The most beautiful ending ever.

Kenny Bee sings in Japanese! A Japanese rock girl and a Hong Kong TV announcer, they get a strong friendship without words while being involved in a Mafia incident. Joey Wong comes in a red tight suit, absolutely sexy. This is a masterpiece, especially for Japanese.


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  • 導演/剪接:胡大為
  • 編劇
  • 監製:徐克
  • 攝影:林國華
  • 配樂:大谷幸
  • 領銜主演
    鍾鎮濤 … Ken
    泉本教子 … 貴子
    王祖賢 … Joey
    時任三郎 … 工藤
  • 主演
    李子雄 … 子雄
    吉川朝美 … Kuniko
    藤田敏八 … 貴子の父
    山口健次 … Daigoro
    陳惠敏 … 劉警官
    陳欣健 … 陳
    張可頤 … Maggie
    廖偉雄 … Liu
    黃新 … TVA Staff
    林聰 … Airport Representative
    戸川純 … Female Spy
  • 出品:電影工作室/德寶影片
  • 日期:1990年05月10日
  • 片長:106分
  • 日本版
    Pony Canyon 2008年02月29日 DVD
  • English title: Spy Games

Kenny Bee rocks!

Kenny Bee is fantastic. I became a big fan of him. I know that he is a famous singer, but I didn’t know his song. I heard his singing at the ending of this film for the first time. Moreover in my language, Japanese. It was so exciting! Now I know, Kenny Bee is a great singer, at the same time a great actor.

Kenny Bee is "Ken" as usual!
Izumoto Noriko as Takako

Izumoto Noriko is also a singer. That’s why they sing in this film. English title of this film is "Spy Games" which is a new song composed by Takako in the beginning of the story. I think that they are singing this song.

Kenny Bee is a man with a big heart. He doesn’t have any prejudices against Japanese. The drama between Ken and Takako is touching. They can’t understand their languages each other, but they can communicate through their hearts.

Finally, they sing together at the ending. Kenny Bee suddenly comes and sings in Japanese! It’s dramatic. His Japanese is quite native because he sings by his heart. This is beautiful. One of the most beautiful scenes that I’ve ever seen. In fact, this ending represents the original title of this film. This ending made the film a true masterpiece.

Chan Wai-man

《中日南北和》李子雄・陳惠敏・鍾鎮濤Cite: LS TIME 龍祥時代電影台

And never forget about the respectable 陳惠敏 who once played a big boss of Ninja in《五遁忍術》of 張徹 in the era of Show Brothers. He apperas as a comical police man. Don’t miss him!

My favourite film

There are many Japanese actors, and half of dialogues is in Japanese. It’s a rare case, but it never be biased to Japanese film. We are always in the ambience of Hong Kong.

After all, this is my favourite film though the plot is critically rough. The director or the producer perhaps added some ideas on the spot in improvisation. If we don’t care the integrity of the story, I’m sure that this is a masterpiece.

Joey, the queen wild and sexy.


Joey Wong is always the most beautiful and sexy woman. She appears from a middle part of the story. She is an elite Interpol cop investigating a corruption among KGB, CIA and Hong Kong mafia. She has several action scenes with gun.

She shows a dreamy smile at her first appearance. Then, she fights in a tight red suit, really dangerous in any senses. Furthermore, I’m happy to hear her English. Her voice is so sexy.

Joey is often like a "naive maiden" in a film, but I prefer more active role to her like this film. When she gets wild, she is more fascinating.

Joey Wong with Kenny Bee

I saw a film directed by Kenny Bee himself, 100 Ways to Murder Your Wife. This is a "Must-See" comedy. That’s because there is a scene where Joey in swimsuit!

About Japanese actors.

Izumoto Noriko "Get Through the Night" 1990

Izumoto Noriko started her career as a rock singer in 1988. Then, she turned into an actress. I think that she was rather good as a singer.

She had never been popular on Japanese TV scene, but it never mean that she doesn’t have a talent. She is brilliant in this film.

Tokitō Saburō is a sort of legend actor today. He had been in his golden age around 1990. I think that he can be more popular in Asia.

He speaks a few English and Cantonese words in this film. His attitude is appreciated for participating in a Hong Kong film.

Yoshikawa Asami seems like a theatre actress or a TV series actress. Almost no informations about her. She was unkind of all in the story, but she is very my type. And Togawa Jun in a cameo appearance at the beginning. She is a famous rock singer in Japan.

Did Takako come to Hong Kong for her "dead" father?


At the beginning of the story, Takako learned that her father was a secret agent living in Hong Kong. And her father is going to be killed by a terrorist. Takako decided to go to Hong Kong for saving his life.

Then, she met with her father, but she couldn’t recognize him because her father disappeared before she was born.

I understand well her situation so far. Takako never met with her father, but she knows that his father exists in somewhere.

Here’s the thing. When she recognized his father, she said "Mum told me that daddy was dead!" Did she really need to say that? If she just wanted to accuse her mother was a liar?

The problem is what Takako had been believing. If Takako had been believing the words of her mother, she didn’t try to go to Hong Kong because his father was already dead. In this case, the story never begin. So, this isn’t the positive supposition.

Thus, Takako never trusted her mother. Takako has a conviction that her father is still alive.

However, Takako got surprised by her father being alive. It isn’t a contextual behaviour. She must say “I know that you’re alive” when she discovered her father.

I suppose that the director was obligated to cut some important scenes for adjusting the film running time. Else, a fatal mistake of the script. After all, this confusion of the plot drops a shadow on this film.

About Japanese edition DVD.

胡大為《中日南北和》1990 - 日版DVD

This edition isn’t so bad though it never be a professional product. The film is directly copied from VHS. The condition of the master is good, but Japanese subtitles are unfortunately rough as usual.

Japanese poster was very good. However, a different company published DVD and they made their own cover without using the poster. It’s absurd.

They featured Joey Wong and Tokitō Saburō. But, the principal heroes are Kenny Bee and Izumoto Noriko. We are almost not able to recognize them from this cover. Why Japanese distributor do the things that the customer never want? Why they never see the film that they distribute?

Joey Wong is the most popular in Japan

Actually, I bought this DVD as soon as I saw Joey Wong on the cover though I didn’t know anything about this film. However, they are missing Kenny Bee. This is a shame.

As I said, Tokitō Saburō is famous in Japan. Nevertheless, Joey Wong is the most featured. Yes, she had been celebrated more than Japanese actors in Japan. She is the real princess.

Kazu Spara in 25 May 2017
Kazu Spara