The pride of Nicholas and Stephen created a die-hard Kung Fu film.

Nicholas Tse and Stephen Fung were particular about the traditional Kung Fu among the new generation actors of the 21st century. Any actors got the possibility to make an amazing action sequence thanks to SFX and CG since around the year 2000. However, some directors and actors kept featuring the physical action even if the media said that it was an outdated style. This film is stubborn. There is no compromise for the actions. This is not only for the girls.


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The story is enough serious in fact.

Wong Jing

A high school drama featuring Kung Fu with a little essence of love and fantasy. Stephen Fung as Edward is the hero of this story. Nicholas Tse as Stone is rather his supporter.

As we know, Nicholas and Stephen, they are the rock singer at the same time as the actor who are proud of performing Kung Fu. The fighting scenes of this film are tough though there is not a long take. This is the succession of the short fighting sequence and they made it by themselves without the stuntmen. Yes, they rock.

The final battle is unique. Before the invulnerable enemy, Stone teaches to Edward the moves defeating him. That scheme reminds me of Half a Loaf of Kung Fu. And I admire the way to realize Energy attack. You should see it, it’s an innovative interpretation.

Joey Yung as a comic relief.

Joey Yung was 21 years old in this time. She is the most celebrated singer today. It’s a great surprise that she plays a comic relief. She made some humorous scenes with Sin Lei-mui. She has her own sub-plot, but this love story with Edwards was not completed because of apparently the shortage of the film length.



We recognize the song "天下不亂" at the opening fight and at the closing credits. The title roughly means "The whole world doesn’t fall into disorder". This song is 4th track in the album 玉蝴蝶. The digital music edition is available on:

I didn’t have this album. After watching this film, I soon bought the used Japanese edition on Amazon. A brand-new disc has already disappeared from the market. Even a used disc, I always prefer a physical disc.

Rival Schools

カプコン「私立ジャスティス学園」PlayStation 1998
Capcom "Rival Schools" PlayStation 1998

The video game played by Edward and Stone is Rival Schools. Stone is inspired by the fighting techniques on this game and gives the advice to Edward on the final fight.

Though I’m a SNK nerd, Rival Schools is my favourite. I repeated this first title and finished the all episodes. My favourite personages are Kyoko, Akira, Roy and Kyosuke… forget him in CVS2, it’s not fair.

A fatal errors occured on Japanese edition DVD: How many hit Edward made!?

Japanese edition DVD, both sides of the screen are cropped to 4:3 though the record quality is enough good. The film seems ready for a TV broadcast. The angle is generally focused to center. However, sometimes I heard a voice from outside of the screen.

The catastrophe at the final battle. Edwards made a "Super Combo" against the enemy. Then, the hit count should be shown on the screen, but the number was missing because of 4:3 cropping… I desire to smash my 完全燃焼アタック to this DVD distributor.

拳神 and 2002.


我的野蠻同學 was released in August 2001 and in December, The Avenging Fist was released. Both films have the similarities: featuring the singers, Stepehn Fung, Wong Jing and the influence of 3D fighting game.

Comparing those two films, I much prefer 我的野蠻同學 that shows the physical actions and Kung Fu than SFX. The same in December 2001, Nicholas and Stephen tried the full-blown Kung Fu including the long takes in the film "2002" of Wilson Yip. However, 我的野蠻同學 is still my best among those three.

Japanese edition DVD title

As usual, the film title is modified by a distributor in Japan. This time, they made a mistake even for a Japanese product. Japanese title of 我的野蠻同學 is "Tekken high school". I am always certain that Japanese distributors never watch their products. A film directly influenced by Tekken is The Avenging Fist.

李達超 as 虎哥 and 彭敬慈 as 螳螂.

Two enemies both use legitimate Kung Fu. The skill of 虎哥 (Brother Tiger) seems a kind of 鷹爪翻子拳 that features 擒拿 (Catch). In consideration of his name 虎哥, his skill could be 五虎拳 precisely.

I didn’t recognize his face, but 李達超 participates mainely as 動作設計 (an action director) in a lot of films that I already saw.

  • 2000 勝者為王
  • 2000 生化特警之喪屍任務
  • 2000 BadBoy 特攻
  • 2000 中華賭俠
  • 2001 不死情謎
  • 2002 衛斯理之藍血人
  • 2003 無間道Ⅱ
  • 2004 2004新紮師兄
  • 2004 精裝追女仔2004
  • 2006 傷城
  • 2009 十月圍城

Samuel Pang as 螳螂 is a master of 螳螂拳 according to his nickname. Samuel Pang is surely your familiar actor. He is often in Benny Chan films with Nicholas Tse or Daniel Wu. I saw him in:

  • 2001 重裝警察:林超賢 / 吳彥祖
  • 2002 衛斯理之藍血人:劉偉強 / 劉德華
  • 2003 雙雄:陳木勝 / 黎明 / 鄭伊健
  • 2004 新警察故事:陳木勝 / 謝霆鋒
  • 2005 三岔口:陳木勝 / 吳彥祖
  • 2006 野蠻秘笈
  • 2007 男兒本色:陳木勝 / 謝霆鋒