The moment where justice of the law and outlaw cross.

A gangster and a cop, their stage is opposite, but they unconsciously share the same justice. The subject may remind us of 無間道. The director 何卓榮 directed only three films and isn’t so famous, but this film is a masterpiece of 黑幫電影.

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  • 導演:何卓榮
  • 編劇:南燕
  • 動作設計:董瑋
  • 監製:陳志明
  • 攝影:黃志偉
  • 配樂:沈聖德
  • 領銜主演
    劉德華 … 古小玉
    張耀揚 … 鐵面虎
  • 主演
    黃光亮 … 古國武
    龍方 … 亞飛
    于莉 … Jenny
    羅烈 … 林森
  • 客串:王祖賢 … 梁太
  • 出品:宏發電影製作/金公主娛樂
  • 日期:1991年09月12日
  • 片長:115分
  • 日本版
    Funai 1995年12月21日 VHS
  • English title: Hong Kong Godfather

Devastating, the son of godfather

I had been wondering. What’s the meaning of this title? 衝擊 means “Impact”, Japanese has the same word. So 天子門生?

Here is the answer: 天子門生(百度百科)It’s an idiomatic word based on the history. 衝擊天子門生 is a story deploying onto the underworld. In this case, 天子 indicates the boss(大佬). 門生 indicates his son. Thus, 天子門生 is 古小玉(Andy Lau).

Two heroes, 古小玉 and 鐵面虎

The story features the justice of the law and outlaw. A hero 古小玉 is a gangster. Another hero 鐵面虎 is a cop. The ending isn’t still happy, but left the last hope. The friendship between two heroes living in the different world.

I feel that the story advances rather from the view of 鐵面虎 by Roy Cheung. He often appears as an enemy or a corrupt cop. In this story, he is an elite cop who returned from England. He believes that a cop and a gangster never cross. He never give in the emotion for the investigation.

However, he knows that there is a gangster who has the same spirit with a cop in the name of justice, through the encounter with 古小玉. And he is awaking as a cop of Hong Kong. 鐵面虎 is the most impressive hero in this film.

The rivalry and friendship between 鐵面虎 and 古小玉 can be more interesting, if you know What a Hero!.

Wong Kwong-leung as a good brother

One of 香港影圈四大惡人 (Big four villains in Hong Kong cinema), Wong Kwong-leung alias 喪彪 (Cursing little tiger) is famous as the problematic guy 喇叭 in A Moment of Romance.

Wong Kwong-leung appears as 古國武, an elder brother of 古小玉. 古國武 is consistently a good brother of 古小玉. He never betray his family. He is bellicose, but not savage. This character is really interesting to who knows "A Moment of Romance". He speaks to 古小玉 and his fiance beyond the rear sheet in car driving. However, he continue talking in air. It’s a notable comical scene of Wong Kwong-leung!

Same old faces of evil, Lung Fong and Lam Chung


The enemy of both heroes is 飛 by Lung Fong. He is the definitive enemy in 90s. For example, An Eye for an Eye (1990), God of Gamblers Ⅲ: Back to Shanghai (1991), Off Track (1991) and with 華仔 in Casino Raiders (1989), Dragon in Jail (1990) as I know.

Lam Chung is de facto standard of the corrupt cop. He is in several films of Andy. For example, "A Moment of Romance" and "Dragon in Jail". As I know, he initially played a corrupt cop in True Colours (1986). I think that his position was made from this film despite he wanted it or not.

Yu Li is the heroine, Joey Wong as a special appearance

The heroine is Yu Li. She was awarded 最佳女主角 (Best actress) on 条子阿不拉 at 第44届亞太影展. And Joey Wong appears in just one scene, a sort of Cameo appearance.

Japanese edition VHS

何卓榮《衝擊天子門生》1991 - 日版VHS

My VHS is a used cassette for rental. However, the condition isn’t quite bad. It’s supportable enough to watch and listen.

Japanese VHS cover is a fake as usual. Besides, the original title was removed and falsified an absurd title. "The Legend of the dark heroes", this is the title falsified by Japanese distributor. It’s too poetic and abstract. I can’t understand what they want to say…

Japanese distributor always talks a story invented in their delusion without seeing the film. This distributor already stopped the film merchandise. They have not any respects for the filmmaker, they shouldn’t continue their business.

Stop translating from US subtitles!

The subtitles are absurdly bad because it’s the translation of the translation. I’m sure that Japanese subtitles are translated from English subtitles. The name of the personages are different.

For example, 古小玉 is called "Mark" and 古國武 is called "Michael" on Japanese subtitles. We never hear these strange names from the original Cantonese edition.

We clearly find numerous misunderstandings on Japanese subtitles. It’s too rough, the translator reduces the words too many. Only several very short words which I can understand without the subtitles, were nicely translated.