The art pointed to the mutual understanding through the comedy or the bullet ballet.

This is a progressive style of the art film. Pang brothers bring a new sensation. Visually stunning, the artistic cinematography and the transparent atmosphere. We discover still unseen Ekin Cheng and 阿Sa in the film.

《阿孖有難》寰宇 Official WebsiteOfficial website: 阿孖有難(寰宇)
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  • 導演:彭發
  • 編劇
  • 監製:彭發/彭順
  • 攝影:Vichen Reunvichayakul
  • 配樂:Jaynot Permisith / Jadet Chawong
  • 領銜主演
    鄭伊健 … 姚俊文/姚俊傑 (Man / Kit)
    蔡卓妍 … 珍 (Jane)
  • 主演
    黃子華 … King
    鍾鎮濤 … 珍之阿爸
    林海峰 … 正中
  • 出品:寰宇娛樂/Magic Head Film
  • 日期:2004年11月18日
  • 片長:97分
  • 日本版
    Geneon 2006年02月03日 DVD
  • English title: Leave Me Alone

The mutual understanding

The brothers, the lovers or the parents and the children. We have the close relation, but it’s not always meaning that we know each other. Even the twins still don’t know each other in this story.

  • The misunderstanding between the twins, Man and Kit.
  • The awkward love between Kit and Jane.
  • The inequality between Man and Jing Chung.
  • The lack of the communication between Jane and her father.

In this film, we discover how to know each other. The subject is sensitive. The film could be snob. However, the director fully featured the comedy and the bullet ballet on the film. The story never be pedantic and sage. It’s wild.

This is a progressive style of the art film which has the capacity to attract an audience like me. I give my maximum appreciation to this great art.

The director is a younger brother of the twins

彭氏兄弟Cite: 電戲道:彭氏兄弟重回安全鬼道 | 蘋果日報 | 娛樂 | 20100925

I had been impressed by the realistic descriptions of the twins while seeing the film. If this director is a twin? Yes, Danny Pang is a younger brother of Pang brothers who is the twins. They are called 鬼才 which roughly means "Prodigy". I agree.

This is my initial film of Danny Pang. Now, I desire to see the all works of Pang brothers. I should have known them earlier. Furthermore, 阿Sa is participating in their films. Maybe, it’s derived from Twins? I don’t know.

The ambience

The ambience is transparent. The sound is clear. Our ears concentrate to the voice or respiratory. Visually stunning. The cinematography is artistic.

The independent style doesn’t come from Hong Kong cinema. The film has its own style, it’s unique and impossible to compare with others. And we find a cinematography like FPS on the bullet ballet.

The most unique is, the director often uses the cinematography of the horror to a comedy. Jing Chung is approaching Kit like creeping… The first appearance of Jane is quasi horror.

Ekin Cheng and Ekin Cheng

Ekin Cheng as Man and Kit

At the opening credit, I discover a strange order of the name like "Ekin Cheng, Charlene Choi, Ekin Cheng". Why the name of Ekin Cheng is repeated? I couldn’t guess for what it was.

I understood it as soon as the story began. There are two Ekin Cheng as the role of "Man" and "Kit" because they are the twins. Sure, the title includes the word "孖" which means Twins.

At the beginning, the conversation on the bed between Man and Kit is awesome. Surprisingly, Man is a gay. That’s an unconventional situation that I’ve never seen before.

Ekin Cheng is amazing. The personality of Man and Kit is totally separated. Their expressions and gestures, style of walking or talking, these are different. Even if their clothes and the hair style were the same, we can identify which is Man or Kit.

Their characteristic is naturally made by the director. Only the twins know such difference in detail. I think that there will be the things that only the twins can sense.

Gentle boyfriend of Man

林海峰Cite: 林海峰新年廣州爆笑開 Show 新浪網

I know Jan Lamb from Divergence. Then, the voice acting of Coochie in my very favourite film, Bug Me Not!. Now, I understood well why his voice was so natural for Coochie. It surely comes from his personality. He is gentle.

He is popular as a DJ and a stand-up comedian along with Dayo Wong. He is releasing some albums. I have Hard Beat in Japanese edition CD.

The original title

English title of this film is "Leave Me Alone". The original title can be translated as "Twins in trouble". Then, Japanese film distributor has removed the all traces of the original title and impudently fabricated a weird alternative title for disguising this film as a Crime film.

The title is an important part of the film. It represents the contents by a sentence. Falsifying the film title is a savage act lacking the respect to the originator. It’s a shame.

阿Sa fires!

I didn’t know anything about the director. So, my motivation to see this film was simply 阿Sa. I’m always searching for her splendid smiles. However, she never smiles in this film. Nevertheless, I’m pretty satisfied because I discovered her another side. "Aggressive" 阿Sa fascinated me.

阿Sa in action

Jane is into the heart of danger. She brings trouble. She is a woman who is high-handed, impulsive and has fatally a short temper.

  • Jane is the most active character. She fires the gun, even from a flying car.
  • A lot of scenes featuring Jane. Definitely, 阿Sa is the leading actress.
  • Visually stunning cinematography with stylish costumes.
Charlene Choi as Jane

I insist. This is a "Must-See" film. There are only the scenes that you can’t miss. The opening credit is already a surprise. Really interesting pictures for her fans. She is also starring in Diary and The Storm Warriors.

Kenny Bee as a stubborn father

Kenny Bee always makes me happy. In the film, he is a stubborn father. He isn’t happy to the marriage of his daughter. He lost his wife and is obviously feeling the loneliness.

After the marriage of Jane, he will be alone. For the moment, he lacks the communication with Jane and her boyfriend Kit.

The director gives him a theme: Be fashionable. Man, a twin brother of Kit, is unconsciously opening his heart through the conversation about his fashion. I love this subplot.

Dayo Wong into a bad luck

黃子華Cite: 黃子華給香港的這些話 – 毛記電視

This is also the life story of a gangster living into bad luck. Mister King. He is the new comic-relief making laugh in a situation where we should not laugh.

I think that Dayo Wong is a marvellous actor. His presence is distinguished. In the point of impact, he is the strongest. He actually won "Best Actor in a Leading Role" at 2013 TVB Anniversary Awards. Unfortunately, we don’t have the chance to see his Bounty Lady in Japan.

He is known as the founder of Stand-up comedy in Hong Kong. He is also working as a director and an actor of the theatre. Unique person.

I saw him in The Magic Touch for the first time. He has strongly impressed me. This is his debut title on cinema.

Pan brothers films in Japan

鄭伊健 - 彭發/彭順《風雲Ⅱ》2009
Ekin Cheng – Pang Brothers "The Storm Warriors" 2009

Immediately after watching "Leave Me Alone", I purchased C+偵探 in Blu-ray. Then, I discovered the sequel, B+偵探.

It was almost impossible to perceive that is the sequel because the all imported film titles are modified in Japan.

  • C+偵探 in Japan: The avenger without a shadow
  • B+偵探 in Japan: Requiem in cold blood

Japan alternative title is always so abstract and cheap that no one understands what it wants to say. It’s annoying. Moreover, it’s a shame that "The Storm Warriors" wasn’t released in Blu-ray.

I also found that the series of The Eye. In fact, the all their horrors are released. It’s always in DVD format. Please stop claiming that Japan is technically advanced.

Anyway, I won’t see their horrors though I have some of them in DVD. I’m sure that I can’t stand it. It will be my trauma like Profondo Rosso or Phenomena.

Blu-ray / DVD that I have

Pang brothers films are released in only DVD except "C+探偵" and "B+探偵" which are in both Blu-ray and DVD. DVD is still dominant in Japan and Blu-ray is not often chosen by the consumers.

I always chose Blu-ray. It’s obviously preferable for a cinephile like me, but it’s costly. Generally, it’s double the price of DVD. Furthermore, every AACS update, we must pay for upgrading a player, but it never prevents the piracy. That’s the problem. As a result, the people try to get a pirated version. The same old story.

Year Title Director Format
1999 無聲火 Pang brothers DVD
2002 見鬼 Pang brothers DVD
2004 阿孖有難 Danny Pang DVD
2004 死亡寫真 Oxide Pang DVD
2006 妄想 Oxide Pang DVD
2007 C+偵探 Oxide Pang Blu-ray
2009 風雲II Pang brothers DVD
2011 B+偵探 Oxide Pang Blu-ray

The regional setting is also the problem. I have the Blu-ray discs made in Japan, Hong Kong and US. For the moment, I can’t watch Blu-ray of Hong Kong.

Japanese film distributors should be controlled by Hong Kong

彭發《阿孖有難》2004 - 日版DVD

Generally, the original title isn’t signed on the cover of Japanese edition DVD. We always have the difficulty identifying the film.

On Japanese edition DVD of 阿孖有難, Japanese film distributor unashamedly falsified the title as “Twin shot”. A word used for a video game. Furthermore, they depict the story as "Hong Kong versus Thailand, the outbreak of the greatest conflict in history". Japanese consumers would be confused and deceived by such falsifications.

The worst, a misunderstanding brings the underestimation to the film. When an innocent customer believes that this is a bloody gangster film? The distributor should not implant the wrong information to the consumers.

I always suspect. If the originator really accepts such falsification? I’m always thinking that Japanese film distributors should be controlled by Hong Kong. Hollywood is already doing it. Japanese media distributors don’t have any respects for the creations. The imported music albums are also falsified. They do anything if you don’t control them.

Kazu Spara in 25 May 2017
Kazu Spara