Profondo Rosso in Taoism.

This is basically a conventional haunted house story, but covered by the famous Italian film parodies. Certain ideas are directly borrowed from Profondo Rosso. The hybrid of Oriental and Occidental.

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  • 導演:于仁泰
  • 編劇
  • 動作設計:梁小龍
  • 監製:谷薇麗
  • 攝影:潘恆生
  • 配樂:袁卓凡
  • 領銜主演
    董驃 … 張驃
    狄波拉 … 秀蘭
    李麗珍 … 阿珍
    何啓南 … 大個
    梁小龍 … 佛跳牆
    文雋 … 道士
  • 特別介紹:陳卓欣 … 欣欣
  • 主演
    韓坤 … 妖怪
    陳月茹 … 妖怪老婆
    伊凡威 … 総経理
    陳泉 … 梁(張驃同事)
  • 出品:德寶電影
  • 日期:1988年03月30日
  • 片長:82分
  • 日本版
    販売:松竹 1989年04月26日 VHS
  • English title: Bless This House

Hybrid Moments

Ronny Yu

Ronny Yu is a famous director along with Tsui Hark or Alex Cheung from the movement called Hong Kong New Wave. In the west, he is well-known from his Fearless.

Especially, he is called as "King of the ghost" in Hong Kong. He made several masterpieces of the ghost story such as a great adaptation of the novel, The Bride with White Hair.

The title of this film is mysterious. Buddha Jumps Over the Wall of the ghost. I think that’s suggest the mixture of the essences.

The basis is properly Chinese ghost story with their original crazy comedy. But, we can easily discover the certain ideas borrowed from the world widely famous Italian films. In result, the film became a hybrid of Oriental and Occidental.

I’m assuming that Ronny Yu loves these films. He just wanted to cover some famous scenes by himself. It’s like a cover song. It’s like a mind of Jesús Franco.

So, this is basically a conventional haunted house story, but it’s covered by the occidental horror film parodies. That makes this film distinguished.

The script is simple, but achieved. The principal casts are familiar faces, angelic Loretta Lee, Bill Tung and Bruce Leung. I’m sure that you can enjoy this film. This is a classic.

Profondo Rosso & L’aldilà

Profondo Rosso - Il graffito
Origin: Profondo Rosso
Graffiti behind the wallpaper

A macabre graffiti behind the wallpaper of room. The blood shower from the wall. These ideas are directly copied from Profondo Rosso of Dario Argento which is a nightmare, my trauma. Fortunately, this film is a Comedy Horror. It’s rather comical than horrifying.

Emily (Cinzia Monreale) in L'aldilà
Cinzia Monreale in L’aldià
Bruce Leung

A blind vagabond comes and warns the creeping danger to the protagonist. This scheme is obviously copied from …E tu vivrai nel terrore! L’aldilà of Il Maestro. The prophet is Emily by Cinzia Monreale in L’aldilà. In this film, this is Bruce Leung! What a surprise. He is simultaneously working as the action director.

He is a Taoist who has one eye blind. His name is "Buddha Jumps Over the Wall", so he was apparently the hero of this film. At last, he won a kiss from Loletta Lee!

The most insane parody ever

I like The Cosby Show. I’m always for Bill Cosby. At the beginning of this film, there is a parody of The Cosby Show Season 2, Episode 19: Full House. A famous scene of Sponji Reggae.

Sponji Reggae - Clayton Prince
The original shout is "Hey, Mom"
They shout "Apeman".

Bill Cosby and Bill Tung, both of them are Bill. I suppose that’s a reason to make this parody. Stephen Ho is seriously imitating the gestures of Clayton Prince. In the original, they shout "Hey, Mom" in adlibs. In this film, they shout "Apeman" with full of smile. I really don’t think that they know what they are doing. How we can Interpret it!?

The director Ronny Yu graduated from University of Southern California. He knows American culture. The Cosby Show was not broadcasted in Hong Kong. I think that he personally likes the series through VHS or VCD.