Resurrection of Qin Shi Huang!

They go to a haunted private area to discover the hidden treasures of Qing dynasty. Mixture of Comedy Horror and Adventure. The gimmicks of the cave are completed. Sexy Sandra Ng and "Ass ghost" are unforgettable!


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Featuring Sandra Ng.

Jeffrey Lau

The film was released one week after of All for the Winner in which Jeffrey Lau, Corey Yuen, Lowell Lo and the Sandra Ng participated. Probably, both films were made simultaneously or successively. What a hard work!

Sandra Ng is apparently the favourite actress of the director. She is regularly in the film of Jeffrey Lau, and she is fully featured in this film. I’m very happy. She is coquettish as usual but, there are some special scenes. Especially, she plays Cantonese opera. This is rare and she is very beautiful in the costume.

And the director prepared many special costumes for her. This is one of the reasons that I like this film. Furthermore, there is a sexy scene where she is half naked. It’s obviously a comical scene, we can’t see her body, but it’s also a rare scene.

I remember. She makes a joke "I’m 20 years old!" and a guy replies "You need 10 years more!" something like this. However, she was born in the 2 August 1965. She was 24 years old. And she started living with Peter Chan after several years.

The aberrant vassals.

Sandra Ng as 九姐

There are many jokes that require the basic knowledge of Chinese. The history based jokes, the popular culture based jokes and the play on words. The most difficult joke is maybe about the vassals.

Lowell Lo《平西王》(Wu Sangui)
The military general who betrayed Ming dynasty in the end of 17th century. A synonym of the traitor.
Corey Yuen《番王布殊》(Bush, King of the Tartars)
He is the king of the savages. Bush is a significant name. We can easily estimate that name indicates who. This film was released in 1990. He presented a medicine to Qin Shi Huang as "Elixir". However, that was "白鳳丸" (Black Boned Chicken Women Pills). Awesome.
Alex To《荊軻》(Jing Ke)
English translation name is Prince Tan, it’s totally wrong. He is an assassin sent by Yan state to assassinate Qin Shi Huang. The attempt was failed.
Sandra Ng《紅線女》(Wang Chao-shun)
I’m not sure who this personage is. There was a famous singer who has the same name in Mainland. Maybe her. English translation name is unknown.
Sheila Chan《趙飛燕》(Chao Fei-yen)
A Chinese beauty of the history. There is an idiom "環肥燕瘦" which indicates the value of beauty. "環" is Yang Yu-huan who is the representative of the voluptuous beauty. "燕" is Chao Fei-yen who is the representative of the slender beauty.
David Lo《楊玉環》(Yang Yu-huan)
Perhaps, the most famous Chinese beauty of the history. English translation is totally wrong again. When Qin Shi Huang looked her, he said "You took a bath?". Chinese word "出浴" means "immediately after bathing". It indicates that she was with a makeup free face. Thus, she was awful. Japanese translator completely changed the context, broke this joke.
You took a bath?
Yes, I truely lost face.

Homage of 七劍天下山 or Power Rangers?


At the final battle, the five heroes appear. Blue, red, yellow, pink and white. This team is described as a variant of "七劍天下山". The famous seven sword warriors. I think that you know the film Seven Swords in 2005 or the TV series in 2006. But, this is rather a kind of Power Rangers. Beating one villain with five heroes. They have the same style.

About the principal actors.

Alex To is a popular singer. I have his album "All for You". Lowell Lo is a composer. David Lo is famous as a chairman of the TV show. Sheila Chan is Miss Hong Kong of 1988. She is rather a TV series actress.

About Japanese edition DVD.


In fact, Japanese edition DVD is exactly the same disc of its by Media Asia. It seems that this Japanese distributor "Spike" worked as a simple broker. They just copy VCD or DVD without the quality adjustments and fabricated a package, that’s all.

In the era of Internet, we can buy Media Asia DVD directly. Then, "Spike" lost the value. To Fabricate a strange Japanese title and cover isn’t important. The important is to check the quality of the picture, sound and subtitles. But, they imported a DVD and just sold it. So, they simply went bankrupt.

I love Media Asia. This is the best company for Japanese because they prepare Japanese subtitles along with English. Generally their subtitle has the great quality.

However, the quality of Japanese subtitle isn’t enough this time. There are some fatal lacks of the sentence. The translator obviously doesn’t understand Cantonese.

The clue of the secret treasure in Traditional Chinese

Japanese translation lacks "發"

Here, the sentence "梅花發" is important. However, Japanese translation lacks "發". So, we don’t understand the reason why there was a letter "發" on the table, and why the shape of the table was the plum blossom.

Besides, several jokes were modified by the translator. He gave up the translation and fabricated his original sentences. What a shame!

Kazu Spara in 25 May 2017
Kazu Spara