20 – Best Selection by Nicholas Tse

Genuine message from Nicholas in Japanese.

This is important. His first album in Japan. A compilation consists of the songs selected by Nicholas Tse himself from the previous albums before VIVA, which were not released in Japan.

謝霆鋒《20 - Best Selection by Nicholas Tse》2000

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The title translation is by me. It’s not official at all.

No. Title Translation From
01 估計錯誤 Miscalculation Believe
02 一擊即中 One shot, one hit 零距離
03 非走不可 Can’t help going Believe
04 彈開 Bounce Most Wanted
05 不要說謊 Don’t lie Most Wanted
06 愛後餘生 Rest of life after love Most Wanted
07 前前後後 左左右右 Forward, Back, Left, Right Horizons
08 罪人 Sinner 零距離
09 活火山 Active volcano Horizons
10 無聲仿有聲 Silent imitating talkies 無聲仿有聲
11 不是定理 This is not a theorem 零距離
12 謝謝你的愛 1999 Thanks for your love 1999 謝謝你的愛 1999
13 末世紀的呼聲 Call of the end of century 末世紀的呼聲
14 別來無恙 Well as always 零距離
15 壞習慣 (Accoustic Version) Bad habit 無聲仿有聲
16 自我紹介(日本語) Self-introduction in Japanese

Absolute hero


This is a sort of "Best of", the songs selected by Nicholas Tse himself from the albums before VIVA. This compilation was exclusively released for Japanese fans, then reissued in 2008 in Greater China.

This compilation is the first album of Nicholas Tse in Japan. Any of his original albums were not previously released. So, the album doesn’t include any new recording songs, but every song was new for us. Then, 零距離 and 玉蝴蝶 were released.

Track number 16, this is the message for Japanese fans. He is fluently speaking in Japanese. He talks that he had been in Tokyo for four months to study music. It’s moving. Nicholas Tse became my absolute hero. He is my best male singer, that’s definite.

Even if you already have his previously released original albums, I really think that you should purchase this compilation just for receiving his message. It’s worth.

The album

When I visited in Nantong, I surprisingly discovered his album Believe. I had listened to his song for the first time, thus〈小強〉. Nicholas Tse became my favourite singer on the spot. I got interested in him much more than before.

謝霆鋒《20 - Best Selection by Nicholas Tse》2000 - Package
謝霆鋒《20 – Best Selection by Nicholas Tse》2000 – Package

I soon checked out the availability of his other albums on Amazon. Then, I found this compilation. This is a used disc. The outer paper box is a little damaged, but the disc and the booklet are perfect. I need his albums more. Finally, I try to complete the all his albums.