Grazie il mio eroe, Bud Spencer

Grazie, il mio eroe.

Thanks to you, I got my friends in the world. Chi trova un amico, trova un tesoro, it’s true. There is no borders, no colours, we know that we share the same feeling through your works. You told us what is good and what is bad. The respectable brother and my hero forever. I designed the post thumbnail of Bud Spencer illustration collage as a tribute.

Bud Spencer, riposare in pace il giugno 27, di 86 anni.

Will our hero see Anche gli angeli mangiano fagioli beyond the sky? The world mourns his departure.

My Japanese edition VHS collection including two French VHS.

Through the films of Bud Spencer, I met my respectable friends. Pollanet Squad. They prepared me a server space for free, and I had a website for Bud e Terence. It’s unbelievable! I always appreciate them deeply. And I met Jesús Manuel Pérez Molina, a friend of life, we daily discuss on our favourite films. And other wonderful friends, thanks to Bud Spencer.

I’m watching his films mostly in French edition VHS. These are the dubbing of the rental VHS. So many memories within. After returning from Paris to Tokyo, I collected Japanese edition VHS. I bought also a German edition DVD of Occhio alla penna. This title wasn’t released in Japan, and VHS was released in France, but already lost in these time. I have also Italian original CD-Box (3 discs) of Bud e Terence. These are my treasures.

Japanese edition VHS collection including two French VHS
A part of my Bud e Terence VHS collection