Memorable initial collaboration film of 謝霆鋒 and 張栢芝.

Slightly, but the first kiss scene of 謝霆鋒 and 張栢芝. This is the most impressive and surprising moment of the film. Featuring the protagonists from the famous manga 老夫子, but the actors are in the center of the story. Surely enjoyable without the knowledge on the manga.


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謝霆鋒 and 張栢芝 were obviously the most stylish couple of the world at that time.

The personages of 老夫子 were realized by CG with the the motion capture. The laborious work made a great result. 老夫子 and 大蕃薯 cause a big trouble and the story between 謝霆鋒 and 張栢芝 begins.

This film is "Must-See" in any sense.謝霆鋒 is quite crazy till it’s nonsensical. The great director 邱禮濤 is talented also to the comedy, he pulled out the hidden character of 謝霆鋒. I think that the nature of 謝霆鋒 is rather comical such as we can see in this film.


張栢芝 stays a princess, sage and calm while 謝霆鋒 plays a nonsensical guy. Every scene shows the stunning beauty of 張栢芝. I really appreciate the director.

Respectable 陳惠敏 was also crazy. He appears as an "naive" boss of a crime syndicate as usual. He is obsessed by 神打 (Chinese spirit possession). This is a faith that turns a human into such as a Berserker. I think that you know the film 神打 by 劉家良. 陳惠敏 was a great kick-boxing champion, he is strong for real. And he naturally knows the era of 邵氏兄弟有限公司. So, the comedy effects more.

Several familar faces as the guest appearance such as 許紹雄, 吳志雄 and 林雪. The author 王澤 appears as a role of himself.

The albums in 2001.

謝霆鋒 released two albums. 玉蝴蝶 and 世紀預言(國語). 張栢芝 also released two albums, "Party All The Time" and 最新形象, plus a compilation 全新經驗(精選). This era could be the breakthrough of 張栢芝. I have her 7th album 最新形象. This is brilliant, one of the best albums of 粵語流行音樂 (Cantonese pop).

What is "Old Master Q"?

"Master Q 2001" Japanese DVD

老夫子 (Old Master Q) could be the essential manga in Hong Kong. The series still continues today. The author 王澤 (Alfonso Wong) started the series since 1962 on a newspaper. The first manga volume was imported to Taiwan in 1969. Then, the several newspapers is daily publishing the series since 2000 in Taiwan.

老夫子 is cinematized several times including the animation. The initial cinematized by monochrome was in 1965. The latest animation is 老夫子之小水虎傳奇 by the production of Mainland China and Japan in 2011. Hoewever this animation isn’t released in Japan.

"Old Master Q" was in fact a copycat.

Here is the source 蘋果日報 – 元氣堂:老夫子 抄足五十年?. The originator of the manga 老夫子 is 馮朋弟 (Feng Peng-di) in Tianjin, Mainland China. This fact had been concealed for a long time. The author didn’t announce the truth before stating this series. Everybody believed that 王澤 was the originator and 老夫子 became a national manga of Hong Kong. Then, an editor of Mainland China revealed the truth in 2001. This fact could be almost untouchable. Some authors of manga who respect 王澤 were so shocked and tried to forget it.