The One

心意六合拳 versus 太極拳 beyond Multiverse.

Jet Li against Jet Li of the another universe. The scheme is pure Sci-Fi, but in which the true Chinese martial arts exist. This is a mixture of Orient and Occident, classic and futuristic with the taste of Hard Rock.

The One

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  • Director: James Wong
  • Writer: Glen Morgan / James Wong
  • Action Director: 元奎
  • Producer: Steve Chasman etc.
  • Cinematography: Robert McLachlan
  • Music: Trevor Rabin
  • Starring
    李連杰 … Gabe Law / Gabriel Yulaw / Lawless
    Jason Statham … Evan Funsch
    Delroy Lindo … Harry Roedecker
    Carla Gugino … T.K. Law
  • Production
    Revolution Studios
    Hard Eight Pictures
  • Release: Nov 02, 2001
  • Running time: 87 min
  • Japanese edition
    The One
    Paramount Japan Feb 02, 2016 Blu-ray

Traditional Chinese martial arts is in the center

The action director is Corey Yuen. So, this is not only Sci-Fi action, but also a great Kung Fu film. In fact, I didn’t hurry to watch this film because its Blu-ray won’t be expired from the market. However, it was a film in which I’m interested for a long time. It’s because this is the story about Jet Li versus Jet Li.

I had a chance to pick a used DVD with US$5 in a secondhand shop. DVD was in very good condition. Just a little damage on the outer paper box. The reason of such good price: Blu-ray version is already released in Japan. So, DVD lost its value.

Then, the film was exciting. An interesting story. Multiverse, a notion of Theoretical physics since 19th century. This is popular such as Marvel Universe. Eliminating the others and making oneself "The One" as god. It’s a unique idea of this film. I admire it.

There is two styles of 武術 (Chinese martial arts). Evil Jet Li, Yulaw uses a sort of 心意六合拳, I think. Good Jet Li, Gabe switches his style to 太極拳 at the final battle. I saw the true Chinese martial arts. That was the point that I’m satisfied the most. Jet Li is always a Chinese martial arts warrior even in a Sci-Fi story. This is a thing making it exciting!

The epilogue rocks

周杰倫《霍元甲》Jay Chou "Huò Yuán-jiǎ" 2006

I love it. I don’t know this kind of ending in a Hong Kong film. The story still doesn’t end and Yulaw is still fighting. He will surely escape from Hades universe. It makes Yulaw dramatically the antihero. This scene matches the most with Hard Rock sounds.

At the final battle, Hard Rock song at the background of "Tai chi". It was fresh, but I feel like… I’m eating rice within Coca-Cola. It can be possible and there is surely someone who likes it. But, Jet Li with Jay Chou is the best to me. Thus, 霍元甲 (Fearless) style.

I don’t know the actors at all except Jet Li, but they were nice. After all, the film was great. Maybe more actresses could be better. There was only one woman. It’s serious!

Cheap Multiverse of Japanese heroes

After the notion of Multiverse became popular, Japanese film maker exploited it soon. For example, the all old Kamen Rider series were redefined under the word of Multiverse. Old heroes are now with the new heroes in a pack. It’s not Multiverse at all, it’s a simple reuse of the old product. Everybody is superman. The hero lost its value, they are just ordinary. A normal guy ironically became unique. It’s so cheap.

Above all, the basic story of "Kamen Rider Decade" was obviously copied from "The One". The hero travels among the universes and beats the other Riders to make himself god. Exactly the same scheme, but I think that most of the fans of Kamen rider, even the actors don’t know the truth.