The most beautiful gift ever.

Strongly touched my heart. I can’t say anything. Only the tears of happiness. I am grateful for your gift. I’ve been supposing a musical. I didn’t predict such dream of the beautiful human relationship. The memorable last film of Teamwork Motion Pictures and the brilliant prologue of Focus Films.


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劉德華 is who I respect the most, I repeat and insist.


The previous year of the film, 華仔 and his 天幕製作有限公司 (Teamwork Motion Pictures) produced 阿虎. An emotional drama of a Muay Thai fighter. To be 阿虎, 華仔 changed his body and learned Muay Thai.

At the earliest part of 愛君如夢, we see the six-pack abdominal muscle of 華仔. Yes, he always keeps his shape, now for Tango. The respectable professionalism.

On the other hand, with 鄭秀文 and 杜琪峰, 華仔 delivered the mythic comedies such as 孤男寡女 in 2000 and 瘦身男女 in 2001, the same year of 愛君如夢. At the same time, 天幕製作有限公司 and 杜琪峰 produced 全職殺手.

What a heavy work. 華仔 had been simultaneously working as an actor, a producer and a managing director. Stoic, intelligent moreover handsome. He is the hero. 愛君如夢 is the last film produced by 天幕製作有限公司. The grand finale of Teamwork Motion Pictures. Focus Films inherits the spirit, the dream continues.

The release dates and the original title

The film was released in 21 December 2001. The story advances toward to the day of Christmas party. The original title 愛君如夢 roughly translated as "Love you, like a dream". The title included the name of 吳君如 which indicates a dream of the heroine 阿金. Her sincerity brings the most beautiful gift to her.

The music

The original soundtrack is available on iTunes Music Store. Above all, the theme song is marvellous. Fourteen years have passed since the initial release, discovering the CD is difficult. To buy a digital data is the most convenient way. However, I won’t have an Apple device and I still prefer a physical disc. I keep searching it. By the way, the film will be available on Google Play Movies & TV.



林家棟 mimics 張學友 and sings 戀愛的人都一樣 in a Mandarin album 吻別. This is a cover song of 浜田省吾 named "Sentimental Christmas" in 1981 Japan. A well chosen song for the story near Christmas. This is also a theme song of 亞飛與亞基 which wasn’t released in Japan. I hope to see this film in the near future.


華仔 disguises himself as a woman and plays Karaoke. The song is 風繼續吹 in 1983. The first song in the second album of 張國榮 and also the album title. This is a cover song of an idol 山口百惠 in 70s Japan. It’s a song in my childhood. I prefer 風繼續吹 than the original that is too pessimistic to me.

華仔 perfectly mimics 張國榮. The scene made the audience and 張國榮 himself laugh loudly. 華仔 and 張國榮 are co-starring on 新上海灘 in 1996.

林家棟 and Focus Films


林家棟 initially collaborated with 華仔 in 愛君如夢. Then, he joined Focus Films and became a definitive partner of 華仔. He brought the first honor to Focus Films by producing 打擂台 which was awarded Best Film at 第30屆香港電影金像獎.

Overcoming some trouble in 2002, 華仔 established Focus Films. 華仔 and 林家棟 are surely the most reliable partners each other. They keep succeeding, quashed the criticism. Their works always give me the strong impression. I’m for Focus Films.

At the beginning of 愛君如夢, 王飛 is joking on his name as 王一飛. It indicates 黃一飛 who is unexpectedly boomed in 少林足球 released in the same year. What a prediction.

Japanese edition DVD

劉偉強《愛君如夢》2001 - 日版DVD

The film wasn’t released in theaters in Japan. Only DVD was released in September 2005, after about four years of the initial release. The record condition of Japanese edition DVD is awful. A simple VHS copy. The scan lines are visible. Fortunately, the screen didn’t be cut, but the aspect ratio is 4:3. It requires a player such as MPV or VLC which allows zooming the screen to 16:9. Not surround sound. Of course not Dolby Audio. The subtitles are quite rough.

To Japanese media distributor, I claim the enhancement of Audiovisual instead of falsifying a package.

Strongly recommend you Hong Kong original edition.

Japanese film distributor never try to understand the original title though they are Japanese who can read Chinese letters.

Let’s compare the original poster and Japanese DVD cover. We clearly see the letters 君如 on the original title. The film production directly indicates the protagonist of the story. Now, Japanese edition DVD cover. The picture of 吳君如 is much smaller than 陳冠希.

Furthermore, they renamed English title to "Dance of dream". I’m sure that they simply forgot to add "a" between "of" and "dream". Though they can’t understand, why do they use English? A shame. The professionalism to the job is required.