The elder sister of Black Rose desperately struggles to get her ex-boyfriend back. A classic comedy by the 60s actresses keeps going on and on, in the 90s. A rare well-behaved film of the director. It’s highly rated.

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  • 導演/編劇:劉鎮偉
  • 動作設計:梁小熊
  • 監製:浮樂蓮/邱黎寬
  • 攝影:陳遠佳
  • 配樂:盧冠廷
  • 歌曲
  • 領銜主演
    邵美琪 … 黃蝴蝶
    黃韻詩 … 豔芬
    馮寶寶 … 飄紅
    毛舜筠 … 周維娟
  • 特別演出:梁家輝 … 呂奇
  • 主演
    張國梁 … 巫良
    陳遠佳 … 夜叉
  • 獲獎
  • 出品:迎滔電影
  • 日期:1992年07月02日
  • 片長:94分
  • 日本版
    黒薔薇 vs 黒薔薇
    King Records 2007年02月07日 DVD
  • English title: 92 Legendary La Rose Noire

The roots.

Jeffrey Lau

The original film《黑玫瑰》is a classic. It’s true. It was repeated on TV. I asked five friends of Hong Kong about this film, and there was one who knows it. So, it isn’t standard as《精武門》for the all generations. It’s famous among black & white film generation. I suppose that almost young audiences saw《92黑玫瑰對黑玫瑰》without background knowledge.

黑玫瑰 means "Black Rose" pronounced as "Hak Mui Gwai" in Cantonese. This is a black & white film made in 1965 by the director 楚原. The heroine is a female thief calling herself 黑玫瑰. The actress is 南紅 who is the wife of the director. 黑玫瑰 ≈ 摩登《金燕子》. 黑玫瑰 can be a modern "Golden Swallow".

I thought that 馮寶寶 was the original 黑玫瑰 because she is a legend actresses of the 50-60s. Nevertheless, she doesn’t have a relation with the original. Besides, the director totally rebuilt the character of 黑玫瑰.

So, this film is quasi independent just applying the personages from a 60s film. It’s 劉鎮偉 who made 黑玫瑰 famous.

The sequel and the spin-off.

1993《玫瑰玫瑰我愛你》Rose, Rose, I love you
I don’t know this film. It was made by another director as a spin-off.
1997《黑玫瑰義結金蘭》Black Rose Ⅱ
I don’t know this film either. The sequel by 劉鎮偉 himself with the regular members such as 吳君如, 元奎 and 柯受良. It can be better than the prequel. It seems that the story almost ignores the prequel.
2004《見習黑玫瑰》Black Rose Academy
This is also a spin-off. It’s a film of Twins, thus my favourite. 毛舜筠 participates as 黑玫瑰. She got much more crazy than before, but she is the most cute in this film.

About Japanese VHS.


This film was released on VHS and DVD in Japan. DVD got the price about HK$914, €105, US$120 today. So, I chose VHS which was only about HK$23, €3, US$3.

Japanese translation is awful. The translator is completely ignorant about Chinese culture. He translated the name of 黃飛鴻 once as "Wong Fei-hung", it’s correct, but as "Bruce Lee" in future. The translator confused and broke certain jokes. I wonder why a simple subtitle translator has such power till modifying the film.

《玫瑰玫瑰我愛你》was released with the faked title "Balck Rose 2" and the true sequel《黑玫瑰義結金蘭》wasn’t released. Perhaps, only the best of the series remains being unknown in Japan.

《見習黑玫瑰》is available in DVD. It’s apprently thanks to 鄭伊健 because CD of Twins never be available in Japan. Please don’t forget a big fan of Twins is here…

Requiring the nostalgia of the 60s.


A hardcore comedy with 邵美琪 and 毛舜筠 will last until about 45 minutes past. Then, the film rushes into the black & white film universe. This film doesn’t require background knowledge. However, it strongly requires the nostalgia of the 60s to enjoy it.

Today, this film is considered as one of the great films in the history and I have the suppositions:

  1. The director simply loves 黑玫瑰 and gently realized his nostalgia into a film. Then, it succeeded.
  2. The director intentionally stimulated a nostalgia of the middle age to obtain the success.
  3. Simply, the director loves 黃韻詩. He wanted to gift a film to her.

I saw 黃韻詩 in《賭俠Ⅱ上海灘賭聖》 as 川島芳子. She is also a voice actress. She plays a lot of Japanese animation characters. Even if her figure isn’t well known, her voice is surely famous in Hong Kong.

In the early 90s, the retrospection of the 60-70s was emerged in Hong Kong cinema. I don’t know the clear reason. It could be for reminding of the roots of the popular culture before the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong.

Who are the heroines?

I chose this film because this is a film of 劉鎮偉. Besides, the name of 邵美琪 and 毛舜筠 get top billing. I like especially 毛舜筠. However, they were in the minor roles. This is my first disappointment. The actual heroines were 黃韻詩 and 馮寶寶. They are charming, but a little too much elder. They are the idols for over 50 ages.

The story construction is confusing.

There isn’t a consistency to the viewpoint. The film begins as the life story of "黃蝴蝶". However, it completely shifted to the love story of "呂奇" though 梁家輝 was credited as a special appearance. "黃蝴蝶" was finally fallen into one of the supporting roles.

The ambiguous film title.

The translation of the original film title is "Black Rose against Black Rose". However, it didn’t mean the competition. An ordinary citizen faked the name of 黑玫瑰. Then, the real 黑玫瑰 got angry. That’s all.

In fact, even 黑玫瑰 isn’t enough important. The most important is her elder sister. This is almost a romantic comedy between her and her ex-boyfriend, thus 黃韻詩 and 梁家輝. The film title should be like "The elder sister of Black Rose against her ex-boyfriend".

"King of Beggars" is far better.


It’s ironic that a good partner of the director, 星爺 starred in《武狀元蘇乞兒》in the same year. Unfortunately, it couldn’t win the award, but it was far better than《92黑玫瑰對黑玫瑰》.

Simply, 周星馳 was too avant-garde to the old film evaluators of that time. Today, "King of Beggars" has Blu-ray edition and some award-winning films were not, even difficult to discover these VCD or DVD in Hong Kong.

By the way, 星爺 starred indeed eight of films in 1992. It’s incredible.

  1. 《逃學威龍2》陳嘉上
  2. 《武狀元蘇乞兒》陳嘉上
  3. 《審死官》杜琪峰 (Justice, My Foot!)
  4. 《鹿鼎記》王晶
  5. 《鹿鼎記Ⅱ神龍教》王晶
  6. 《家有囍事》高志森
  7. 《群星會》李力持 (The Thief of Time)
  8. 《漫畫威龍》左頌昇 (Fist of Fury 1991 Ⅱ)
Kazu Spara in 25 May 2017
Kazu Spara