PSD thumbnails on PCManFM

Adobe CS2 is available for free today.

We can take advantage of Photoshop CS2 through Wine which has the great compatibility with this version. I started the graphic designs before the release of Gimp. So, Photoshop is simply familiar to me. My choise comes from the practicability. I use it because it’s the best to me. So, I choose Gentoo Linux with KDE.

To show the PSD thumbnails on PCManFM is easy

We don’t need gdk-pixbuf-psd anymore. Just consulting this article: PCManFM – ArchWiki. There is the example of PDF using ImageMagick. Now, just change the mimetype from PDF to PSD, it works like a charm.

How to do

  1. Move the current directory to /usr/share/thumbnailers
  2. Making a file with a name for example "imagemagick-psd.thumbnailer"
  3. File contents is like below:
[Thumbnailer Entry]
Exec=convert %i[0] -thumbnail %s %o

Bob’s your uncle. You need neither reboot nor logout. Relaunching PCManFM is enough for taking effect.

I’m on KDE 5, why I need PCManFM?

Because I couldn’t drag and drop a file from Dolphin onto Wine Photoshop. Since Qt 5.6, it works. Anyway, PCManFM is a sweet lightweight file browser. It’s perfectly compatible with KDE. It has the function of dual panes with F3 key like Dolphin, and doesn’t have any problems for styling with Breeze icons. Thunar doesn’t have both capabilities. Xfce is now in limbo between LXDE and KDE.

As a rescue environment, I choose LXDE or just Openbox because KDE 5 is still under unstable status in Gentoo. However, KDE 5 is stable for daily use. I need a rescue environment when I get a temporary dependency problem to the Qt libraries.