A film of the year 1997. It’s rather think about the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong than the obsoleted subject such as the end of the world. Then, it settled into a classic panic film. No answer in there. The answer of our hero 華仔 is in his produced《香港製造》. Never confuse that.


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Think about the transfer of sovereignty

The tone is melancholic throughout the film. The story is about "Apocalypse" typically seen in the end of the 20th century pretty much everywhere. The end of the world, such subject is completely obsoleted today. However, this is rather thinking about the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong. This film was released in the year of 1997.

We can find another meaning in there. The translation of the original title is "World ambition". It obviously suggests the government of Mainland China. Furthermore, the protagonists are the representative Hong Kongers, 華仔 and 黃秋生. That’s why I required a strong opinion from the director. Unfortunately, he settled into an ostrich.

It’s regrettable that this sort of story never shows a concrete answer. Mysterious ending and no explanation. Why Adele is still alive or was revived? What was that explosion and the mass generation of the cockroaches and the immigrant of the rats?

Maybe, these were just the metaphors of the catastrophe. The important thing is that the doctor Ken took the right way. But, the ending lacks the rationality and it was concluded too roughly. I already previewed such ending on the halfway of the story because it was going too far.

The plot has no consistency. The script was apparently modified on the spot. The director should cut off the elements if he didn’t really require them. In fact, this story needs only two protagonists and the director could simplify the story. Over 100 minutes, it’s redundant for a film which doesn’t have a clear conclusion.

The answer of our hero

陳果《香港製造》1997 原聲帶
陳果《香港製造》1997 原聲帶

While the crisis of the country, 華仔 manifested his attitude. His clear answer is in his produced《香港製造》. The title of the film is already claiming.

Some good points

The film has certain chic humors into the dialogues between 華仔 and 黃秋生. And the location in Praha with snow is fantastic. This film slightly has an European taste. It’s not neither Sci-Fi nor Giallo, but is coated by both surfaces.


A little paper cap on the head in the cemetery. The grave keeper gets fury against a man who doesn’t wear it. It was an impressive scene. But why? This is a simplified Kippah which is a part of the national costume of Jewish. It’s required for visiting a grave or a synagogue.


陳嘉上《公元 2000》2000
陳嘉上《公元 2000》2000

A film of 陳嘉上 is light. A trendy film featuring the occidental techniques. It’s like a Billboard Pop, never be an indigenous blues. It could be catchy in Asia, but it’s merely "Wannabe" in the occidental scene.

He is the actual chairman of 香港電影金像獎. However, it’s remarkable that he is working better as one of the directors. In the following years, 陳嘉上 with 林超賢 made a brilliant film such as《野獸刑警》.

陳嘉上 alone made《公元 2000》. The film was exciting while seeing it, but it slipped out of my memory the next day. The worst, he spawned the notorious《拳皇》lately.

His best work is surely《逃學威龍》. In my opinion, this is rather due to the performance of 星爺. The evaluation of 陳嘉上 is depend on the era because he is always a trend follower.

Few appearances of Michelle Reis


That’s a fatal mistake. 李嘉欣 doesn’t appear regularly on the screen. She must be more emphasized otherwise her name should be billed as a special appearance. Her appearance is short and sporadic due to her role which is already dead in the story.

華仔 and 李嘉欣 are together in several masterpieces of the 90s. This film is the sole failure of this couple.

  1. 至尊計狀元才 (Japanese edition VHS)
  2. 賭城大亨Ⅱ之至尊無敵 (Japanese edition VHS)
  3. 醉拳Ⅲ (Japanese edition VHS)
  4. 天地雄心 (Japanese edition DVD)
  5. 黑馬王子 (Hong Kong edition Blu-ray)

Jessica Chow and Angel Wong

There are other two cute actresses such as 鄒靜 (Jessica Chow) and 王翠玲 (Angel Wong). They were popular as the singer. Their activity periods were not so long, nevertheless there are still some fanatics of them.