L’onorevole con l’amante sotto il letto

Honorable comedies.

Unforgettable Sgarbozzi brother and sister by Teo Teocoli. Gathering of the best comedians. This is rather comedy of Banfi than sexy of Janet. Unstoppable dialogue and delirium throughout the story.

L'onorevole con l'amante sotto il letto

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  • Regia: Mariano Laurenti
  • Soggetto
    Luciano Martino
    Francesco Milizia
  • Fotografia: Federico Zanni
  • Musica: Gianni Ferrio
  • Produttore: Camillo Teti
  • Interpreti
    Lino Banfi … Onorevole Armando Battistoni
    Janet Ågren … Professoressa Anna Vinci
    Alvaro Vitali … Teo Mezzabotta
    Leo Gullotta … Onorevole Sgarbozzi / Sorella di Sgarbozzi
    Teo Teocoli … Ferroviere
    Marisa Merlini … Virginia Battistoni
    Gigi Reder … Il Monsignore
    Lory Del Santo … Cameriera casa Battistoni
    Clarita Gatto … Donna in albergo
    Giacomo Furia … Cardinale Efisio
    Galliano Sbarra … Uomo sul treno
  • Anno / Durata: 1981 / 92 minuti
  • Produzione: Fedelfilm
  • Titlo
    La version française: La prof d’éducation sexuelle
    Translation: The honorable with his lover under the bed

Il nome indimenticabile strano, Sgarbozzi

Leo GullottaCite: Autoservizi Imperato – Our Guests

The special guest of this film is Leo Gullotta. The most dangerous personage in this film is "Sgarbozzi". The name is already strange. There are two Sgarbozzi. A man and a woman, Honorable Sgarbozzi and his sister, both of them are played by him. How you can imagine such situation in a film.

Leo Gullotta is a grand actor. He won the honor of "Best Supporting Actor" for the three times on David di Donatello, and the two times on Nastro d’argento.

David di Donatello per il miglior attore non protagonista
Nastro d’argento al migliore attore non protagonista

I saw him for the first time in this film. In fact, he was distinguished. He impacted me the most pushing aside other strong actors, even the actresses. I didn’t know his career. After watching the DVD, I searched about him on the Internet. No matter who looked, he is marvellous.

Janet Ågren, la regina

Janet Ågren - Snob 70sCite: Le ospiti di Plutonia: Janet Agren – Plutonia Experiment

Janet Ågren shows her underwears two times. At the first time, she is in the black lingerie with the garter.

At the second time, just before the ending. She is in a hotel room with a opened door. The door once closed. When the door was reopened, she is in the white little bra & panty. The door closed and reopened once again, she took off her bra. A great idea to demonstrate the sexiness of the actress.

Naturally, there are two her bath scenes with Alvaro Vitali in excitement. However, these scenes are short. Janet soon stops Vitali peeping her.

When Vitali saw Edwige Fenech in bath, he goes extreme. He always represents our feelings. But, he doesn’t have enough contact with Janet. That’s to say, we don’t have enough time to enjoy Janet. It’s quite regrettable.

Comparing with other Commedia Sexy films, this is a little modest for Sexy. There is not a "Maniac" point of view to Janet. She plays a professor of sex, but this situation was soon forgotten after the beginning of the story. She settled into a simple sexy girl after all.

I feel that she is good in a role of an aristocratic lady. I became a big fan of Janet from Indagine su un delitto perfetto. I already saw her in La vita, a volte, è molto dura, vero Provvidenza? and Paura nella città dei morti viventi. These are the masterpiece, but not sufficient for Janet. I think that her charm is as Queen.

Gathering of the best comedians

This is more focused on the comedy of Lino Banfi than Sexy of Janet Ågren. This is a noisy film! Always three personages speak simultaneously. Everybody speaks everything as they want in full throttle! The comedies by rather the dialogue than the gesture. It’s like a style of Stand-up comedy .

L'onorevole con l'amante sotto il letto - Galliano Sbarra
Galliano Sbarra comme un uomo sul treno
L'onorevole con l'amante sotto il letto - Gigi Reder
Gigi Reder comme il Monsignore

There are crazy people. A fat man hinders passing through a narrow path in the train. His younger brother as fat as him but more savage, exists. Monsignor who insists on talking all night long. The receptionist spits in the face each time he speaks. Everybody is crazy.

Alvaro Vitali is not so active in this film, but he wins against Banfi at last. It’s a notable rare case. He won two beautiful girls such as Lory Del Santo and Clarita Gatto. Lory Del Santo was the most radical in terms of Sexy, but she doesn’t have any facial expressions.

Teo Teocoli, he takes a position of the hero. His appearance is similar to Marzio Honorato in La poliziotta della squadra del buon costume. I had been confusing them. He is too impudent against Janet. He was irritating me throughout the story. Nevertheless, he always gets the best deal.

DVD à la version française

L'onorevole con l'amante sotto il letto - La prof d'éducation sexuelle
La prof d'éducation sexuelle

I bought a French version DVD on Amazon.fr with another Commedia Sexy of Edwige. It was arrived from Nice. I watched it at soon with a great excitement.

This is a simple French dubbed edition which doesn’t have the original Italian voice and the subtitles. The picture has the black border for 4:3 screen. So, it requires the zoom function of a media player. As I’m on Gentoo Linux, I use VLC or MPV.

It’s obviously captured form a VHS or a program of Canal+. A low technology product, but the quality of the picture and the sound is great. The price is low. It’s a little difficult to buy in front of a girlfriend, but it’s a nice edition for French speakers.