La sanguisuga conduce la danza

It’s surely a film made by the improvisation.

See only for the beauty of Femi Benussi. The worst Giallo that I’ve never seen before. A convenient and broken scenario, a title no concerning with the content. Locandina, the illustration is very good, but doesn’t express not any pieces of the film.

La sanguisuga conduce la danza
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  • Regia / Soggetto: Alfredo Rizzo
  • Fotografia: Aldo Greci
  • Musica: Marcello Giombini
  • Interpreti
    Giacomo Rossi Stuart … Richard Marnack
    Patrizia Webley … Evelyn
    Femi Benussi … Sybil
    Luciano Pigozzi … Gregory
    Mario De Rosa … Jeffrey
    Krista Nell … Cora
    Barbara Marzano … Mary
    Marzia Damon … Rosalind
    Lidia Olizzi … Penny
  • Produzione: 25 May 1977, 89 minuti
  • Titolo
    Inglese: The Bloodsucker Leads the Dance

The resolution of the murder case wasted the all efforts of the actors and the staffs.

Femi BenussiFemi Benussi – Cite: Listal

The butler named Jeffrey (by Mario De Rosa) was so crazy! He made me death of laugh!

They are creatures of the devil. That’s what they are. Damn sinners. And lost women. The laugh of God will strike them down without mercy. It is written. Get be back Satan!

I’m sure that they were smoking while filming.

The film has enough good elements: The actors, locations, cinematographer and the music (by Marcello Giombini of Sabata). But the scenario is broken. The story was completely wasted by the resolution of the murder case.

However, if you’re a fan of Femi Benussi, you may stand up to this awful film, thanks to her beauty and sexy. Krista Nell (as Cora) was fascinating. Really sexy woman. And Marzia Damon (as Rosalind) were also beautiful. Patrizia Webley, she is honestly not charming at all. I can’t understand why the director put her in heroine… And it’s a film which Giacomo Rossi Stuart participates. He is the father of Kim Rossi Stuart. Of course, he was impressive even in this chaotic Giallo.

Japanese DVD and the eccentric behavior of Japanese distributor.

It’s English dubbed. A kind of OEM of Redemption. Japanese distributor simply added the subtitles onto Redemption edition DVD. So the DVD obliges us to see the original preface of Redemption, a grotesque lesbian vampire thing with Japanese subtitles! Honestly I don’t need it. Japanese is often too diligent. No one wants the subtitles for Redemption thing! Don’t care about it.

And Japanese distributor falsified the title (as usual) of this film as "Dancing vampire". It’s the habit of Japanese distributor. They never try to understand what they sell, never watch the film entirely. They watched the preface of Redemption and thought that it was the film content. I’m sure. Japanese film distributor’s mind is always cheating.

It’s one of the rare DVDs in Japan. But it’s not worth to buy with US$44/€40. I paid US$22/€20 for it (a secondhand disc). That’s the maximum. I don’t know why, we have French trailer of this film in the DVD. The main content in English, the annex in French. Where is Italian? This is an Italian film… If they had French edition master, I wanted to watch it.