A buddy cop film at the same time, an action-comedy by the famous musicians.

It’s like a festival of the musicians, but the work of Dante Lam always has the essence of "Heavy Metal". The director is an expert of the weapons. He intensely describes the professionally chosen weapons as usual. This is also a hardcore bullet ballet.

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The cooperation of Aaron & Eason is marvellous!

鄭希怡《Perfect Date》2004
鄭希怡《Perfect Date》2004

Many musicians are participating in this film such as Eason Chan, Yumiko Cheng, Cheuk Wan-chi, Huang Pin-yuan and a special appearance of "Lone eagle" Dave Wang.

It can be a festival of the musicians, but the work of Dante Lam always has the essence of "Heavy Metal".

The director is an expert of the weapons. The professionally chosen weapons are intensely described. The gun fire sound effects are real. The gunshot marks on the cars are real.

Aaron & Eason

Aaron Kwok as "YT" and Eason Chan as "KC". I can’t guess on what this abridgement is standing.

They are the buddy cops. YT is a gynophobia, and KC is a playboy. Their characters are contrasting. Both of them do the crazy comedies. The film contains more comedy than the actions.

Eason Chan is already strong for the comedies, but I didn’t know that Aaron Kwok is such crazy!

YT is a guy who doesn’t care reading between the lines. He was almost going to kill his buddy several times… It’s a bit regrettable that YT could not conquer his gynophobia. He could not solve his problem of love. This story should have the next.

The brilliant actresses

林超賢《重案黐孖GUN》2004 – 日版DVD

Yumiko Cheng and mystic Victoria Wu, they are the heroines. This is perhaps the most strong reason to see this film. Yumiko Cheng is a fascinating singer, famous by her beauty. Her three photo-albums were released in early 00s. Victoria Wu is an actress of Mainland China, Beijing.

Special appearances

Dave Wang appears in a few scenes. And there is a reminiscence scene in where he makes a too absurd comedy. It’s awesome. We also see a legend Danny Lee as the boss of the heroes. He was the most… You must see this film.

Yumiko Cheng

鄭希怡Yumiko Cheng – Cite: 圖片網

She is stunning. In my opinion, she was the most sexy in Hong Kong entertainment ever.

Yumiko Cheng was 23 years old in this film. She was born in 06 September, 1981 in Shanghai. So, she also knows Shanghainese. She had been working as a singer under Emperor Entertainment.

In 2002, she and another two singers organized a group called 3T. Yumiko became the most celebrated and she released her first EP "Yumiko the Debut EP" in the end of 2002. Then, she joined the top singers.

She was active as a singer till 2008 and released five Cantonese albums and two Mandarin albums. She married with a man known as Andy who had been working as her long-term make-up artist, in 2014 when she was almost 33 years old.

She had been working as an actress mainly in the TV series of Mainland China. She still continues her actress career today. Her latest film is Aberdeen in 2014. I will see this film.

Japanese edition DVD

林超賢《重案黐孖GUN》2004 - 日版租DVD背面
Weird sticker on Japanese rental DVD

It’s good. This distributor "ArtPort" is a good company though they don’t have the budget and skill for releasing a Blu-ray disc. The subtitles are fine and the sound is good. The only misfortune, is this DVD is relatively rare in Japan.

I fortunately discovered this DVD by HK$34/€19/¥500, but it’s an ex-rental disc. They pasted a mysterious label on the back cover. It’s almost impossible to remove. I hate this kind of typical Japanese habit. How they love pasting the label, too maniac.

That’s the cursed label. It excuses that it was a disc for rental use. A total delusion. They may think that it’s an etiquette, but we know well that it’s just a self-defence of the shop. They just spit on the all customers.