Highly aggressive than I expected.

It’s "Must-see". Nevertheless, the quality of Wong Jing produced film is promised. Jennifer Tse is marvellous like his elder brother Nicholas Tse. Especially, the participation of the legitimate Chinese martial arts actress Jiang Lu-xia is exciting. Besides, my favourite Ellen Chan, Andy On and Sammo Hung. We also see Wilson Tong!


Amazon 维基百科 百度百科 香港影庫 HKMDB
  • 導演:麥子善
  • 編劇/監製:王晶
  • 動作設計:元奎
  • 攝影
  • 配樂:黃英華
  • 領銜主演
    謝婷婷 … 小鳳
    洪金寶 … 龍志強
    貝安琪 … 賽玲娜
    安志杰 … 王智勇
  • 特別介紹
    伍允龍 … 黑龍
    蔣璐霞 … 虎娘
    林佳陵 … 艾菲
  • 特別演出
    黃秋生 … 暴力哥
    陳雅倫 … 玫瑰
  • 主演
    康佳琪 … 龍惠珠
    洪天明 … Pete
    唐偉成 … 鐵狼
  • 出品:深圳電影/中國電影
  • 日期:2012年08月23日
  • 片長:94分
  • 日本版
    ネイキッド・ソルジャー 亜州大捜査線
    東映 2014年06月13日 DVD
  • English title: Naked Soldier

I’m fully satisfied from the acts of my favourite actors!


My motivation to watch this film was Jennifer Tse. I didn’t know that Nicholas Tse has a little sister and she is an actress. As Nicholas is my favourite actor, it’s quite natural that I’m interested in his sister.

Before watching the film, I didn’t worry about the quality because I already know the talent of Mak Chi-sin by Cop on a Mission. Wong Jing and Corey Yuen, both are the proven director. Their collaboration is for example All for the Winner. Besides, the casts suit my taste on the button. They surely make an exciting film. It was already promised. Then, the film was much more exciting than I expected. It’s marvellous. One of the "Must-See" films, I swear.

Among the strong actors, Jennifer Tse still holds her attraction. She was great like his elder brother. Sometimes, her expressions remind me of Nicholas Tse. Surely, both of them are influenced by their father. She was the literal heroine of this film.

Ellen Chan is forever gorgeous. She is not a guest. She appears on the screen enough as I expected. Her role, "Rose" is the strongest enemy. She owns many important scenes. This is the first point that I’m satisfied.

Philip Ng is a good friend of Andy On, he is also a good fighter. His role, "Black Dragon" is a subordinate of Rose. A romantic and impressive personage. I remember his marvellous fight in From Vegas to Macau. He should have been more featured in this film too.

Andy On was above all good along with Jennifer Tse


Now, I know the reason why! In 2009, a true love story was revealed between Jennifer Tse and Andy On. Their love continued to May 2013. Thus, we see their true emotion of love in this film. The media reported that they were almost going to marry. Nicholas Tse and Andy On, they could have been brother!

Andy On has only one fighting scene on the beginning against Sammo Hung. It’s a precious match. Their fight was rapid at the same time long. Only true Martial artist can make such scene. Otherwise, he stays as a prince like Looking for Mister Perfect (2003). However, his fighting against Sammo Hung satisfied me. And he is of course skillful without Martial arts as we see it in Mad Detective (2008).

Focus on the brilliant actresses, the queen is Jiang Lu-xia


Though there are many beautiful actresses in this film, she is the best. Jiang Lu-xia, a legitimate Chinese martial arts actress from Mainland. I had been focusing on her. She shows her brilliant talent. She mainly uses the elbow and knee attacks. According to her role "Tiger girl", she howls like a beast. But, she is very cute in general. Now I need a film starring her.

Lin Jia-ling kown as Lena

林佳陵 on 男人裝
男人裝 FHM ver. Taiwan

Her first fighting scene impacted me the most. The wicked sexy killer, the macabre weapons, the fantastic moves and effects, everything was stylish. The first time I saw her, I thought that she was Shu Qi. They resemble. By the way, Shu Qi will marry Stephen Fung.

She is a Taiwanese model and actress from the office Catwalk to where Lin Chi-ling belongs. She was born in the 8 June 1987, she was 25 years old in this film.

She is also known as "Lena". She works mainly as a model on the magazine for example Vogue, GQ, 男人裝 (FHM Taiwan, my favourite magazine!) and the label such as French Kookai and Italian Max Mara.

It’s amazing that she performed such hard fighting scenes even though she is living in the world of mode. I had been believing that she had known 武術. I admire her courage and I appreciate the direction of Corey Yuen.

Fascinating Ankie Beilke

She has her own Facebook page. We can know her activities here. A fascinating half German model and actress. She started her actress carrier from Confession of Painby Andrew Lau, that was a masterpiece. Her mother, Ankie Lau is famous in Hong Kong. She mainly participated in the TV series that weren’t released in Japan. So, I don’t know her.

This is a sister of Naked Weapon


As the poster says, Naked Soldier is a sister of Naked Weapon which was released in 2002. I don’t know why a variant was made 10 years later.

In fact, I don’t watch yet Naked Weapon. It wasn’t interested me. However, it became something important now. I bought a used Japanese edition DVD. I’ll check it later.

In Japan, a distributor falsified the series. They put 赤裸狂奔 (Women on the Run, 1993), 赤裸紅唇 (Conspiracy, 2000), 赤裸特工 (Naked Weapon, 2002) altogether. Obviously, there are no any relations among these films. They have the adjective 赤裸 (Naked) in their original title, that’s all. And there is a dozen of films like this.

I don’t understand Japanese distributor. Japanese can understand Chinese letters, but why they make such stupid thing? Japanese can make Naked Run (2011) as a sequel of Naked (1993). What were they thinking!

Kazu Spara in 25 May 2017
Kazu Spara