Chic of 邱淑貞, the success story of a girl of the underworld.

It’s a positive masterpiece, splendidly starring our Madonna 邱淑貞. The film based on a part of comic 古惑仔, has the vivid colour of the producer 劉偉強. I strongly got a kick out of the story which describes the last virtues into the underworld.

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The heroine 恩 never got harmed, she is a strong and smart woman. That’s why I love this story.

We can say that’s a kind of the success story of a girl of the underworld. We see several tragedies, but the basic story is positive though the director is Tang Hin-shing and the film categorized in ⅡB class. I think that’s the reflection of the producer Andrew Lau. I never like a film which made just for the violence, after all this film is recommendable.

The grotesque sequence doesn’t exist except that the murder scene of Shu Qi. She was on the early stage of her career. She got a hard scene. She exposed her breasts and are murdered. Just one single detestable scene. For the rest, we don’t see the violence overload.

Eternal magic of Chingmy Yau

紅燈區 - 邱淑貞
Chingmy Yau as 恩

Nothing to say. At the first appearance of Chingmy Yau, this film is already a superb masterpiece. She is sexy and quite chic in this film. She stopped her actress activity, but she is forever the most fascinating actress in Hong Kong Cinema.

She performs the protagonist, the heroine 恩 who was born in a red-light district, Portland Street. Her boyfriend is a ruthless killer. Her life is transitory and risky. She fights against the police and Chinese mafia organization. She is beaten, arrested and trapped, but she keeps winning by her strong will and the help of her good friends.

Unique personages of the red-light district.


Michael Tao as "Playboy 萬", the owner of the most powerful exclusive club "第一" (The first). He understands 恩 the most, the hero of this story. At the last brawl scene, a man said to the audience "This is the filming of Detective Investigation Files Ⅲ". It’s a homage to the famous TV series starred by him.

Elvis Tsui as a comic relief. The bodyguard who indulges in girls. He is so funny, above all, when he had been under massages. He is one of my favourite actors.

Simon Yam as a killer called "阿K", the psychopath. His crimes are always covered by his lawyer. But… The lawyer (Lam Sheung-yee) has a crazy scene, you should see it.

I like Valerie Chow. She is a bad girl in this film. I saw her initially in High Risk, a masterpiece also in which she is together with Chingmy Yau. Other remarkable elements: Maria Cordero sings. Mai Kei as a miserable guy as usual. Ho Ka-fai, I didn’t know him, but he was the impact of this film!

Portland Street in Mong Kok.

The film title 紅燈區 means the red-light district. The location of the story is Portland Street in Mong Kok.

Japanese DVD

As usual, Japanese film distributor falsified an incoherent title in a self-serving manner. In Japan, Sexy and Dangerous was released under the fake title「不夜街」(Sleepless street). Then, this film was renamed as「不夜街Ⅱ」(Sleepless street Ⅱ).

On the DVD cover, there can’t find no any mentions to Teddyboy, Chingmy Yau, Michael Tao and Simon Yam. They understand only that this is one of the films which Shu Qi participated. And they declare that 舒淇 is a Hong Kong actress. Japanese film distributors, they are really professional, the professional of shame!