De facto standard.

The 6th album released also in Japan. 夜曲 and 黑色毛衣 are especially famous, but each track is marvellous. This is the initial album including 飄移 and 一路向北 from "Initial D" as the bonus tracks.


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  • DVD
    1. 夜曲
    2. 髮如雪 (Director: 周杰倫)
    3. 一路向北
  • Awards: 12th China Music Awards
  • Release
    Taiwan: 01 November, 2005 新力音樂
    Japan: 18 Jan, 2016, Sony BMB


The title translation is by me. It’s not official at all.

No. Title Translation Remarks
01 夜曲 Nocturne 12th China Music Awards: Chinese songs top 10
02 藍色風暴 Indigo blue storm
03 髮如雪 Hair like snow MTV Video Music Awards Japan: Best buzzASIA
04 黑色毛衣 Black sweater
05 四面楚歌 Embattled
06 Maple
07 浪漫手機 Romantic mobile phone
08 逆鱗 Imperial wrath
09 麥芽糖 Maltose
10 珊瑚海 Coral sea Duet with Lara Veronin
11 飄移 Drift Film "Initial D" Theme song
12 一路向北 All the way north Film "Initial D" Interlude song

The first original album of Jay for Japanese.

劉偉強/麥兆輝《頭文字D》2005 - 壁紙
Andrew Lau & Alan Mak "Initial D" 2005

In Japan, a compilation album “Initial J” was released in 2005. This is the initial album of Jay in Japan. Then, Japanese edition "November’s Chopin" was released. Finally, an original ablbum of Jay was released as Japanese edition.

The album was originally released in November 2005 in Taiwan. Japanese edition was delayed, released in January 2006. The consistency of the album title and the release date was unfortunately lost.

It’s a good idea to start listening to his songs with this album. Based on Hip Hop music, various genre of the music are within. You can surely find your taste. My most favourite song is 夜曲.

The disc

I found this Japanese edition as a used disc. The sash was lost, but the disc and the booklet is clean. The price was very good, only TW$230, US$7.4, €6.6.

Almost all albums of Jay are available as the digital music on Google Play and Apple Music. If you’re not a CD collector, the digital format is the easiest way to listen to his songs. Google Play doesn’t cover enough Asian artists, but it’s ready for the albums of Jay. You can estimate how he is popular in the world.

周杰倫 Discs
Some of my Jay's discs
Kazu Spara in 25 May 2017
Kazu Spara