保
  • 出品
    M8 Entertainment Limited
  • 日期:2004年02月26日
  • 片長:101分
  • 日本版
    性感都市 セックス&ビューティーズ
    @ Entertainment 2006年08月04日 DVD
  • English title: Sex and the Beauties

New Year 2004

Wong Jing

The film was made for New Year festival in 2004. This sort of film is called 賀歲片. It’s strongly relying on the festival mood. The actors must be gorgeous, at the same time the story must be happy. In that sense, this is a successful film.

The director Wong Jing would have intended to make an Asian version of Sex and the city. So, the film is mainly for the middle-age. The theme is "Sex life" of the modern women.

First of all, this is quite not a suitable subject for New Year of the family. What were he thinking? This is a pure comedy that enjoys with this "Gap" in mind.

There are almost neither introspection nor sexuality. I could find nothing that I would expect from the beauties. However, this romantic comedy surely made me happy. Just don’t take this film seriously.

The practical protagonist is Selina by Carina Lau who was 39 years old as same age as Sarah Jessica Parker. But, the writer is Philadelphia by Athena Chu. Mixing these two characters, it becomes roughly Carrie Bradshaw. But, the characteristic of these two characters is independent, far from the original. For the other characters, these are completely original.

Homage to Sex and the City

Nothing. It’s completely regardless of the original. I never saw a primitive girl or a rhinitis guy in Sex and City. Lee Kin Yan was the true hero. The year 2004 was starting from his gigantic runny nose.

Lee Kin Yan as Waiter Chung
Hui Shiu-hung as Taipan Shek

Contrary to the subject, I got an impression that the film intensely focused to the emotion of the male characters. The great reversal of Hui Shiu-hung can give the power to the guys over age 50. I hope that an earnest fan of Sex and the City won’t see this film.

Four episodes of love

蒙嘉慧Yoyo Mung – Cite: 視覺網

The film is consisted of the four episodes of love. The main plot develops between Carina Lau and Cecilia Cheung, but the episodes don’t rely each other. The actresses are not often together.

Yoyo Mung and Lu Yi

The most beautiful women is obviously Yoyo Mung. She is the less featured, that’s the fatal mistake of this film. If she had taken the place of Carina Lau, the film could have been much fresh.

She is famous as the leading actress of the numerous TV series. I saw her in Running out of Time for the first time. Her husband is Ekin Cheng. The gorgeous couple.

Her episode was the best. Especially, Lu Yi was good. He is from Shanghai. He had been acting in the theatre. He started working on TV and cinema since 1994. I saw him in Seven Swords as one of the swordsmen.

He is the hero in Beauty on Duty of Wong Jing director in 2009. I don’t see it yet. It’s a shame that this film was not released in Japan. This is interesting because I’m a fan of 阿Sa. Sandra Ng is also my favourite.

Cecilia Cheung and Andy Hui

Andy Hui made this episode dramatic. Cecilia Cheung was so powerful at the beginning, but her role settled into a simple princess. It’s regrettable. I like her because she can do the hearty comedy despite her perfect looks.

Kenny Bee appears as the snob father of Cecilia Cheung. It was a rare role for him, he is actually strong for the comedy. Anyhow, Wong Jing director is talented also to the romance. I didn’t know.

Calina Lau andLeung Ka-fai

It’s a standard couple. Leung Ka-fai makes the parody of Men Suddenly in Black. I like his comedy. Carina Lau is the storyteller. Cheng Pei-pei appears as her mother. She was 58 years old, but forever charming.

Athena Chu and Hui Shiu-hun

《性感都市》Philadelphia and YukiCite: 美女鬥法 柏芝驚暴醜女像

This is crazy. The best comedy part of this film. No one can suppose that Edison Chen was the son of Hui Shiu-hung. Then, Hui Shiu-hung gets marry Athena Chu. I have never seen such a wonderful ending.

I had been expecting the collaboration of Athena Chu and Cecilia Cheung. However, there were a few short scenes where they are together. They don’t have the conversations.

Honestly, the hair and makeup of Athena Chu were rustic. She is generally more cute. I would recommend seeing her in a Chu Yen-ping film.

New Year films in 2004

《Silver Hawk》海報

Other films of New Year 2004 that I saw are Fantasia, Magic Kitchen, Silver Hawk and Black Rose Academy. I like Silver Hawk the most. There are only the great films with the name of Jingle Ma.

I don’t like Fantasia. Probably, the worst film ever to me. The comedy as a whole is mediocre though there were certain nice parodies.

Japanese edition DVD

I don’t recommend it. It’s strange. The aspect ratio is 4:3, both sides are brutally cut. It’s 16:9 only while the opening credit. The subtitles are often wrong. DVD quality is totally bad. Don’t trust this distributor. They published also Dance of a Dream, the subtitles and cover were awful. Japanese distributor is always unreliable.