Coffee or Tea


Our hero was apparently tired from the public image overload, needed a little rest with a cup of Coffee or Tea. Liberation is symbolized by a white pigeon on the cover. One of the best albums including the package design.

劉德華《Coffee or Tea》2004

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  • Release: 18 August, 2004 百代唱片


The title translation is by me. It’s not official at all.

No. Title Translation Remarks
01 常言道 As the saying goes 道地綠茶 2004 TV Commercial Song
02 按摩女郎 Massage girl TVB8金曲榜全球觀眾最愛粵語歌曲獎
03 的士司機 Taxi driver Lyrics by Andy Lau
04 如果我有事 If I have something
05 魔鬼在戀愛 Demon in love Lyrics by Andy Lau
06 聽話了 Listened Lyrics by Andy Lau
07 影帝無用 No need "Emperor of cinema" Lyrics by Andy Lau
08 我唔識字 I don’t literate
09 無須擔心 No need to worry Lyrics by Andy Lau
10 馬龍白蘭度 Marlon Brando Composed by Paul Wong (Beyond)
11 幸福這麼遠那麼甜 Happiness is grand such like sweet Composed & Lyrics by Andy Lau, TVB8金曲榜最佳作詞獎


黃貫中Paul Wong – Cite: 網絡電台《國際在線》

This is one of the best albums of my hero Andy Lau. Everything is impressive. The track 9 "Marlon Brando" is his rare aggressive style rock, composed by Paul Wong of Beyond, he is the husband of Athena Chu. I love this song. Andy also does Rap in certain songs.

Especially, track 7《影帝無用》is significant. The lyrics is written by Andy himself. The meaning of the title is "No need Emperor of Cinema". "Emperor of Cinema" is naturally an alias of Andy.

若問到我 願意再配上影帝
每篇精湛演詞 總覺得心虧
要訴說的意願 在最後枯萎

從來沒有空 去享受美麗身 邊的一切

"I ask myself. Do I desire myself closer to the emperor? Marvellous lines in every film, I recognize my heart losing the resistance. It withered at last. How I tell everyone my everything outside the cinema… Never be empty. Go to enjoy the gorgeousness, everything around. People are waiting for a guy who has no scruples to dedicate whole his life to the show business."

Andy was apparently tired from the public image overload, needed a little rest with a cup of Coffee or Tea. The liberation is symbolized by a white pigeon on the cover.

Andy asks to Andy

I love the package. The warm colour, simple and human design. This design is also one of the best among his albums. It includes an expressive poster.

劉德華《Coffee or Tea》2004 - Package
Andy Lau "Coffee or Tea" 2004 – Package

When I assume that "Coffee" represents US, and "Tea" represents UK influenced Hong Kong, this picture will have another meaning. Hollywood or Hong Kong… my thought is going too far.

Nevertheless, there is no wonder Hollywood wants Andy Lau. It’s possible that there were certain offers. The result, we know well. I respect Andy, the most.

About the disc

This album wasn’t released in Japan. I bought a used disc from Amazon. The disc was sent from UK, but it arrived extremely fast. The outer box is damaged, so the price was very low. Nevertheless, the condition of the disc is great. I strongly appreciate the ex-user. Japanese never put such a generous price, it was really a valuable buy!