Twins with Wu Jing, Sammo Hung and Yuen Wah!

A dynamic Kung Fu featuring the twins. The director Kong To-hoi is a famous action director. You surely know his works albeit you didn’t know his name. I had already predicted. This is a "Must-See" film.


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  • 導演:江道海
  • 編劇:徐小明/方世強
  • 動作設計:江道海/徐小明
  • 監製:徐小明/李鳳鳴
  • 攝影:高照林/黃文雲
  • 配樂:羅堅
  • 領銜主演
    吳京 … 劉曦
    張茜 … 李瑤
    洪金寶 … 吉祥
    鍾欣桐 … 寶珠
    蔡卓妍 … 珍珠
  • 主演
    元華 … 常忠
    石修 … 莫教授
    李燦森 … 林達
    張致恆 … 李瑤
    夢娜 … Mona
    麗莎 … Lisa
    梁自立 … 雲龍
    梁自強 … 雲豹
  • 出品:英皇電影/北京銀夢影視藝術
  • 日期:2007年02月15日
  • 片長:94分
  • 日本版
    Taki Corporation 2008年11月07日 DVD
  • English title: Twins Mission

Invincible Wu Jing beats a thousand enemies! Sammo Hung bombs a deadly fist on the climax!


The film featuring mostly the young master Wu Jing with the legend Sammo Hung and Yuen Wah. Wu Jing substantially takes the position of the hero. His unlimited moves are absolutely worth watching. He is a national star in China. He is a rare respectable genuine martial arts actor of this century.

The heroine is beautiful Jess Zhang. A widely popular actress and singer of China. The story deploys between 劉曦 (Wu Jing) and 李瑤 (Jess Zhang). The film is strongly concidering the market of China. The film is produced by well-known Emperor Motion Pictures which is a part of JCE Movies Limited with a cooperation of Chinese company Beijing Silver Moon Productions Limited.

Furthermore, we discover Sammo Hung versus Yuen Wah, perhaps the premiere duel of the masters from The Seven Little Fortunes. On the climax, merciless eyed 吉祥 (Sammo Hung) bombs a deadly fist upon the face of 常勇 (Yen Wah). So exciting, a perfect dramatise.

Wu Jing with Sammo Hung

I saw initially Wu Jing and Sammo Hung together with in SPL: Sha Po Lang. Wu Jing is the assassin working under the organization of Sammo Hung. The supreme battle, Wu Jing versus Donnie Yen, and Sammo Hung versus Donnie Yen. "SPL" is the myth. The relation between Wu Jing and Sammo Hung is almost the same in Fatal Move. This film finishes into despair from a trait of the director. It’s not quite my preference.

阿嬌 fights on!


阿嬌 aggressively performs Kung Fu on the middle part of the story. Her native ability to the martial arts was already proved in House of Fury (2005). Her passion and effort to the fighting are obviously genuine, not such from a teen idol. Her fans are surely satisfied by her enough long fighting scene.

"Twins" is rather on a subsidiary position.

The story motif is the twins. Almost personage has its double. The principal enemies are the twins such as 雲龍 & 雲豹. The most impressive was the beautiful 夢娜 and 麗莎, a play on words of Mona Lisa.

However, the twins motif was not effectively utilized at the fighting scenes. We find a few "2-on-2" fights of 阿Sa & 阿嬌 against the other twins enemies. 阿嬌 solely fights mostly. It’s regrettable that the activity of 珍珠(阿Sa)is limited to support 寶珠(阿嬌). Nevertheless, the film has the great excitement. A "Must-See" fim.

The sequel

The story is unfinished and the director suggests the sequel at the ending. However, we don’t have it yet. It’s probably because 阿嬌 had been taking a break in 2008. 阿嬌 is gorgeous forever. She is only 34 years old as of 2016, still young. In my opinion, it’s never too late to produce the sequel.

Sam Lee and Cheung Chi Hang


In the film, Sam Lee as a stupid inspector, a great comic relief. He is one of the most strong comedians. And Cheung Chi Hang from Boy’z, he is always in a film starring Twins, appears as an odd guy. Alternatively, Twins is in the film starring Boy’z such as 6 A.M. in 2004. Twins with Boy’z films as I saw are:

  • 關信輝《大無謂》2004
  • 陳木勝《新警察故事》2004
  • 韋家輝《鬼馬狂想曲》2004
  • 元奎/梁柏堅《千機變Ⅱ花都大戰》2004
  • 羅志良《虫不知》2005
  • 劉鎮偉《情癲大聖》2005

Supposing, the director Kong To-hoi likes the magic

江道海 in 至尊計狀元才

Refer to No Risk, No Gain (1990). Kong To-hoi performs the card tricks by himself. He is a boss of the prisoners in a jail. He challenged against the gambling genius 雷力(Alan Tam), immediately failed. A surprising guest appearance producing a great laugh!

The Great Magician (2012), it’s obviously featuring the magic. We can see the direction of magic by Kong To-hoi in the making chapter of the Blu-ray disc. Then, Twins Mission also features the magic. 劉曦 (Wu Jing) is a great magician encouraging with his magic a little girl who is suffering a difficult illness. The magic shows us a wonderful daydream, I like the magic too.

Twins Mission is a great film, I had already predicted

Because I never failed with a film related to Kong To-hoi. He is my familiar action director from several titles. As I have an intention to see the all released films of Andy Lau in Japan (over 150 titles, I saw only around 70 titles), further I’m following up the films starring Joey Wong or Jacky Cheung, I have been unconsciously seeing his works.

  • 1983 楊過與小龍女
  • 1987 中華戰士
  • 1987 猛鬼差館(張學友)
  • 1988 旺角卡門(華仔・張學友)
  • 1990 血洗洪花亭(王祖賢)
  • 1990 阿飛正傳(華仔)
  • 1990 再戰江湖(華仔)
  • 1991 天地玄門(王祖賢)
  • 1991 整蠱專家(華仔)
  • 1991 嘩!英雄(華仔)
  • 1992 飛虎精英之人間有情(張學友)
  • 2006 野蠻秘笈
  • 2012 大魔術師
Kazu Spara in 25 May 2017
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