As a Sa


My definite favourite album. Every song is supreme. Her first Mandarin album, the third album in total, including Mandarin version of 二缺一.

蔡卓妍《As a Sa》2010

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  • DVD
    1. 愛贏才會拼
    2. 往事並不如煙
    3. 大風暴
    4. 知己
  • Release
    Hong Kong: 15 June, 2010 英皇娛樂
    Mainland: 23 June, 2010 天凱唱片


This album is definitive. I love every song and I don’t skip any track. So, one of my absolute favourite albums in total. The title translation is by me. It’s not official at all.

No. Title Translation Remarks
01 愛贏才會拼 Love will be conquered only after fighting 2nd single
02 往事並不如煙 The past isn’t even a smoke 3rd single
03 大風暴 Great storm
04 放手 Relinquish
05 未來未必來 The future doesn’t always come
06 知己 Confidant 1st single, theme song of the film "Beauty on Duty!"
07 捨得愛 Unstinted love Composed by 阿Sa〈放得低〉from "Another Me" Mandarin version
08 抽離 Detached
09 二缺一 Two minus one Mandarin version
10 你的吻很甜 Your sweet kiss


Wong Jing "Beauty on Duty!" 2010

The albums of 阿Sa, 阿嬌 and Twins are not released in Japan. Japanese uses Chinese letters, but we are isolated from Greater China. I’m always despairing that I was born in this culturally isolated island.

Japan is always under the influence of US. In a shop, any kind of Billboard music is discoverable from the trash can. In contrast, valuable Chinese music is rare and too expensive or completely unavailable though there is always the demand.

The final solution

So, I finally discovered this album in Shanghai. I don’t know if I can rediscover this album or not in my life. I don’t travel often. So, this album is more precious to me than you imagine.

I’m not sure that this disc is still circulating on the market or not. If you don’t care the package, the digital album is always available on Apple Music.

I need watching "Beauty on Duty!"

The track 6 知己 is the theme song of Beauty on Duty! of Wong Jing starring 阿Sa. Unfortunately, this wasn’t released in Japan. So, I need pay an expensive shipping fee to buy a Blu-ray. I’m in a small isolated island… What a misfortune. A lot of Twins related items aren’t available here.

The album

I love the cover. Long black haired 阿Sa seems matured and rather beautiful than cute. The package is gorgeous and sensitive. I carefully opened it. The contents are as gorgeous as the songs. It’s consisted of:

  • Beautiful paper package with the sash
  • Pictures printed inside the package
  • Lovely photo book
  • Poster
  • CD in the beautiful paper box
蔡卓妍《As a Sa》Package
Charlene Choi "As a Sa" 2010 – Package

Shop information

上海書城 is the largest franchise of the merchandise of the books, CD, DVD and other multimedia software in Shanghai. There are nine franchises. The location of the shops is marked on Google maps. However, you can’t connect with Google in Mainland China without VPN. VPN is often slow and disconnected, causes a stress and consomes huge battery power. Try using 百度地圖 instead.

Kazu Spara in 25 May 2017
Kazu Spara